July 27, 2021

The last link of the smart life of this station - Body + smart fitness clothing

This is an almost intelligent era. Today, we are accustomed to having a variety of smart devices in our lives: smart home appliances, smart furniture, and smart phones. . As long as you want to almost all of the smart already. No matter what you are doing right now, look around you and you can count at least one smart tool that is relevant to your life . .

I remember many years ago, Nicholas Zhao Si once said: If there is anything that is the most difficult to be smart, then there is only underwear left. . His meaning is very obvious: clothes are the most difficult to intelligentize . Well, today I just came to show off smart clothes . .

Give everyone a look first, behind the details of the details!


The R&D team for this product was established in October 2014. It started to work on the research and development of this product the next month , and achieved a breakthrough in June 2015 , completing the design and production of this product sample .

In 2015, Bodigar Technology Co. , Ltd. was incorporated and headquartered in Beijing . It is located in a high-tech company that designs, manufactures, and sells smart clothing . The areas involved include: smart clothing, sports APP, motion analysis, and other related products.

At present, Body+Smart Apparel, Body+Sports App, and Body+Motion Data Cloud Processing Platform have been designed and developed to provide accurate exercise physiological analysis data and reports for many fitness enthusiasts.

For the first time, Body+ smart clothing has entered public view, this year at the China (Shanghai) International Fitness and Leisure Expo (IWF SHANGHAI) . . Once launched, it attracted the attention of the public.


The team founder is high east, in the formation of Body + (also known as BodyPlus) before the team is general manager of the (then US National Instruments had previously Manager, North) Branch Control Technology Co., Ltd. Global China. After years of hard work in the instrumentation industry, he has devoted himself to the testing and measurement technology and the localization of products. The products and technologies he is presiding over are used in the development, manufacture and operation of many large-scale equipment in the country.

It was precisely because of the accumulation and precipitation that had existed for decades in the field of military, aerospace and spacecraft . Therefore, once the product was introduced, the technology itself was very mature. So far, the Body+ launched is a one-stop personal sports health management platform . It consists of four parts: smart clothing , core devices , mobile apps, and cloud data analysis and storage .

The four components of the Body+ ecosystem are mutually reinforcing. .

Let's take a look at the official fired propaganda film. .

At present, this intelligent fitness suit is still in the Jingdong crowdfunding plan, and it has just completed a crowdfunding success of 1 million yuan to complete the estimated 100% crowdfunding quota . Interested students can continue to participate onlookers .

叁·Open box

When I got the courier, my hands were heavy and heavier than I thought. . Later, when I opened it and saw it, I realized that it was only a box. The clothes were actually very light .

Very simple outer box. . The black box printed with Body+ 's corporate slogan. .

There is only a simple QR code on the back of the side. . Directly to the company's public number. .

On the other side there is a pull button, which is a drawer type box. .

Pull out the inner box to see the related accessories: the upper left is the charging data line, the upper is the charging head, the middle is the data core device Core, and the following is the instruction manual. .

Continue to remove the accessories compartment to see the clothes and technical instructions that are hidden below. .

Remove all. . Black smart bags are smart clothes . . Next to the white machine for the gift of washing laundry bags . . .

Speaking of the laundry bag , here's something to say: It's alleged that this garment passed hundreds of machine wash tests before it went into mass production. There were no problems, so the machine wash was no problem. Of course, in order to extend the service life of the clothes, it is best to wash it by hand and dry it naturally .

The front of the clothes. . Core device data core is located in the chest, it will shine Oh ~ ~ ~

behind. . Nothing special to watch. . In fact, this dress has a lot of science and technology , and the following chapter will be introduced in detail!

Family portrait. . All parts and clothes. .

The measurement accuracy of all the core devices will be accompanied by a national-level electrical metering unit calibration certificate , which means that Body+ products are designed to create instrument-level products rather than general-purpose wearable devices.

See here, I believe you get the idea: it's time to forget about those elements of entertainment is more important than the actual use of the so-called smart clothes!


First of all, let's take a look at the core component: the data core device Core !

This is the goods. . There are three indicators on the surface, respectively: the upper left CORE status lights, right upper Bluetooth status lights, the following running lights! The relationship between its status and lighting is:

In sleep state: all other extinguished, as shown above.

In awake state: The Bluetooth indicator and Core indicator are blue (red indicates that the connection is not successful).

In operation: all three lights are bright blue.

Don't look at it. The design is very complicated.

Detailed Core structure diagram. . Can accurately record the human heart rate, respiratory rate, surface EMG, acceleration, trajectory, altitude and other data, combined with mobile APP can do a variety of analysis! In terms of data transmission, Bluetooth 4.1 technology is used . .

