July 27, 2021

Buying TV Box Tips to Make White Instant Become Expert

When smart phones have opened the era of human intelligence, no matter which generation you are young or young, you can feel the great changes brought about by smart products. As the highlight of family leisure, TV has always been irreplaceable. Under the “smart” baptism, TVs have also undergone more advanced and higher-end enjoyment changes. As a transitional bridge between traditional TVs and smart TVs, TV boxes have become the preferred target for more family members to adopt. Here are 10 tips you need to pay attention to when buying a box to help you buy a good box.

Tip1: Yan value burst table mood is good

Once there was a scientific study on the appearance of Fan Bingbing. When people were tested, they saw the waves of the beta waves in the brain fluctuate and the brains were in a state of excitement. This shows that at this time human beings are very happy because of the heartbeat. The things that prove beauty can make people relaxed and happy. Then, when people buy a TV box, appearance naturally becomes one of the important screening factors. A good box should be compact in appearance, simple in shape, and be able to match any style or color home. There are a lot of "competition" boxes on the market. However, there are few high X-frames.

Xiao Bian has selected this iqiyi orange bean box for you in one of the few beautiful boxes. Its shape is simple, the lines are mellow, and the white body is in line with the simple life style people are pursuing. The top surface of the box is a transparent texture. , crystal clear, without a screw body, so that the pursuit of perfect Virgo can not pick the bones inside the egg.

Orange box shape tall

Tip2: The interface is full of young and old

★ video interface: TV box is the most important video interface, video interface is divided into a good variety, including, RCA interface - commonly known as Lotus socket, also known as AV interface, yellow for the video signal, white for the left channel signal, red for the right Channel signal
HDMI interface - current high-resolution video output for connecting high-definition televisions or displays;

VGA interface - the most common interface for computer monitors, can support 1920X108060Hz resolution display;

YpbPr interface - Component interface for connection to a TV or monitor.

Consumers must buy boxes for the corresponding interfaces based on the TVs in their homes. Now the newly produced TVs are generally HDMI interface, easy to watch high-definition video, the traditional old TV is generally Huang Baihong RCA interface, most of the boxes on the market are intimate both the RCA and HDMI interface, so that young and old take it all.

★ Network Interface: Divided into WIFI, RJ45 (the most common cable network port), fiber optic interface. Xiaobian recommends purchasing a TV box with both WIFI and wired network port functions. When the WIFI causes the wireless network to be unstable due to too many connected users, the user can also connect the wired network to ensure smooth viewing. In addition, network set-top boxes with fiber interfaces are not recommended. Although they are all fiber-to-the-home, they are converted to RJ45 interfaces through “cats” and routers.

Orange bean box interface complete new and old TV can be connected

Tip3: The system improves the flow of water

At present, the operating systems of TV boxes are all Android 4.4 systems, or systems based on Android personality customization. When users purchase, first observe the system layout of the box, try to select a box with a simple layout and a clear function, and also use the system box. The remote control of the box performs a series of frequent operations on the television, such as pointing up and down, left and right, to observe whether the operation is smooth, whether the folder is opened or closed, and whether the application is stuck, and whether the menu function is convenient.

The system layout of the orange bean box is very simple and easy to understand, the horizontal operation is easy to use, and the functions such as film and television and sharing are all arranged. The lower row of small icons is an application shortcut entrance. In addition, the exclusive "Sharing Circles for Family Members" of the Orange Bean Box allows children to share movies, TV shows, photos, and voices with their parents and increase family interaction.

Orange bean box system layout

The system layout of the millet box is also very simple. The horizontal icons include necessary functions such as movies, games, and application stores.

Millet box system layout

Tip4: Configuration is not regrettable

The TV boxes of major brands all claim that their configuration has more fevers and more high-end products. There are also many cases in which businesses have severely shrunk in order to sell their products for the show. In the hardware configuration of the box, consumers should pay attention to the chip, CUP, and memory.

Mainstream chip models have amlogic crystal morning AML8726-MX, CPU has more than 4 cores. Of course, the higher the number of audits is, the more powerful it is. The speed of operation is related to the core operating efficiency. However, the box must be at least 4 cores. Consumers with less than 4 cores should not consider it. In addition, when some boxes flaunt eight-core, 16-core multi-nox X, they can be ignored because they are all four-core applications. There is also memory, when the memory is less than 1G, the operation of the box will obviously stall, especially when you open the third-party software can clearly feel.

Tip5: Compatible and cumulative video entertainment

The primary task of the TV box is on-demand TV dramas and live broadcasts. In general, boxes have built-in video on demand software, but if you look at live broadcasts, you need to install third-party live streaming software, so testing the compatibility of the box is also necessary. First of all, download several live broadcast softwares for the box, such as Tai Jie video, bee video, TV, etc. After installation, click to open, observe whether it can open smoothly, enter the live broadcast screen, watch any number of channels at random, and confirm that they can all play clearly. Under the premise of guaranteeing the smoothness of the network, if you find that the live broadcast software cannot be installed normally, or you feel that the show is often stuck, you should immediately look for customer service returns.

Orange Box supports all live broadcast software on the market

Tip6: The more format support, the better

Next we talk about the box's video format support, now more common video formats are MP4, WMA, AVI, some of the more biased formats, such as FLV, RM, VOB, 3GP, RMVB, etc., sometimes you also want to hide Can not, so everyone in the purchase of the box, it should be optimistic about what the video formats supported by this box are, to avoid spending a few hours to download high-definition movies, but encountered the dilemma of being unable to play.

Tip7: Genuine source read assured

Some small brands of TV boxes, cheap, configuration, listening and hearing is also good, but the biggest flaw is the lack of film sources, pirated videos make people look fearless, do not know the day was completely sealed by the SARFT, there are dog skin plaster Like a small cost advertising can not catch up, such a movie can see it? Therefore, to buy a box, you must buy a genuine program license, such as orange beans box, millet box and Huawei glory box is a cooperation with the GITV, Skyworth Q+ is equipped with CIBN, in short, consumers must look for genuine brand identity.

Tip8: Regularly update maintenance intentions

To ensure the stability of the system, software upgrades are necessary. On this aspect, various manufacturers have done a good job, and the orange bean box and millet box have all maintained monthly system upgrades. Although other manufacturers do not specify the update time, they are also guaranteed to be updated regularly.

Tip9: Heat dissipation is good to avoid hidden troubles

This is a point that consumers are more likely to overlook. The TV box, as a home entertainment appliance, may be turned on for the entire day. Therefore, when selecting a machine, it is necessary to look at the cooling holes of the TV box. Finally, look at the power. The higher the power, the more power it consumes and the easier it is to generate heat.

Orange beans box bottom two lines of art texture cooling holes beautiful and practical

Tip10: Accessories are powerful

The TV box accessories are also very important, a good remote control can make the box even more powerful. Like the remote control of the orange bean box, there are few buttons, and there is a unique “home” button to quickly call out family members to share features to facilitate the use of middle-aged and elderly people. UT egg TV box with wireless Bluetooth handle is a big artifact when playing games, but the handle needs 129 yuan to buy, for friends who like to play games, this price is also worth the investment.

Orange bean box remote control unique "home" button

UT egg with handle

The above are the items to be noted when the 10 items of boxes purchased by Xiao Bian are summarized. We have mastered these points, and even the box white can instantly become a master of television boxes. We don't need to buy thousands of smart TVs. We just need a good TV box to enjoy the fun and convenience that smart products bring to life.

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