July 27, 2021

It’s important to know these latest trends in image display technology.

In the modern information society, almost everyone's work and life are inseparable from information display technology. Because information displays (such as LCDs, LED screens, projectors, etc.) are the basic tools for scientific research and industrial applications, and television displays are also the main source of information for thousands of households. Moreover, information display technology has formed a technology industry chain of hundreds of billions of dollars, which has produced huge economic benefits.

Development trend of flat panel display technology

As we all know, flat panel LCD display technology has basically replaced CRT display technology, but because LCD is a passive display technology, and active display technology, PDP and LED display technology have their own characteristics, but some have not exceeded LCD, and therefore can not Replace the LCD.

Since the development of OLED technology, its progress has been quite rapid. The main reason is that it does not require the fabrication process of the long lattice, nor does it involve the fabrication of the die, and the manufacturing process is simpler than the LED. The materials used to make OLEDs are generally organic compounds, and pure organic compounds are used. Five or six years ago, it was found that the organic compounds were mixed into the metal, which helped to improve the brightness and effect of the OLED. Therefore, it is now mostly made of an organic metal mixture. At present, the luminous efficiency and luminescence lifetime of OLED red, green and blue materials basically meet the practical needs, and the current O has a working time of at least 20,000 hours under the brightness of 500 cd/m2.

A group of enterprises represented by Taiwan Province has already entered the forefront of the world's OLED industrialization; Tsinghua University and the company have jointly established the first domestic OLED production line. It is believed that OLED will become the mainstream of the display market soon after solving the long-term reliability and service life of large-size OLEDs. It took the LCD 15 years to surpass the CRT to become the mainstream technology for computer monitors. Experts predict that OLEDs will take longer to exceed LCDs.

Compared with LCD (as shown in Table 1 below), OLED display technology is superior to LCD in various parameters, so OLED will replace LCD in the near future and become the mainstream of the display market.

Development trend of projection display and large screen display technology

From the projection display technology introduced above, it is obvious that the development trend is toward the development of laser projection display technology.

With the improvement of information technology, people are increasingly demanding visual appreciation. "Visual impact" has become a standard for people to judge display performance. Visual impact comes not only from clear images, but also from oversized images. In order to meet this demand, large-screen splicing came into being. In addition, edge fusion technology based on projection technology is also available for large screens.

At present, the relatively common large-screen splicing system is usually divided into two main types according to the working mode of the display unit: one is a PDP, LED, LCD flat panel display unit splicing system, and its disadvantage is that there is a splicing gap; the second is the DLP projection unit splicing The advantage of the system is that there are no stitching gaps. The edge fusion splicing system is also seamlessly spliced.

The so-called edge fusion technology is to overlap the edges of a group of projectors and display a whole picture with no gaps, brighter, larger and higher resolution. The effect of the picture is like one. The quality of the projector's projection. When two or more projectors project a two-sided project, a part of the image lights overlap. The main function of the edge blending is to gradually reduce the brightness of the overlapping parts of the two projectors, so that the brightness of the whole picture is consistent. . The technical advantages of edge blending are:

Increase image size and picture integrity. The images projected by multiple projectors must be larger than the size projected by a single projector; the bright and beautiful images can bring people different visual impacts, and the seamless edge fusion technology is used to stitch together. The picture should largely guarantee the perfection of the picture and the consistency of the color.

Increase the resolution. Each projector projects a portion of the entire image so that the resulting image resolution is improved. For example, the physical resolution of a projector is 800 × 600, and after the projector is merged by 25%, the resolution of the image becomes 2000 × 600.

Ultra high resolution. With an image processor and computer with multi-channel high-resolution output, composite images of three or more channels of 1600 × 1200 pixels per channel can be produced. If 25% of the pixels are blended, the 4000 x 1200 resolution image produced by subtracting the extra overlapping pixels can be subtracted. There are currently no standalone displays on the market that can operate at such high resolutions. The solution is to use a projector matrix, each projector running at its maximum resolution, and the combined resolution is the sum of the pixels after the overlap region is subtracted.

Reduce the projection distance. With the advent of seamless stitching, the shortening of the projection distance becomes inevitable. For example, the original 200 inch (4000 x 3000mm) screen, if there is no physical and optical seam, we can only use one projector, projection distance = lens focal length × screen width, using the angle lens 1.2:1 Our projection distance is also 4.8 meters. Now, we have adopted the technology of melting edge. The same picture does not have various seam marks. Our distance only needs 2.4.

Projection imaging on a specially shaped screen. For example, if you project a picture on a cylindrical or spherical screen, a single projector needs a long projection distance to cover the entire screen, and the combination of multiple projectors can not only make the projected image larger, but also reduce the projection distance. The chord is shortened to as small as possible, which is a better choice for image resolution, brightness and aggregation.

Increase the layering of the picture. Thanks to the edge blending technology, the resolution and brightness of the image are enhanced, and at the same time, with the high-quality projection screen, the image layering and expressiveness of the entire display system is significantly enhanced.

Edge blending is a set of projections from a projector for edge overlap, so in theory, the image displayed using edge blending can be infinite and clear. Large-screen splicing will be more difficult, both technically and spatially, as the display expands. Therefore, in particular, the edge fusion technology is more suitable for places with larger space, that is, so-called large space clear application.

In the large-screen splicing display technology, its development trend is toward the development of DLP and edge fusion technology.

The development trend of 3D stereo display technology

The display technology has undergone a process from black-and-white display to color display, from ordinary color display to high-definition color display. At present, flat display technology has made great achievements. But because the objective world is a three-dimensional world, any physical object has x, y, and z three-dimensionality. In order to pursue the maximum true reproduction, one of the main ways is to achieve a three-dimensional sense. At present, the display technology that has been commercialized can only realize the expression of the three-dimensional world on the flat panel display (x, y). In terms of realism, there is still a big difference in the use of the eyes to directly observe the objective things.

It is true that the flat display gives a three-dimensional stereoscopic feeling to some extent, but it is based on the psychological recognition based on the two-dimensional display technology. In essence, it cannot be regarded as a three-dimensional display in the true physical sense. Most of the existing stereoscopic display technologies are not as wide-angle as possible in the viewing angle of the display, because they are born out of the two-dimensional display, and never get rid of the limitation of the 180° display space of the conventional two-dimensional display screen. Also, use the stereoscope or use the “parallax” effect on the flat panel display.

At present, the mainstream three-dimensional display has occupied more than half of the country. The known three-dimensional display devices include stereoscopic vision, helmet-type display, CAVE, naked-eye stereoscopic display and true three-dimensional display.

In the 3D stereoscopic display technology, it will gradually develop from active glasses and polarized glasses to the naked eye 3D and true 3D stereoscopic display technologies.

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