July 27, 2021

World's first 120-inch TV king uMax120 LeTV reverses cinema with ecological model

LeTV's founder Jia Yueting said that the uMAX120, the king of television, and the dot-mapping will completely subvert cinemas, allowing users to enjoy private cinematic life without leaving their homes, and completely establish LeTV's position as the number one eco-TV in the entire television industry. Eco-TV is not a television, but an open, closed-loop, large-screen Internet ecosystem created through the vertical integration of industrial chains and the restructuring of cross-industry value chains. Through cross-border innovation, eco-operation, and constantly create a unique product experience and higher user value.

Letv eco-TV led the TV industry to enter the 3.0 era, and is fully ahead of the traditional appliance manufacturers, the Internet, and IT vendors who have been slowing down in the 1.5 era of the TV industry. Previously, LeTV launched its third-generation super TV in Hong Kong, subsidizing hardware through ecology, lower than the cost of production costs, leading the television industry to be the first to enter the era of hardware negative profits, highlighting Levision’s open, closed loop, extremely difficult to replicate ecosystem Self-confidence indicates that LeTV is more mature and enters a new stage of development. The ecology has been self-incubated, self-evolving, self-innovation, and self-recycling ability is stronger, and it can continue to create new user values.

As of now, LeTV's cumulative sales of nearly 4 million units. This year's 919 black music fan festival, Leshi ecological total sales exceeded 1.78 billion, of which the total sales of super TV exceeded 382,000 units, the total sales volume of super mobile phones exceeded 594,000, the total sales volume of smart hardware exceeded 1.2 million, and the content member's income was 50 million yuan. , and create eight industry records. Eco-type super TV has become the absolute leader in the industry. Following the platform e-commerce and self-operated e-commerce, eco-type e-commerce has risen rapidly. The “Black 919 Music E-commerce Festival” has become China's third largest e-commerce shopping festival.

LeTV announced that uMax120 has officially opened its application for certification on Lemall.com from October 28th. At present, the global market for 110-inch TVs is expensive, at around 1.2 million yuan, and the uMax 120, which is the pinnacle of the industry, is priced at 49.99 million yuan. Ultimate luxury is only a winner for life. LeTV will create exclusive eco-services for these winners of life: 1. Adopt the membership system + recommendation system, each one is created by Extreme Technology + hand-crafted to protect the exclusive rights and interests of high-end users; 2. The priority experience and subscription right of super cars; 3, lifelong full-screen video members.

Ultimate luxury uMax120 with an advanced point mapping ecosystem to subvert cinema

At present, there are three main factors that attract audiences in traditional movie theaters: technical product experience, content, and viewing atmosphere. LeTV will use ultra-television uMax120 and point ahead to completely subvert the cinema with the ecological model.

First of all, on the technical product, the uMax120 is fully equipped to subvert cinemas. Secondly, in terms of content, cinema content is linear, time and space are limited, and LeTV has the largest video library, sports library copyright library, as well as 3D, 4K, Dolby and other content, these are completely dominated by users and completely break the time and space. boundary. In the final viewing atmosphere, uMax120 replaces a group of people who share the same atmosphere of joy and sorrow by offering a dozen families and relatives and friends in a party scene.

In order to make the subversion of cinemas a reality, LeTV will be the first in the world to make video previews, allowing fans to see the latest movies through Super TVs earlier than offline cinemas. Full-screen movie and television members can watch live broadcasts on a free-for-view basis. LeTV will provide 8 to 10 points each year to reflect 3D blockbusters. The first film is "The Murderer of Disappearance," a suspense crime film starring Liu Qingyun, Li Xiaoyi, and Jiang Yiyan.

Advance point mapping is an innovative and revolutionary function. It is a model for the innovative experience brought about by the vertical integration of ecology. It is based on the number of terminals in the super-television, based on the rights and interests of LeTV, and advanced technologies and functions based on EUI. . It is reported that the dot-mapping will be launched soon after the upgrade of the entire department's Super TV.

uMax120 - the king of television, the ultimate luxury only for life winners

The uMax120 is equipped with the 120-inch 4K panel provided by the world's only tenth-generation Sharp SDP, which is by far the world's largest LCD single-screen size, with a length and width of 2693mm1530mm, an area equivalent to 476 5.5-inch screen music 1s, or 77 12.9 inches. The iPad Pro, with a physical resolution of 3840 x 2160, is several times the cinematic clarity and four times the 1080P home projector. And support for time-sharing active 3D shutter, the screen vividly at your fingertips, a clearer stereo effect than most theaters, far beyond the 3D effect of home projectors. More importantly, it has 117% NTSC full-color coverage, more authentic, more vivid color, film-level color, cinematic experience is far more than home projector color effects.

