July 27, 2021

Shandong Electric Power 2 robot technology achievements reached the international leading level

Recently, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company organized a scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting for the “Development and Application of Substation Live Maintenance Robot Platform” and “Overhead Transmission Line Live Working Robot” completed by the Electric Power Research Institute and Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Jinan City. . The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the two scientific and technological achievements have reached the international leading level and have broad application prospects.

Professor Wang Zhongyu of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics served as the chairman of the appraisal committee. The appraisal committee composed of Fan Sheng, a researcher of the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, and Tie Jun, a professor of North China University of Technology, listened to the research report, technical summary report, test report and new report of the project team, and made questions and defenses.

The project “Development and Application of Substation Live Maintenance Robot Platform” is based on the non-fixed base manipulator technology of the mobile insulation lifting mechanism, and develops a substation live maintenance robot platform, which realizes large-scale rapid movement of unstructured and complex environment robots. The function of close-range precise positioning; a new type of active-passive series-parallel mechanism combining mechanical arm and insulating rod is developed. The passive joint motion freedom and damping are used to solve the problem that the end is heavy and the cantilever rod is long during the operation. The support point is far from the center of gravity and other difficult to stabilize problems, improving the accuracy and safety of the work; designing an insulation structure that combines the insulation lift arm, the mechanical arm insulation support and the special tool insulation rod to realize the working robot body and the adjacent phase The insulation safety protection of live equipment ensures the safety of the robot system and the safety of the power grid during live working. It adopts a robotic control system structure with intelligent man-machine integration, which solves the intelligent interaction problem of autonomous control and human-machine cooperation of live working robots. .

Up to now, the project has granted 9 patents, including 6 invention patents, 3 utility model patents, 4 authorized software copyrights, and 5 papers, including 2 core journals and 3 EI papers. The project has been applied to the substation live maintenance operation, and has realized the operation of insulator cleaning, RTV spraying, insulator zero value detection, transformer fire extinguishing device nitrogen filling, etc., which has good application and promotion value. The appraisal committee recommended to further increase the flexibility and autonomy of the operations of the executing agencies and accelerate the application of industrialization.

The scientific and technological achievements of "electricized working robots for overhead transmission lines" are derived from the provincial company's science and technology project "Research on the new technology of live working on robotic-based overhead transmission lines", which has made important achievements in over-transmission line robots over obstacles, live working, and induction power taking. Technological breakthroughs and innovations have successfully developed live working robots for overhead transmission lines, providing a new technology, new method and new device for electrified maintenance of power grids in China. The live working robot of overhead transmission line adopts remote control mode, which can reciprocate along the overhead ground wire, single wire and split wire, and carry out live operation such as visible light detection, infrared detection, strand breaking repair, bolt fastening, foreign object cleaning, etc. Electrical capacity, can be operated on a 500 kV line.

The creativity and advancement of this scientific and technological achievement are reflected in the following aspects: a double-frame obstacle-obstacle mechanism for overhead transmission lines is proposed, and automatic control schemes such as serialized operation mode, automatic load balancing, and safety interlock mechanism are designed. The robot realizes stable and reliable spanning of obstacles such as anti-vibration hammer, spacer bar, suspension clamp and aviation marker ball. By optimizing the configuration of core cross-sectional area and winding turns, etc., an overhead transmission line induction is developed. The power taking device realizes the maximization of the on-line power take-off efficiency of the robot; a lightweight, multi-degree-of-freedom manipulator with dual working ends is developed, which realizes the bolt fastening of the overhead transmission line, the foreign matter cleaning, and the four split wires. The strands are repaired and repaired.

The scientific and technological achievements have been successfully applied to the live maintenance of overhead transmission lines, and have been well received by users. The use of the robot to carry out live working on overhead transmission lines not only improves work efficiency and quality, but also has important strategic significance for promoting smart grid construction, improving the automation level of power grids, ensuring safe and stable operation of power grids, and promoting economic development. The appraisal committee recommended to further expand the functions of live working robots for overhead transmission lines and accelerate industrial application.

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