September 21, 2021

2016 TIGA Finalist Announces 5 VR Games Selected

The annual TIGA Game Awards Competition is already the fifth year this year. The TIGA Game Awards Organizing Committee recently announced the final list of games to be finalized. Among them, five well-known VR games are impressively ranked.

The five VR games nominated this time were nDreams' The Assembly, Tammeka Games's "Radial-G: Racing Revolved," and Cloudhead Games' "Gallery Chapter 1: Star Calls." ”, Unseen Diplomacy by Triangular Pixels and Pierhead Arcade by Mechabit.

It is reported that "Archives" has won nominations such as best creative games, best start-up games and best original games. "Gallery Chapter 1: Call of the Star", "Invisible Agent" and "Assembly" are also nominated for the Best Start-up Game Award. The "Old Pier Arcade Room" was nominated for the best small studio game. "High-Gravity Racing" has been nominated for the best racing game.

According to VR Daily, the final winners of this competition will be officially announced on November 10 in the UK.

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