In terms of screen backlighting, the uMax120's screen brightness is as high as 800 nit, 15 times that of a cinema screen, and 4 times that of a home projector, and it has sufficient clarity even in a lighted state. Its static contrast ratio reaches 4000:1, while the digital cinema projector can only reach the level of 2000:1, and home projectors can reach 2000:1. In terms of dynamic contrast, relying on 384 independently controlled partitions, each backlight partition can be Perfectly matched with the display, it can achieve millions of levels of dynamic contrast, wins cinema projectors and home projectors.

Screen image processing, using 120Hz top signal processing, professional image processing engine MACE PRO4 and the world's first commercially available top image processing chip Novatek72324, supplemented by 1GB dedicated memory, LLP low latency processing, BBE contour fuzzy optimization technology, let Sports, football, racing and other high-sports images more smooth, no jitter, completely eliminate the "motion blur", "image smearing" and "image jitter" and other phenomena, far beyond the cinema digital cinema machine 24 frames, explosion home projector 60 Frame quality experience. In addition, uMax120 also has the advantages of smart expansion, low heat, low noise, and long machine life compared to home projectors.

On the processor side, the uMax120 is powered by the industry's most powerful 4K smart TV chip Mstar 6A928, 4-core 1.4GHz, and 4-core Mali T760 top flagship GPU, supporting 60 frames of H.265/HEVC format 4K video hard solution, built-in 3GB large The 16nm process eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory that runs the new standard of 32GB, the write speed is increased by 25% compared with the previous generation, the read speed is increased by 53%, and the response speed of the system and the application is greatly improved. In addition, 4:4:4 color lossless output (referring to the sampling ratio of the luminance component and the chrominance component) is also supported, and a more realistic and clear picture can be reproduced to ensure the ultimate picture quality experience.

Interface, built-in dual-band dual-income dual-receive WIFI chip, support the latest 802.11ac protocol, is 802.11n 3 times; Bluetooth 4.0, dual USB3.0, 3 HDMI 2.0 and a variety of audio and video ports, you can easily connect to other Equipment: TV set top box, game console, Blu-ray player or computer. In addition, the side supports ARC (Audio Return) function interface, through the HDMI cable to directly transmit sound to ARC-supported amplifier, no need to connect a separate audio cable through S/PDIF; the bottom interface supports MHL2.0, the connection of mobile phones can be directly Watch 3D, HD video on Super TV.

In terms of industrial design, uMax120 is built by world-class quality Foxconn. Due to its unique dimensions and weight, each one is hand-made by Extreme Technology+ professionals, just like some luxury Swiss watches and luxury cars. In the details of the product, a wide voltage design is used to ensure stable operation under different power supply conditions. The components are carefully selected to provide a stable protection for a longer service life. The USB interface is specially designed for overcurrent fuses and short-circuits in USB devices. Under the over-current condition, it can be ensured that the main board will not be used, and even the occurrence of safety accidents such as fire can be avoided. These thoughtful designs reflect the luxurious quality of uMax120 from the inside out.

EUI5.5 TV - Springer's screaming operating system Easy to use service at your fingertips

uMax120 equipped with EUI5.5 TV-Springer (Springer), based on advanced Android 5.0 depth customization, the system is efficient and smooth, and tops the world. It pioneered multi-type desktops, and for the first time realizes stream-of-consciousness interaction, allowing users to think and get what they want. It fully realizes content desktopization and application-oriented. Movies, sports, games, shopping, music, and other diverse contents are desktops and can be carried out. Focus on operations, so that different groups of people have a dedicated content desktop, all super TVs support OTA upgrades.

EUI5.5 TV—Springer introduces the LIVE+ joyous + search desktop in the super mobile phone. The above-mentioned multi-desktops are interconnected and seamlessly connected, thereby maximally achieving the stream of interaction between super TVs and users. . The LIVE desktop adopts a nine-square grid design, a live + carousel channel combination, and can provide three-way live streaming. The live broadcast can be freely switched from multiple perspectives, and the main and sub-pictures of the picture-in-picture can be viewed simultaneously. Happy to see the innovative desktop content organization, based on user behavior, social hotspots, personality settings and other factors, the latest all-Internet hottest video content, intelligent recommendation push the most matching video, through intelligent algorithms, create thousands of people Personalized experience. EUI5.5 TV - Springer can also call the system's computing, calculation, manipulation, payment, push and other capabilities. In addition, the user can select the desktop type, adjust the desktop order, set the desktop boot entry, and perform personalized management according to their own interests.

