June 21, 2021

New Trends in Automotive Lighting: Glass Fiber Upgrades for Interior Lighting

Nowadays, congested traffic makes people spend more and more time on the road. In addition to satisfying people's mobile switching needs from point A to point B, the basic vehicle of the car has become more comfortable and perfect. The direction of the OEM's efforts. In order to give the car a more spacious and multi-layered interior, the rider is provided with a perfect and comfortable natural atmosphere. Schott, a lighting expert from Germany, converts glass fiber into an advanced light pipe and applies it to Situational lighting is added to the interior of the car.
Dr. Frank Heinricht, CEO of SCHOTT, said at a press conference held in Shanghai recently: “Compared with European auto companies, Chinese automakers and suppliers have shown a more positive attitude towards automotive innovation design and manufacturing. They are happy to seek new designs. So we have a very positive attitude towards the Chinese automotive lighting market."
Glass fiber upgraded interior lighting
In addition to lighting, many new solutions create a special atmosphere with ambient lighting. Glass fiber optic lighting highlights the interior of the vehicle and the lighting is more subtle. Schott uses the technology of the Mainz headquarters in Germany to manufacture side-light pipes, which have the advantage that the glass fibers are uniformly illuminated along the entire length of the fiber, which is superior to plastic properties. In addition, it can be flexibly mounted, has a large bending radius, and does not affect the light quality. “The current global trend is that plastic solutions will gradually be replaced by glass solutions because the glass is thinner and the quality is better and the performance is better.” Dr. Frank Heinricht told the author.
The SCHOTT side light pipe, which cannot be seen by ordinary sight, adds mood lighting to the interior of the car, which makes the car feel more spacious and multi-layered. Passengers’ perception of the door, center console and footrest space will change. Passengers can adjust the color of each light to create a private space that feels more comfortable.
These lighting fibers can also change your perception when passengers look out the skylight. The exquisite contour lighting on the edge of the panoramic sunroof creates the illusion of skylight evaporation, giving passengers a wide view and an innocent sky. Walking outside the car, you can see the glare - fiber optic lighting on the footboard.
Lin Shishi, sales manager of automotive lighting at SCHOTT China, said: “Even the smallest improvement can produce extremely strong results, especially in cars. By using fiber optic technology to upgrade interior lighting for the next generation of cars, brand cars can be brought Give you a more comfortable and spacious ride. Once you experience the subtle natural lighting during night driving, you don't want to miss it."
Optimistic about the Chinese auto market
Dr. Frank Heinricht also said that the huge Chinese automotive market is very attractive to suppliers, which is one of the reasons why SCHOTT cooperates with Chinese automakers and suppliers.
Chen Wei, general manager of SCHOTT China, explained, “Not long ago, we integrated a SCHOTT side-light duct into the overhead console of a SUV for a large Chinese automaker. We noticed that there is a clear one in the Chinese auto industry. Trends – Integrating advanced lighting products into the interior design of the cabin. Therefore, we have been working with major Chinese automakers to develop new solutions.” In addition, it also pointed out that due to the large investment in optical fiber manufacturing, SCHOTT automotive lighting products At present, it mainly relies on imports, and whether it will be put into production in China in the later period, depending on the demand situation of the market.

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