July 27, 2021

Millet VR box toy version experience: 3 minutes 1GB video look down

Xiaomi just released a toy version of the VR box last week. The immersive sense (public number vrleiphone) Xiaobian borrowed one to play today. This price of 49 yuan, 8 hours 1 yuan an estimated amount of more than one million products in the end is not fun, the following to tell you by Xiao Bian.

Hardware: A Clothed Cardboard

Although this millet VR box played a lot of new tricks, such as zipper design, lycra cotton material, and a variety of fancy graphics, but it is actually a cardboard version of the cardboard, and paper or plastic version is not Substantial differences.

Fortunately, unlike some companies that have invested a lot of resources in packaging a Cardboard, Xiaomi directly said that it was a toy and did not develop a cloth for it.

The design of this product is also very respectful for Cardboard, first of all it did not make a lot of field of view, the official said FOV not less than 93 degrees, compared to the Gear VR is 96 degrees (the latest version of 101 degrees); Taken out is not equipped with straps, in line with the positioning of mobile VR light experience; operation and Cardboard II also has a button in the upper right corner.

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As for the experience, in view of the need to frequently take out the mobile phone to operate, the zipper design personally feels that there is no easy buckle; the material of the cloth is more comfortable than the Cardboard, but there is no comforter; if the heat is dissipating, like other Cardboards, the mobile phone can still generate heat. heat.

Experience: Will you faint? of course

For the VR experience, the most user-focused point is whether it will faint, and for this product, Xiaobian can tell you very clearly: will faint. If you play Cardboard, it will faint. It is the same.

In fact, Xiaomi did not evade this point. Instead, he explicitly told the user to pay attention to dizziness. In the product instructions to write such tips:

Health reminder: Experiencing virtual reality may produce a feeling similar to motion sickness (invalid for eating motion sickness pills), depending on your physical condition.

In addition, when you switch to VR split screen mode in Xiaomi VR app (download address), there will be a reminder as shown below.

In order to reduce the vertigo experience, Xiaomi reminds the user to “try to avoid turning the head quickly to reduce dizziness; please use it according to your physical condition; do not use under 13 years old children”. In the actual experience, the rapid turn of the head does bring a sense of vertigo (the Xiaobian's inserted cell phone is Xiaomi 4). Xiao Bian believes that every Cardboard product should be added a similar reminder.

Millet VR app provides a VR interface, see above; there is also a cinema mode, as shown in the figure below, for viewing non-panoramic video in large screen mode in VR interface. The actual experience, the theater mode does have a big screen feeling, but because the resolution is not high, the screen feels not delicate enough.

Content: 3 minutes of 1GB video looks down

The most important thing for the Xiaomi VR product itself is not the box, but the VR app and the above aggregated content.

Content, Xiaomi mainly provides panoramic video and applications, but also video-based, which is also in line with the positioning of Cardboard - watching just fine, basically difficult to play VR games. At present, there are few videos and applications, but due to the screening of millet, the quality still has certain checks.

The VR video download is provided in the app, and it can also be played directly online. It is only a small series that the quality of a good video length is only about 3 minutes, but the size is more than 1GB, which is similar to the size of an ordinary movie, and the movie is 2 hours. For a mobile phone with only 16GB of storage, it is estimated that there is no more than one hour of VR video. Users who want to install more content or prepare a bigger memory card.

to sum up

This product is really just a toy. It can be used to look at VR clips at most, and you can't turn your head too fast. If you want a slightly better VR experience, just take the 49 yuan to experience the shop offline. For Xiao Bai, if you just want to taste something, you just need 49.

You can take the other box to see the contents of Xiaomi VR, you can also take Xiaomi VR box to see other VR content. The most important part of this product is probably to reflect the strength of Xiaomi's brand and channel, allowing VR to reach a wider audience.

If you want a better personal device, you can wait for the next release of a mill VR box more like Gear VR, provided that you are a flagship user of Xiaomi.

PS. Lei Feng network (search "Lei Feng network" public number attention) trial channel on the line millet VR box toy version, apply please poke here

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