EUI5.5 TV-Springer makes the connection between people and ecology more direct and accurate. There are 4 different ways of handling:

1, adapt the new version of EUI5.5 TV - Springer's Super Remote 3, using infrared +2.4 G protocol to send and receive, so that there is no direction to control restrictions. With a built-in gravity sensor and gyro, it's a great experience to shake an air mouse or gamepad, browse the web and play games. A good key labeled Le, with custom features to meet the individual needs of all family members. Such as the application of quick open, quick access to content, off the screen, regular shutdown and other common features used.

2, far speak Super Voice 2.0, without remote control can control the TV, such as voice boot, personalized wake, etc., its scened voice control makes the command more accurate, wider scope of application, support for multiple keyword fuzzy search, coherent task carried out.

3, gesture somatosensory control, finger-level precision control. Compared to the previous generation of 3D bones, the latest generation of somatosensory manipulations has been able to accurately identify and control the level of the fingers. As long as the fingers are raised and the hands are raised, the system can quickly capture the recognition and immediately perform the mouse operation with millisecond response speed. . EUI5.5 TV—The Springer system supports gesture operation and can complete almost all system functions. The upper right corner of any interface can quickly call out common operation buttons. At the same time, it supports full mouse operation, allowing some users who like PC mice to enjoy super TV. .

4. LeTV Super TV controls Super TV, enjoys stream of consciousness interaction, interacts with Super TV, especially the extreme fun of interacting with Super Mobile Phone, such as dialing a mobile phone number and HD video of relatives and friends.
EUI5.5 TV—Springer has newly designed applications for various systems, such as new weather applications, calendar applications, TV stewards, and global multi-terminal message alerts. Question feedback supports recording audio uploads, screenshot uploads, everything is for fans to easily participate in the product development process. With the new generation of integrated video-enabled somatosensory cameras, Hometime large-screen video and mobile QQ chat applications can be supported.

CP2C3.0 Leads Consumption into Eco-Service Era O2O 2.0 Global Realization Owns Third-Party Online and Offline Same Price

The new CP2C3.0 model will direct users through the entire value chain and lead the consumer into the era of ecological services. Adhering to the principle of “million dissatisfied, tens of thousands of people involved, tens of millions of people researching and developing, tens of millions of people using, tens of millions of people”, in research and development, the past users are involved in research and development and promote product improvement to the design of the product's focus. , And Focus users participate in R&D and promote design improvements in the segmentation area. In terms of operations, we fully explore the value of eco-operation and realize the integration of user experience and commercialization.

In terms of supply, the model of “sale-buying + pre-sale” has been upgraded to a “spot + pre-sale” model, which clearly reflects the relationship between consumer demand and supply capacity. The sales channel is open for a long time and consumers can purchase it on a sustainable basis. In terms of sales pricing, the world's first to be lower than the mass production cost pricing, and through the service subsidy partner model to achieve sales of O2O 2.0, that is the same product, the same price, get rid of its own channels and third-party channels, online and offline The mutual channel of the channel truly achieves a harmonious development of online and offline, and a new model of common revenue. At present, the third generation of LeTV is in this mode of hot sales, including Super 3 X40 / Super 3 X43 / Super 3 X55 Pro spot for sale, over 3 X55 pre-sale 1-2 weeks delivery, over 3 X50 pre-sale 2 - 3 weeks delivery, Super 3 Max65 pre-sale 6-7 weeks delivery.

At the same time, Letv innovatively hand over the choice to the user. The user can choose to purchase a bare metal machine or a membership contract machine. No matter which model the user chooses, they can continue to provide users with high-value services through ecological operations. For every purchase of 590 yuan worth of music as full-screen video member service, the hardware price will drop by 300 yuan, namely "one-year membership contract machine hardware pricing = bare machine price -300 yuan", "N year membership contract machine hardware pricing = bare machine price -300N yuan," LeTV, according to the price of each model bare metal defines the size of N, support hardware price 0 yuan.


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