July 27, 2021

Front, back, or side? Mobile phone fingerprint unlocking to find out!

Although the iPhone 5s is not the first smartphone with fingerprint unlocking, its appearance has opened the prelude to unlocking the fingerprint of the mobile phone. From then on, the smart phone market has entered a new era of fingerprint unlocking! As of October 29, 2015, the fingerprint unlocking camp in the smartphone market has been divided into three parts. The push-type front fingerprints represented by iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S6 are unlocked, represented by Huawei Mate 7, OPPO N3. The push-type back fingerprint is unlocked, and the pressed side fingerprint represented by the Sony Xperia Z5 and nubia Z9 enjoys the unlocking.

Remarks: There are fewer models for sliding fingerprint unlocking. Only Samsung's individual models are famous, and this kind of fingerprint unlocking scheme is not used in the new machine in 2015. We will not discuss too much here.

Press-type front fingerprint unlock: Come on, just front!

The iPhone 5s was the first smartphone to use the push-type home button fingerprint unlock mode. Since then, the industry has set off a wave of fingerprint recognition, and then Samsung and other manufacturers follow up, using sliding fingerprint to unlock, At that time, AuthenTec, which was the only one with a push-type home button fingerprint unlocking solution, was acquired by Apple. Therefore, this technology cannot be used on other mobile phones at one time. After one year, other fingerprint identification companies will follow up. This kind of fingerprint unlocking scheme has been popularized, including Galaxy S6, Meizu MX4 Pro, One Plus Mobile Phone 2, ZUK and other mobile phones, all of which use the push-type home button to unlock the fingerprint. The Galaxy S6 solution is provided by SynapTIcs, and most mobile phone manufacturers in China. The push-type home button unlocking scheme is provided by Huiding Technology.

Push-type home button fingerprint unlocking principle: There is a glass for protecting the fingerprint recognition module on the surface of the home button, and a capacitive sensor under the glass. When the finger touches the home button, a loop is formed with the capacitive sensor, and the fingerprint recognition module starts collecting fingerprints. Information, this is the first layer of identification, most companies are doing this step, and Apple also has a layer of radio frequency identification, through the outer ring of the home button, a ring of metal ring emits low-frequency RF signals, read the cortex The electric field is distributed to obtain a texture image of the cortex.

Push-type back fingerprint unlock: back! Is the most humanized

In addition to the positive fingerprint recognition, some manufacturers choose to put the fingerprint recognition module on the back. Huawei Mate 7, OPPO N3 and other mobile phones use this kind of back fingerprint recognition scheme. Their two mobile phone solutions are all implemented by Fingerprint Cards. What AB provides, in fact, its principle is still similar to the push-type front fingerprint recognition, but the module is placed on the back of the machine, and some manufacturers call it "more humanized fingerprint unlocking", in fact, mainly the Fingerprint Cards AB's push-type solution is still immature, and the fingerprint recognition sensor cannot be made small. In addition, Huawei Mate 7 uses the virtual system key. If the fingerprint identification module is forced to be placed at the home key position, the home key must be enlarged. And it seems that the chin will be very long (HTC: I haven't talked yet), so after choosing Fingerprint Cards AB's solution, most manufacturers can only put the fingerprint recognition module on the back.

Huiding Technology's fingerprint identification module

And manufacturers like Huiding Technology actually have a push-type back fingerprint recognition solution. After all, the front side can be placed on the back side, while the back side can not be placed on the front side.

Press-type side fingerprint unlock: We haven't sold it yet!

At present, the side-touch type fingerprint recognition mobile phones on the market are only Sony Xperia Z5 and nubia Z9 Max Elite Edition. These mobile phones are just released soon. (Sony Xperia Z5 is released today, and nubia Z9 Max Elite Edition is officially opened today. Sold), their technical specifications are not clear, but it is certain that they are not much different from the front home key fingerprint recognition.

As for who is the first side-pressed fingerprint recognition phone, it is controversial, because nubia released the nubia Z9 with the world's first side fingerprint recognition when the nubia Z9 was released in May this year. The Sony Xperia Z5 was officially released at the IFA Berlin Consumer Electronics Show in October this year, but why is this article referring to the nubia Z9 Max Elite? Because the nubia Z9 exclusive version has not been sold so far, and now even 5 months later, even the nubia Z9 Max elite version has been pre-sold, and the Z9 exclusive version is still invisible, and the nubia official microblogging is also Did not make any indication, the only one on the Z9 exclusive version of Weibo also wrote officially opened the appointment on May 6. .. .

The side fingerprint identification scheme has actually been exposed. The technical support company is SynapTIcs, and SynapTIcs said that the program is still in the research and development stage. It will not be mass-produced until the third quarter of 2015. The Z9 exclusive version is 4499 yuan. At the time of price release, there are rumors that it is a futures mobile phone, and the facts prove that when the Z9 exclusive version has not yet been sold, Sony's Xperia Z5 has been officially released and sold, but fortunately nubia is finally in front. A few days to launch the side fingerprint identification Z9 Max Elite Edition, although it officially launched today.

At last

I have to admit that fingerprint recognition is a very important security protection technology. Its popularity has raised the overall security level of smartphones by one level. As we said, no matter which fingerprint recognition technology is on the front, back or side, their principle And the application methods are very similar. The front-press type fingerprint recognition is more mature and faster at the moment, and the back-pressing effect is not bad, but the area of ​​the fingerprint recognition module is larger, and the power button is The side fingerprint identification of the fingerprint sensor is theoretically no problem, but it puts the module on the side of the fuselage, the thickness of the mobile phone is not easy to control, and we also get the message from the internal staff, the side fingerprint adopted by nubia The recognition technology still has defects in the release of the Z9 Premium Edition, which eventually led to the abortion of the Z9 Premium Edition, and the Z9 Max Elite Edition was officially launched today. We have reservations about its side fingerprint recognition.

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