June 21, 2021

Hisense pushes DLP ultra-short focal 4K laser theater 88 inch price 41999 yuan

July 7 news, at the Qingdao Electric Expo, Hisense released the long-rumored DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser cinema TV products. The brand-new Hisense laser TV not only has a resolution of 4K, but also has an illumination uniformity of 85%. Even during daytime viewing, it can reach the same level as traditional LCD TVs. The new product released this time has two 100-inch and 88-inch models, of which the 88-inch model costs 41999 yuan.

Hisense pushes DLP ultra-short focal 4K laser theater 88 inch price 41999 yuan

In appearance, the new DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser TV is similar to the previous, still using a rectangular body design, 100 inches wide gray-black, 88-inch models are yellow and black, the overall style is simple and generous, for young people Still quite attractive.

In terms of technology, Hisense DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser cinema TV has a great change in structure compared to LCOS ultra-short-focus 4K similar products, not only that the internal structure of the chip can make the overall volume more compact, but also the details of the image, Contrast and other aspects are also more outstanding, structured, and the black court performed well.

In the parameter index, Hisense DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser cinema TV color gamut reached 116% (REC BT.709), illumination uniformity of up to 85%, and support for HDR technology, completely reached the mainstream level.

In the comparison at the conference site, it can be seen that LCOS ultra-short-focus 4K products have green streaks on their edges when processing pure black-and-white images, while DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser theater TVs are relatively clean. less.

Hisense pushes DLP ultra-short focal 4K laser theater 88 inch price 41999 yuan

In other respects, the new product adopts cinema-quality ultra-high definition laser projection technology, applying the same display scheme and 3D implementation as the IMAX theater, as well as the Fresnel passive biomimetic screen and 5.1 professional home audio without wiring. In terms of content, it is equipped with a VIDAA system and has functional sections such as good-looking, fun-loving, poly-learning, and enjoyment. In addition, it has also cooperated with the licensees and a number of video content providers on content, and has licensed hundreds of thousands of hours of genuine online library.

The DLP 4K ultra-short-focus laser cinema TV product released this time has two 100-inch and 88-inch models, the 88-inch model priced at 41999 yuan, 100-inch models at the price of the conference was not announced.

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