June 21, 2021

Multi-screen game ultimate experience Skyworth micro-game evaluation (3) film and television music

Massive Video Resources - Film and Television (1)

Although the Skyworth micro game console is a game box, except for the game, it still has video content and possesses not less than the general box.

Just open the online video on the interface, and the content of the film and television will be called out. The first thing that comes into view is the self-recommendation column. You can see the latest and hottest TV dramas, movies, and variety shows.

With the opening, we found that the classification of film and television content is also very clear. There are films, TV dramas, variety shows, animations and many other sections. Each section has a huge amount of content.

The movie "Datang Xuanzang" is a historical film starring China Film Corporation, director Huo Jianqi, Huang Xiaoming, Xu Wei, Zhao Wendi, Luo Jin, Tan Kai, Lou Jiayue and others. The film tells of the Tang Dynasty monk Xuan Yu who lasted 19 years. She resisted hardships and went to Tianzhu to learn the legend. The film was released in China on April 29, 2016. It was released shortly after, but it still exists in the Skyworth micro game console. its existence.

The young Xuan Zang Masters sought to escape from the country by seeking truth from the death of the Dharma. He encountered many difficulties and obstacles along the way. Natural disasters and man-made disasters also struck the people. Officers and soldiers were encircled, apprentices were betrayed, buried in sand sea, and the water was cut off. Xuanyuan persisted in his perseverance. He bent to the Buddha and moved toward the holy place of his heart, Nalanda Temple. His performance was vividly illustrated, and the whole picture was very impressive. Clear and vivid.

Massive Video Resources - Film and Television (2)

"Declassification" is a TV series that was recently very hot, produced by Huace Film and Television, and adapted from the novel of the same name by the "father of the Chinese spy war novel" Mai Jia, directed by An Jian and written by Feng Xiao, Chen Xuedong, Ying Er, Guo Jingfei, Yin Xiaotian. And others starred. Around the "fool genius," Rong Jinzhen launched a legendary tale of dish-pocketing for secret agents who cracked the "super password" purple and black secrets and code-named "The Awakener."

The soldiers are heroic, the scene of salute is solemn, and the “middle-spying spy” of wartime resistance is not only war but spy!

Since several years ago, variety shows have rapidly warmed up in China. Various types of variety shows have come out after rain. Variety shows are not full of rules and are full of novelty. Young people love to watch and older people do not resist. They are actually families. In order to make a good contribution, Skyworth's micro-game consoles are also full of effort in variety shows.

The popular "Brothers Running" has already reached the fourth quarter. The hot popularity has never cooled down. As one of the most popular variety shows in the country for two years, they always hold TV. However, they still miss something temporarily, but they have created Skyworth Micro. After the game console, there is no need to worry about it. It will be waiting for you to see the latest "stance".

Skyworth’s micro-games also include domestic animations, and the “Laughter of Jokes,” which is very popular recently, is also one of them. The main characters of the story are the Larva bugs, which are red, yellow and yellow. They live under the road sewers. In this mysterious corner, the whole world seems to have forgotten this place, but their lives are unusually lively, and comedy stories are played every day.

It has to be said that the quality of film and television resources is very high, and the content is complete, with no missing or missing any episode.

Massive Video Resources - Film and Television (3)

The NBA live broadcast is a popular content of Tencent video. Skyworth micro game machines also include it. With the Cavaliers lagging behind by 3-1, they have been chasing after all the way. They finally defeated the Warriors of this year.

If you are too busy and don't have time to watch live broadcasts, then don't worry, everything will be there and you won't miss a game.

The rich film and television also includes many overseas resources, such as the American drama, and the "Rights of the Game" that Xiao Bian particularly loves. In the Skyworth micro-game console, there is actually the sixth season.

In the latest release of the sixth season posters and notices, we see the resurrection picture of Giuseppe. He seems to be going to a showdown against the young Peel Rams. The dragon mother was kidnapped by the Doslak. At the end of the previous quarter, how did the Sergei who suffered a great shame and suffered great disgrace? Think of these exciting content, Xiao Bian was excited.

Let's relax and listen to music - music

In addition to film and television, Skyworth's micro-game consoles also carry QQ music, which has a large number of songs. When you watch video tired, and the game is too tired, stop and enjoy a glass of water to listen to songs.

Although he is a deceased, but Xue Zhiqian's brother is still very nice!

to sum up:

Skyworth micro game machine parameter table:


1. Appearance, Skyworth micro game machine is rich in science and technology, breathing light design makes a bright spot; hardware, high-quality CPU with 2GB high-capacity DDR3 memory, the game runs a very high degree of fluency, experience is very good.

2. The audience of Skyworth micro game console is young families, couple users, brothers and friends, etc. Its multiplayer game provides an interactive platform for the audience. The mode of mobile phone control will promote this interactivity to the extreme.

3. The game content is all free, excellent configuration allows those large games can be perfectly run, such as "Wild Bug 8", running smoothly, experience bursting.

4. In addition to the game, there are many video content, including many hot spots of Tencent video, such as the NBA live broadcast, domestic movie theaters, according to Xiaobian understand, pre-sale will send 3 months video members.

5. Design details are full of sincerity, including one-button account all-pass, UI2.0, breathing lights, handle optimization details, dual USB ports designed for multiplayer games, TF card expansion and so on.


1. Some games support up to two games at a time. If you can support more people, it will be even more perfect.

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