September 21, 2021

Travel ininokim light electric scooter evaluation

After the smart storm struck, in addition to products such as smart homes and smart watch bracelets, even bicycles were involved in the smart field. At first thought that this was the beginning of a “tidal wave”. Indeed, after the advent of smart bicycles, they also made eye-catching. Recently, there is such an Inokim Light lithium-electric scooter that makes you earn your eyes. Maiwei’s smart technology promotes new generation products. Under the influence of the Internet age, the era of “intellectualism”, including smart electric vehicles, has also embarked on this road. Take the past 2015, it can be said that the smart "car" broke out in the year. As the bicycles and electric vehicles around our lives are implanted in the "intellectual" brain, they are gradually improved in terms of function and appearance design. . However, when this kind of product comes, it doesn't mean that there is a significant change in life.

Right now, the Inokim Light scooter is not linked to the word "chi", but it makes people fall in love with one another. This is a common scooter in life. The difference is that it walks onto an "electrical" road and walks. Between cities, no matter if they are used to go to work, go to work, buy food, go shopping or imagine the men in the street, the young trees would like to say that these can meet your requirements. So when the scooter also plays "deformation", what effect would it be? Is it loaded? Still, the Inokim Light scooter appears to be needed for life. Although it is not linked to smart, the scooter's forcing is upgraded to a new level, and it also brings a “wind” experience to short- distance friends.

After reading the beautiful pictures, we will wipe the saliva and then go into the subject. Let's introduce it briefly and boldly. This is in contrast to our common unicycle balancing and body-conscious vehicles. Ininokim light Electric scooter is bigger and more suitable for pretty girls. , students in school travel.

This does not have much to do with "balance." Unlike unicycles, it takes a few weeks to become familiar and practice. Therefore, the electric scooters have almost reached a “zero” basis in terms of getting started, which is suitable for Xiaoshu, a lazy Xiaobian.

Actually, when it comes to "scooters," many players will think that this is a "toy" for children on the streets of the city. We all know that traditional scooter is based on manpower, such as ininokim light electric scooters. It is also reasonable to bring out the "return rate" of the explosion.

Of course, after the product has been given "life," the inevitable result is that there are advantages and disadvantages. The ininokim light electric scooters give more vitality to many players who have abandoned heavy electric vehicles and switched to more convenient experience and more. Taller appearance.

Although ininokim light electric scooters can reach two people riding at the same time, but this "romantic" is still not allowed. It is also said that this is a double-edged sword, bear's paw can not have both, long-distance appearance is not very suitable, you can use it for walking, shopping, street shopping, leisure and entertainment, short-distance means of transportation. The hands feel a good hand grip and the ergonomic mobile phone is reasonable. For example, a bicycle can be very comfortable to control the direction of position, and the level of the pole can also be adjusted by quick release locks.

The ininokim light electric scooters are easy to get started and don't need much time to learn. One of them is because it provides a dual-mode throttle and the user feels good when they are in different modes. And with some combination of exemptions, "white" friends should be able to quickly incorporate and change their outfits. The first thing to thank is the designer for bringing this simple control.

Thanks to the front and rear lighting effects, the ininokim light electric scooter is suitable for a wider range of applications. Whether it is driving in daytime or at night, lighting safety is used to improve driving safety. However, it is necessary to remind everyone that the lighting effect must be long press the + button, and when the brake lever is pressed, the front and rear lights will flash, reminding the other side of the wheel not to be too close to collision avoidance, so that it is safer.

At the bottom is the folding mode. The pedal is used to replace the three gears. The decibel is the folding mode, the unfolding mode, and the parking mode. At the same time, this design scheme is praiseworthy, reducing the burden of the car bracket and the mode conversion. , Gently use the foot to complete the conversion process, but it is worth noting that the conversion can not use brute force, if the use of brute force simply can not play a role, find the machine is simple to any one can do, Even if you are not a woman, you can do it.

The body is indeed exquisite, and the size of riding is just right. This body car is not only small and exquisite, but it has a size of 108CM105CM46CM when it is unfolded and only 95CM36CM17.5CM after folding. And the vehicle's weight is only 12KG, more convenient to carry. Users weighing less than 100Kg can drive, taking into account the safety of travel, the throttle provides cruise control, three gearshift, backlight mode, smart lights for safety escort.

Driving ininokim light electric scooters to the streets, I would like to say, in addition to pull the wind is pull the wind, the head rate is high, the battery life also brings a certain degree of protection, batteries using Japan and South Korea first-line 18650 lithium battery pack, battery life up to 23KM, There is no need to worry about the lack of capacity in short-distance, and charging time is only 2-3 hours.

Ininokim light Electric Scooter Truck Parts

Once the “scooter” was popular, it was once loved by young people. Nowadays, it is also a challenge for manufacturers to implant “brain”. Of course, nowadays the technology needs to be more mature. Here we can use ininokim light. Electric scooters are used as a "sister" weapon, and they can also be used as a short-distance transportation tool. Of course, if you think of a man like the wind, you can earn enough to keep returning. It is very close to our life, small, light and portable. It doesn't take up space and it's easy to use. As long as we drive it on the street, it will instantly pop up. I believe this type of electric scooters will give users a "just-needed" experience, perhaps because of excessive pursuit of perfection. Folding or pedaling requires skill to be familiar with. There is nothing wrong with picking anything else. This new element is believed to continue to integrate into our lives.

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