It can work for 8 hours continuously and can be used without a mobile phone , and the collected data can be stored in the device's built-in memory. In addition, a number of functions such as GPS trajectory and altitude correction are also designed in the device. The most popular is the built-in algorithm (digital signal processing chip) of its DSP chip to solve the collected heart rate, respiratory and EMG signals in real time. Its unique filter noise and wavelet algorithm allows accurate exercise physiology data to be obtained in real time even in high-intensity exercises.

Take a closer look at this item. . This is what it looks like when it's mounted on clothes. .

After the removal, the installation and removal are very convenient. Press the buttons on both sides of the base . .

The far right is the charging base . .

The connection to the charged state is sauce purple. . Plug it in!

If Core is the CPU (central processing unit) of this garment, where does the data come from? Look inside the clothes! !

Turning clothes over to look inside is positive. . Mainly covers a few large muscles on the front. .

This is the back side. It can be seen that there are a total of 17 flexible sensors (12 sensors for trousers) on the entire tops . It is these sensors that perform real-time monitoring of speed, pace, pace, distance, calories, heart rate (maximum heart rate, recovery of heart rate), maximum oxygen uptake, and activation of major body surface muscles during exercise. recording.

Look at the details. . These sensors are very flexible and don't really feel like wearing them. There is no strange feeling. .

You can see the sensor distribution on the front of the body. From top to bottom, you can record changes in heart rate and the dynamic changes of muscles such as pectoralis major, rectus abdominis, and internal oblique .

The back mainly records the dynamic changes of muscles such as trapezius and latissimus dorsi . .

The sensor on the arm records the movements of the muscles related to biceps, triceps, and deltoids . .

In addition to these permanently built-in, multi-use flexible sensors , this garment can also be said to be a very high-quality sports tights, with traditional clothing breathable thin, anti-bacterial, anti-ultraviolet, wear-resistant, quick-drying and so on. .

Size information. . Landlord 178CM, 81KG, wear XL is appropriate , here for your reference. .

Composition table and washing standard . .

1942da9e570b83b53c1f3d42d26f043.jpg" Breathable design under the armpit. In fact, the clothes themselves are very thin.

Glue-slip design at the hem and cuffs. . Prevent clothing from sliding during exercise . .

Wu measured

Everyone frankly said that when they saw the question map , did they think of the following goods in the first instant?

In fact, when I got this product, I couldn't help but excitement in my friend's circle PO. Here's a simple comment: Iron Man low version? !

Hey. . . Next, let's show another one standing on the Great God and test your eyesight to see if you can recognize it. rub. . This cup . . . I feel like it! ! What do you think?

On the weekend of receiving this high-tech dress, I couldn't wait to go to the gym for calibration . . The purpose of the calibration is to let the Core record your body signal. When you are in the process of real exercise, the Core will record new data and compare it with the previous one to see if you have reached the state! After all, with this system, you are comparing yourself! You are fighting with yourself!

The entire calibration process is actually very simple. Bind the phone and follow the instructions above to exercise . .

This figure is the specific process of binding Core . I was binding the charging cradle at the time of writing the assessment. In actual use, it should be bound to the Core. . The process is exactly the same ~~

After you finish binding, you can start initial calibration ! Specific operation process can watch this video, very detailed! Video portal! !

After the calibration is complete, you can start exercising! ! At this time all your exercises can be displayed by contrast. .

The red shows the position of the force, if your movement is not standard it can be seen at a glance!

Here is simple to upload two videos for you ( respectively, dumbbell bench press and straight back pull down two common fitness moves ) , for everyone to refer to. The following is a real action shot , the above is the position analysis of muscle force , at a glance, very clear. . Even senior professional coaches feel that this can clearly see the standard of action or not!

At the same time, Body+'s data analysis function summarizes and analyzes each user's training, and generates a unique analysis report for cardiopulmonary functions (including heart rate, breathing, etc.) and muscle activation levels , presenting your training results graphically .

Of course, the above is only the case of the normal body + body , so far, Body + coaches , specifically designed for fitness trainers , its function is more professional, more scientific analysis. Online appointments, on-line training programs for trainees, guide trainees to practice movements, view trainee practice status online, analyze assessment reports based on videos, and more. This content, I am not familiar with, do not do too much introduction! Dedicated and professional value-friends can pay attention to the study and give everyone an introduction!

Lu contrast

Now online is popular saying: There is no harm without comparison! It is reasonable to say that the vast majority of human suffering is often compared with others (most of which may still be meaningless comparisons) . However, since it is doing evaluation , it is necessary to have a horizontal comparison of similar products .

