July 27, 2021

PPTV 43P smart TV first evaluation price is very good

The size of the TV is getting bigger and bigger, but the really good products worth buying are very few. Today, the popularity of smart TVs is very high, and Internet companies such as Xiaomi, Leshi, and PPTV are also making waves in the TV field. Today, the 43-inch smart TV PPTV 43P with excellent price/performance ratio is evaluated.

However, the smart TV has always been more demanding. All products that cannot be met are called “pseudo-smart”. Today, this PPTV 43P can not meet the requirements of us.

The 43-inch TV is big or small, and it is not small. In fact, at homes that are hundreds of square meters at present, 43-inch TVs are installed on the walls of the bedrooms. Since we often evaluate various products, it is not easy to hang them. Wall evaluation, but we carefully studied the possibility of PPTV 43P wall hanging.

The body of the PPTV 43P is very thin, so it is very suitable for the overall weight to hang on the wall. However, the PPTV 55T we reviewed earlier is not very suitable for wall-hanging. For a long time, it will cause damage to the wall and the connected nails.

Note: TVs with more than 50 players currently on the market do not recommend wall-hanging.

The biggest selling point of this TV is "cost-effectiveness", but there is also a good quality of cheapness called "cost-effectiveness", otherwise it can only be called a bargain. We checked some of the details of this TV.

The entire back panel of the body is covered with a circular hole, which is very good for the cooling of the TV. In addition to the top-level PPTV LOGO and product-related information, there are almost no redundant elements. The design is very simple, and the cable interfaces are all below and to the right.

The overall work of the fuselage is good, the gap at the seam is very small, compared with Sony and other high-end TVs are not inferior, of course, the production process is progressing quickly, the workmanship is certainly getting better and better.

The thinnest point of this TV is only 15MM, it can be said that it is very thin, of course, is not ultra-thin has no effect on the quality of the picture, but the impact on the weight is very large, is not it easy to wall and also reflected in the weight . Some brands use super-thin concepts to highlight how good their TVs are when they release their products.

The base of the 43P is also very beautiful, with the power status indicator on the lower left of the body is very grade, full of fashion sense.

The base is fixed with two screws. At first, it was thought that this would be less solid. It was a bit overwhelmed after the installation and it was found that the whole body was very stable.

43P interface settings and other brands do not have much difference, some all have, and USB and HDMI and other commonly used interfaces are arranged on the side of the fuselage, even if the wall is also very easy to operate.

The overall workmanship of the fuselage and the matching of materials are among the top two in the same-size other brand TVs, and we must not forget that the price of the PPTV 43P is only 1799 yuan.

We all know that the three most popular brands in the field of smart TV currently have their own TV operating system. The PPTV 43P uses a PPOS smart TV operating system based on Android 5.0.

Its “cross-interactive” operation interface is very convenient to use. After an earlier evaluation of PPTV 55T, we learned about PPOS. This system is more fluent and efficient in operation than the “modular” used by traditional millet and LeTV. In the operation interface, most of the video content that you want to watch on the PPOS can be operated in two steps. Other brands are three or more steps.

The figure above is for the convenience of everyone to browse the schematic diagram, covering all PPOS settings options, interested friends can click to enlarge and view.

The most important thing for smart TVs is not the selection of materials, but whether the video resources are rich and the operation is simple and smooth. At this point, PPTV, Xiaomi, and LeTV have their own strengths. LeTV and PPTV have advantages over Xiaomi in sports resources, and LeTV is not very good at entertainment programs.

According to the official introduction PPTV has:

More than 90% of cinema content

90% mainland drama, 90% British American drama, 70% Korean drama, 10% other overseas drama

80% of domestic and foreign TV station brand variety shows

20000 set copyright anime

Super 95% domestic animation

Long-term operation to broadcast a variety of domestic and foreign events

Exclusive broadcast of multi-grade travel satellite premium sections

As we said earlier when evaluating the PPTV 55T, for smart TVs, the video resources are not too worried, and the resources will not be the focus of buying television.

Third-party TV applications have a wealth of video resources and game resources to enjoy, so we do not care LeTV or Xiaomi, content is not a problem at all. Some people may say that nowadays TVs are not allowed to use third-party applications. Wali can only say that you will not, and it is not impossible. If you are not a toss, PPOS's content resources are sufficient.

The game center of PPOS is the favorite place of Wali. Once you open the game center, you can find the classic games you once played, and you can download more games with high playability.

The PPTV 43P uses a 6A828 chip from professional chip supplier Mstar, a 64-bit quad-core A53 processor, and a Mali-450 quad-core high-end image processing configuration. Excellent in video loading and operational feedback.

In addition to the original LG FULL HD screen in addition to more realistic colors, the 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle also has a very good experience, in our actual experience, almost standing at a horizontal distance can see the screen content, and there is no traditional TV This kind of blurred picture.

In terms of video experience, PPTV 43P also has a very good performance. We use a variety of sources for testing, and all common formats can be decoded and played normally. (mp4/mkv/wmv/mov/avi, etc.)

In terms of distribution and after-sales PPTV and Suning reached a deep cooperation, in addition to experience real machine in Suning, the distribution of products also has great advantages, Suning's urban coverage rate is very strong, first and second-tier cities can even arrive the same day.

PPTV's “five exemptions” policy formally implemented on October 29 is to greatly increase the discount rate. Five exemptions include: free annual fee, free advertising, free viewing of high-definition picture content, free shipping, and free installation fee.

While LeTV and Xiaomi as rivals do not yet have these preferential policies, shipping and installation costs are indispensable, and LeTV video resources if you want to see the latest content or high-quality film sources, in addition to membership fees, all at a time More than a second of ads is really annoying. Compared to PPTV, it has been very gratifying.

General comment: PPTV 43P is priced at only 1799 yuan, which is a product with a cost-effective selling point. It is among the best-selling products in the PPTV TV line. On Oct. 29, there was also a crazy rush to buy online. If you are not a rice brain powder, PPTV 43P is definitely a very worthwhile reference product.

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Storage temperature range:

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Service life:

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●Impact loads

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