June 21, 2021

Positioning anti-lost 360 children's watch 3S experience evaluation

I often hear about the disappearance of some children. I believe that the majority of parents do not take care of their children. It may be that a small detail will cause major harm. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, many manufacturers have great interest in 'loss prevention', and the first time I played against loss products was the first generation of 360 products in 2014. Although it is simple, it's Positioning and Bluetooth anti-dissipation function does have a certain security effect, but there are many design flaws; Today, the 360 ​​children's watch 3S that I got, it not only uses IPS full-color touch screen technology, but also can call, SMS, expression, text language, etc. Allow parents to keep track of their son's activities anytime, anywhere.

Basket-like styling, the design of the handle belt, is very child-like cartoon style, the entire box is made of transparent engineering plastic material, at a glance can be blocked 360 children watch 3S fashion shape. The main side of the box is drawn 360 children watch 3S main function information: colorful touch screen, real-time positioning, two-way conversation, ultra-low transmission, security protection, long standby and so on.

Out of the box can not wait, the 360 ​​children's watch 3S accessories are indeed many, no wonder that you need such a large box to pack: 360 children's watch 3S one, charging line, transformer, manual, warranty card, certificate, etc. There is a special screwdriver for disassembling the Micro SIM card.

360 children's watch 3S charger and charging line in a separate way, its output power is 5V 550mA, much smaller than the commonly used mobile phone charger, so it is not recommended to use other devices for the 360 ​​children's watch 3S charging. Standard 520mAh battery, the official life is given a standard for 3 days, but the author found that more than 2 days to run out, I just got it, may test more items: call, communication, positioning used N times.

The magnetic connector is indeed a major highlight, much stronger than the plug-in charging interface, and the 4 metal pins are fixed to prevent the charge from loosening.

The design of the entire watch is very child-friendly. It is more like a children's version of the Apple Watch. The author feels that the entire dial is somewhat oversized, and the 38mm14.5mm40mm also limits the user's age. He wears children under 4 years of age. May not be appropriate; 1.3 inch IPS full color touch screen, resolution 240240, clarity of performance is very good, carefully found that the touch screen is not a glass material, but the use of a mirror effect of transparent engineering plastics, mainly due to naughty children The characteristics of the touch screen sensitivity can still be, but it is best to slide in the middle of the screen, because the black edge takes up too much space. 360 children's watch 3S microphone is located in the lower part of the screen, the speaker is designed on the left, the right side is two ammonium keys, a short press of the metal key can quickly enter the "contact" interface, long press 5 seconds to send the SOS signal; white Press the button for the power button (press for 3 seconds in the off state), short press the return button after the boot, long press 8 seconds to restart, but this button can not be used for shutdown, shutdown function can only be operated remotely on the APP.

360 children watch 3S needs mobile or Unicom Micro SIM support, but also need 2G traffic, caller ID, SMS and other services support, one less may cause it to not work properly; I feel most regretful is that it does not support telecommunications cards .

The installation of the communication card requires dismantling the 360 ​​children's watch 3S, because the card slot is internal, which is also to prevent children from accidentally damaging the card and other reasons, so the design is also very normal in the interior, after all, the number of disassembled and mounted is not many; The standard screwdriver removes the four corner screws.

After the machine is disassembled, the main unit can be detached. The location of the rechargeable battery and card slot can be seen here. I first set up a Unicom traffic card, the results do not support, went to the mobile business office engaged in a 4G card when the 2G network is used (now mobile is also very abnormal, only 4G card to buy a card, the price is also very high).

After the card is installed, the boot is activated. Scan the QR code to complete the binding of the mobile phone '360 Child Defender' APP.

360 Children Defender supports Android 4.2 or Apple system 6.3 or later, the author uses Android phones for management. After the APP is installed, the first step is to bind with the mobile phone. You must first register a 360 account, and then scan the QR code on the device to complete the activation binding. 360 children watch 3S can add up to 20 contacts, the author in order to prevent strangers from harassment, only increased the commonly used 3 individuals; for the number of contacts that are not in the contact's phone number can not be beaten, for this, the author Think 360 is very intimate.

A key to help : long press the watch up button (silver gray button) can issue SOS alerts, watch will vibrate feedback after successful launch, and all contacts of the watch will receive SOS alarm, receive a SOS message, let parents Confirm the child's status. Bluetooth anti-offensive : In order to deal with the children in the downtown city to appear to be dispersed, 360 children's watch 3s provides Bluetooth anti-distraction function, once the watch leaves the phone a certain distance, 360 child guardian application will promptly give parents alert tips. E-Fence : Users can set a safe zone in the 360 ​​Child Defender app. Once the child leaves with his watch or returns to a safe area, the child guard's app will give a hint to inform the parent that the child has left or entered the safe area.

The author believes that in the 360 ​​children's watch 3S is mainly designed for security against loss, it uses the micro SIM card GPS technology to read the current location, and can be paired with mobile phone Bluetooth, such as with children to the streets, generally ensure that children in the ten meters In the safety zone, you can set the child's usual position to reduce parents' concerns. When an emergency occurs, the child can press the metal color for 5 seconds to send out SOS distress messages. Parents can provide 360 ​​children watch 3S. Positioning information to find long; Found in the detection of Bluetooth technology anti-lost reminder technology there are some defects, the delay is high, of course, we can locate a position when the Bluetooth cut off, and can actively pull the number of children to achieve multiple Insurance.

For the accuracy of positioning, the author also measured many times, in fact, the performance of the urban area is fairly accurate, the maximum deviation does not exceed 20 meters, and the author went to the edge of the city and found that the positioning gap has become much larger, the biggest error in 200 About meters, there is indeed some error in the use of GPS positioning, so positioning can only provide a reference, can not guarantee 100% accurate.

360 children's watch 3S integrates many useful features, such as class mode, set a good time period to retain only the use of SOS, reduce children's fun and curiosity, see here can be found that all the equipment on the watch need to use 360 ​​children Guardian to complete, like the alarm clock, shutdown, call charges need to operate on the phone, if you want to change the card, then you need to reconfigure all the files.

In use, 360 children watch 3S will also use 2G traffic for version upgrades, which can take up a lot of traffic. The upgraded system is much more powerful. It can not only make phone calls, but also send voice and cartoon text, but I think these are just to increase the children's fun.

360 children watch 3S the whole point of view is a good product, the author's little guy especially like to wear it at night to wear it, easy to understand, the little guy will also study the above features, the author went to work, He made a phone call from time to time. For parents, 360 Children's Watch 3S is an anti-lost technology product, and for the little one, it is more like a high-end calling toy.


After a few days of use, I feel 360 children watch 3S is really good, positioning, blue walk away, call voice and other functions, do give parents a peace of mind, but I think there are still some areas that need improvement: If you increase wifi function , in the common place can wifi network access, convenient firmware upgrades and take up a lot of traffic; and 360 children watch 3S monitor function a bit tasteless, monitor sound quality is poor, so it is recommended 360 children watch 3S late product can install a miniature camera, In order to facilitate parents to use remote photography to understand the current situation of the child, it is still acceptable for the market price of 499 yuan, but each month's Micro SIM card package and communication fee is also an overhead.

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