September 21, 2021

Professional designer decorating how to select lamps

Professional designer decorating how to select lamps

After many years of development, LED lamps of major brands have entered a mature and stable stage. Even the price is not far from the traditional power-saving light bulbs. The most basic LED light bulbs are found for about 100 yuan, and compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lights have more features such as low temperature and power saving, no UV, no blue light, high stability, long life, etc., and their competitiveness is greatly increased. What are the benefits of LED lamps? How should we choose? We interview with designers. Zhang Xinxin explained it to everyone one by one. At the same time, the designer also reminded everyone that if you want to compare the life of various types of bulbs, you should use “time in real use” or “number of switches” to calculate, and if you want to compare prices, you have to Use the same number of flats as the benchmark.

Five Advantages! Benefits of Indoor Decoration LED Lighting

1. The LED lamp is more energy-efficient and energy-saving than traditional energy-saving bulbs, and it will not overheat. Even if you turn on the lights indoors in the summer, you won't feel hot.

2. General fluorescent lamps are equipped with ultraviolet light, prolonged exposure will make the skin dark, aging, and easy to attract mosquitoes, LED lights do not have such problems.

3. Good quality LED lamps will be completely filtered out of the blue light by coating excellent fluorescent agent, long-term use more eye protection.

4. The stability of the LED lamp is high, and it is not easy to occur such as the failure of the conventional light bulb, flickering or changes in the light color.

5. Due to the large number of parts of traditional light bulbs, failure of a small part must be completely replaced. The average life of each bulb is only one to two years; under the normal use conditions, one bulb can use about five to five LEDs. In six years, it is more durable than traditional light bulbs.

The basic sign of the light bulb, do you understand?

When purchasing a light bulb, you should first identify the CNS certification mark and inspection certificate number. The mark and the certificate number are clearly marked as the genuinely certified safety light bulb; in addition, the package will also have Watts (W), The values ​​of lumens (lm), voltage (V), color temperature (K), and light decay speed (F) are among the most important. The watts representing the power consumption, the lumens representing the brightness, and the color temperature with the most influence on the style are most needed for priority confirmation. Designers intimate reminder: the higher the wattage the more power consumption, the higher the number of lumens the light is more bright, the higher the color temperature is, the lighter the color is (about 5000K is the color of sunlight).

The key inspection items include temperature and humidity testing, mechanical strength, flame resistance test of insulating materials, bio-optical safety, electromagnetic interference, harmonic distortion, surge protection, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, and longevity.

Before buying LED lights, confirm the space size, height and style

Different space environments each have different light requirements. First, the required bulb brightness and quantity should be selected based on the size of the floor space. If the interior space has a particular height, this condition must be taken into consideration. The second is to consider the space style and the use of functions. In terms of style, the living room, bedroom, and dining table that need to create a warm atmosphere can use the warm yellow light, while the clear and bright working space is required, then the white light can be selected. However, designers still stressed that the choice of lamps and lanterns does not have a certain norm. For example, in foreign countries, multi-stand lights and corner lights are often used in interior spaces to replace ceiling lamps. In Taiwan, most families still prefer whole houses. Because of the bright feeling, it is still mostly headlights on the ceiling. It is suggested that everyone should choose according to the habits and needs of individuals.

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