July 27, 2021

Full synchronization of the world's top electric competitions - game tea restaurant TV version

Watching e-sports competition video should be no stranger to the game tea restaurant software. Recently, the landlord found that the game TV restaurant TV version had a gorgeous transformation, the software interface features a substantial revision, and a new show field, On-demand, channel and other functions, and aggregating video game anchor live video broadcast anchors, real-time synchronization to bring the world's top electric competitions, and players around the world to witness the birth of the king! Just listen and feel excited! What is the real situation then? Landlord or first make a test for everyone to see!

The home of the test platform owner is not a smart TV, but a collocation of the network set-top box and the traditional old TV. Because the old TV in the home is still very new, the cost is too high and it is not worthwhile to buy one. Therefore, the landlord bought the old sound and video manufacturers Tianmin. The upgraded version of its high-end box Mortimer D6 quad-core, all-metal fuselage, and with a quad-core A9 architecture processor S812 and mainstream 1G+8G configuration, security Bunny run up to 30,000 points, and supports 4K decoding output and H. 265 encoded video player, with its old TV can also be comparable to smart TV!

Testing process

The new version of the game tea restaurant uses a black background with white fonts, such a mix is ​​very eye-catching, even if the old TV display is also very clear. In the layout of the icon, a graphic and text box configuration is used. The operation experience using the remote control is very good. It can be seen that the new version is very powerful for software optimization.

Click on the graphic to enter the video playback interface, the overall quality of the video is very good, most of the landlord test is 720P, a very small number is 1080P (landlord is for on-demand broadcast), the video can not be clear Switching can not adjust the size, can only be fast forward / back, pause and other operations, but the video playback is still smooth, there is no obvious Caton.

The anchor column, which has gathered a large number of well-known anchors in the e-sports circle (but after the test, the landlord stated that most of them were LOL-signed anchors, and there were still a few DOTA2s). The number and popularity of the anchors were quite high within the circle. Although there are no such great gods as Feng and Xiaozhi.

It is worth mentioning that the interface of the anchor (that is, live broadcast) is much clearer than the on-demand one. Basically, the picture quality is 1080P, and there is no slight delay. It looks like a kind of enjoyment! In addition, Zhou Bo's game classification actually has many kinds of, in addition to the popular LOL there are some more popular games, such as Storm Heroes, Hearthstone legend, but the landlord saw for a long time did not find the other (except LOL and DOTA ).

On demand column. This column is very rich in video types, basically it can be all-embracing, whether it is hot games or unpopular singles, and the number is very large, definitely allows you to see fun, but the only problem is that the quality of the video is not Good, not particularly clear.

The last one is a channel column. In addition to the game channels, there are also movie channels, anime channels, and hitting theaters. (This seems a bit wrong? This software is not called a game cafe?), the game channel is the live broadcast of some game TV stations. The clarity is acceptable, the video source is also very stable, and the user interface feels like a television home. What do you guys say?

Then release a live channel screenshot, yes you read it right, TV live channel! In addition to the TV station LOGO is hidden to replace the channel, the other is no different from the live TV! This is simply a live TV channel! Isn't it a good game video application? Will there be these?

Finally, look at the software settings: watch the record, version upgrades, etc., or very simple, this time the software upgrade added many new features but did not upgrade the player, this point has to say is a very big regret.

Micro reviews Overall, the game cafe restaurant is still full of sincerity, and it has redesigned the background maps. The display effect on the old TV/display is very good. The new anchor column greatly enriches the content resources. , and in terms of sharpness compared to the previous version has also been greatly improved, if you like to watch e-sports video can download!

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