Based on some of the products that were previously known as smart clothes , there are some products that are too low . Don't ask me how I knew it. I've been following this industry, okay? ! ! For example, before there was a so-called smart clothing in China , its data collection (in fact, just the rate of heart rate measurement ) used the lowest electrode acquisition method , and that electrode was a disposable medical electrode, and each time it was used up Replacement, so the use of high cost. No name is given here. Which one is your own mind!

This comparison is out of the famous ATHOS smart fitness clothing ! I used to have sea ​​recommended ! This is the beginning of crowdfunding of 12.2 million US dollars, and at the end of last year had just got C financing 35.50 million US dollars of products . .

Their design poster. .

The physical thing in my hand. .

Also located on the chest of the data processor bayonet. .

Look more carefully. . The core processor is fixed by a circle of soft glue ~~

Back data acquisition chip design. .

All of them are relatively hard colloidal materials, and they always feel awkward to wear. . I feel so flustered. .

Wear the effect on the body. .

After repeatedly wearing the Athos and Body+ contrast smart gym outfits, I have the following feelings :

1. The design concept and product positioning are basically the same . All are built-in sensors in the product to detect the user's heart rate, respiratory rate and muscle activity .

2. The data collection looks similar, but the difference is quite large. The difference is that the sensor material used by Athos is a conductive rubber . This material has a very high impedance and affects the accuracy of data measurement . At the same time, it is not skin-friendly, wears very awkward and has poor comfort, and Body+ uses it with clothing. The same material of the flexible conductive fabric sensor , the accuracy greatly improved , and very comfortable to wear!

3. There are also significant differences in usage . Athos does not require calibration. You can simply put it on. Although it simplifies the use process, it actually means that you have not collected the user's raw data . You can only see muscle movements. There is no comparison reference data ! ! The Body+ is more complex when used at the very beginning, but it is equivalent to collecting the user's most original data . In the later exercise and exercise process, there is reference data. You can know whether you are progressing or declining, and how much you have progressed and how much you have regressed. ! !

4, APP operation interface . The two products are similar, except that Athos is an English version of the APP because designers and developers and most of the users are European and American , and it seems to only support the iOS system (so far) . This is for the domestic consumer groups. A lot of fitness terminology is also a big test; Body+ is a Chinese interface , and the operation is very easy to use. It is also very simple to analyze the data. But the problem is that the APP side is not currently very friendly to the iOS system . .

5, APP version. As far as I know, Athos only has an ordinary user end , which is suitable for fitness enthusiasts to practice their own skills. The Body+ has ordinary user-ends and professional coaches , which are aimed at different groups of people and solve professional pain points more professionally!

6, the price. I can only say that it is not cheap! ! Athos's official website sells shirts and trousers at a price of 299 knives (in view of the fact that in the past few days they cannot open their official website, the figure may be different ) , accounting for approximately RMB 3,964 (August 5 exchange rate), and the official website sells only For the United States home address! Chinese people want to buy is still very troublesome; and Body + as a representative of domestic smart clothes, the current price is 3588 yuan in the Beijing East crowd , the national package. (I can say a few words on behalf of the broad masses of the people. Can they be a little cheaper? )


In my understanding and understanding, Body+ is the first set of mature intelligent fitness clothing made in China. Whether it is in product design or ecological design, it is far higher than other similar products, but this does not mean that Body+ is already perfect. It also has some of its own problems.

For example, the instructions were messy and I was totally confused. The reason why I can use them well is based on my familiarity with such products. .

For example, if we design an Android client and an iOS client on an equal footing, it will make everyone happy to play. .

For example, wear and tear are a bit arduous , especially wearing, often stuck in the armpit position . . (Hey, this classmate, don't laugh, don't you try to wear it?!)

For example, the price is a bit high, and I know that good things are definitely not cheap, but if you can offer more, buy more people. In fact, the profits will be the same, or even more. .

All in all, Body+ is the best product to make up for the lack of intelligent fitness clothes in China. Do not miss out on early adopters! !  

the above! !

Speaker Boxes

Speaker box:

Speaker boxes are a kind of speakers which have a box with a speaker unit inside and external wires, they are completed speaker modules. The boxes of the speakers are used for eliminating the acoustic short circuit, restraining the resonance, and widening the frequency response range of the speakers. Speaker boxes have loud sound, wide frequency response range, rich bass and low distortion. These speakers are widely used for digital audio, car audio and robots-

Our speaker boxes include:

1) From power output, we have speakers boxes in 3W ~ 10W.

2) From working principle, we have sealed, vented and reflective speaker boxes.

speakers box

speakers box

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XDEC: 2000pcs for one model.
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XDEC: 20 days for normal orders, 15 days for urgent orders.
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XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram.
Q4. Can you offer samples for testing?
XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples.
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XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

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