June 21, 2021

Years ago Wish: Home Theater DIY

A long time ago I thought I had a home and I had to get a home theater system at home. I would drink tea, watch movies, listen to songs.

After many years, he finally had his own house and embarked on a difficult road to housing slavery. Because the budget for renovation was not sufficient, the home theater was a standard entry-level, although not as good as those burning equipment, but it was used daily. It is indeed enough. If you have needs, you can refer to the reference.

The projector that began to purchase one of the core equipments of the home theater before the renovation, first refreshed in the old house


After that, I began to slowly learn all aspects of home theater. I discovered that the doorway there was quite a bit, and I looked at it all. The price was also a hype. Finally, I decided to buy on the basis of a budget of 15,000 . The relatively popular Epson TW5200, the price is right, off the light 120-inch investment is still quite awesome.

Before the renovation, it was decided to have an entire home theater, so all the reserved things did not fall. The embedded HDMI cable, leaving the projector's power connector, embedded speaker line, reserved slot for the screen And power supply.

More than 95 percent of the devices in this article are from Taobao .

Let's start a new home photo.

Projection TW5200

Very standard entry 1080P projector selection .5000 blocks this price is not much choice

It's been a long time for renovation, but now it's not a problem, it's awesome!

Everybody remembers to install a switch that controls both the projection and the screen power . The standby light of the projector and the screen is quite annoying!!

(The 10m HDMI cable bought at that time was bought short, can only buy the embedded HDMI line of 15 meters again to be long not to be too short ah )

Screen shadow Hui 120-inch electric cable

Open daylight projection effect as follows

During the day, the projector must pull on the curtains. It is necessary to sandwich the blackout curtains between the three curtains.

The difference between the curtain and the white wall is not great, so everyone should not be too tangled up with the material of the curtain.

The curtain effect is as follows

There are two main speakers that have been forced to fill up. The face value is high enough.

TV still has to be installed, 55-inch Sony Dafa has enough spectrum

Curtain slot

Speakers and amplifier Blu-ray players are packaged. We don't provide search links one by one.

Re-buying the speaker cable is also a very sensible choice, and the line with the speakers is very inhumane..

Left and right surround

8-inch subwoofer (enough to estimate the neighbor will come knocking)

Amplifier Yamaha V377

(If God gives me a chance to come back again, I must change the amplifier of 2HDMI output!! TV and projection can not be both, often have to manually pull the first line of the switching output source then IPHONE put the song is also awesome)

Blu-ray player Yamaha S677

The mixer was sent once, it was a pit cargo, and it was not used.

(Blu-ray player sound quality is my home's other input source is far from comparable!! High-definition input source is also a home theater high quality guarantee to embark on TB perennial buy the dish Road)

TV box Haimeidi Q5

(The biggest reason for seeing this box is that it has a hard disk interface that allows me to download high-definition originals without spending money to buy Blu-ray discs. It turns out that even if we download a movie with dozens of G's Blu-ray discs, the playback is far less effective. The Blu-ray player's distribution effect is connected to the Internet to see entertainment programs. Occasionally , it's good to see the big sisters in the hard disk .)

Of course, that messy route

The pride of being fully formed is still a serious mistake. The projection hanger is not installed. The projection lens is not in the centerline of the curtain. It seems that the result is a bit of a shadow. The image is not rectangular. There is something wrong with it. If you don't make adjustments, just ignore it.

Take a few of your daily routines

Home Theater All Expenses List:

Yamaha 9502 (including power amplifier .5.1 speakers. Blu-ray player. useless mixing) set 8849 yuan + magic socket 62 yuan + surround bracket 148 yuan + Akihabara 25 meters audio cable 138 yuan + Yamazawa 15 meters HDMI cable 238 yuan + Projection Epson TW5200.4560 yuan + original 3D eyes two 300 yuan + sea Meidi Q5.684 yuan + Western Digital 2T green plate 475 yuan + shadow Hui 120-inch electric curtain 1260 yuan

Totally spent 16,714 yuan

Thank you for joining us, coming to SMZDM for so long, posting for the first time, everyone tapping

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