September 21, 2021

[playing method] old teacher teach you to quickly drop school sister away single university campus

Wen/Zhou Shuo

The blink of an eye is another small holiday of eleven small days. Every time this time, campuses, classrooms, canteens, libraries, and circle of friends will surely be shown with good love by all kinds of couples. The solemn people in the university will ask you far. What are the feelings of looking for a sweet world? Are you hot and spicy?

You know, every day with so many elder sisters and school girls passing by, this is a university, ah, no less than one or two thousand people's "If You Are the One", how can you not find it?

The university without love is regretted for life. Who says this, truth!

Do you say that you are ugly and won't dress? The picture is given to you, and I don't speak myself.

Not only that, but more seriously, this incident is endless. As soon as you graduate, you will find that the circle after work is much smaller than when you were at school. It takes a long time for the Lord to have the Lord, and the family's seven aunts and grandfathers immediately begin to care about when you get married. What should you do when it arrives? Dirty lights, looking up at 45 degrees. How about watching a small book every single year?

No, we have to say no! Brother taught you to take off your single sister quickly at the university.

No time to explain, get on the train!

In fact, you are talking about sisters. You should still start from the inner needs of your sister. Imagine if you could learn how to be moved by your elder sister school sister in your own school. This is the right way. As soon as you come in, you will be forced to say good things. The words will be frivolous to your sisters. Unless you are long like Wu Yifan and Johnny Depp, be careful to learn that your elder sister Xuemei will directly call you a rogue.

As the saying goes, it is an effective way to make a girl enamored. As a sister artifact, I have to mention the guitar here. Playing a good guitar is definitely one of the hundreds of sisters. So, on campus you can consider buying a guitar. Even if you take half the time to practice LOL and work hard, there is no problem at all, and you unlock this sisterhood technique.

Of course, there are many kinds of guitars. As an old driver here, we strongly recommend the Martin Martin DRS2 all-in-one electric box piano to a budget-minded little brother. The friends who know Qin are familiar with Martin. The brand was founded in 1833. For 183 years, Martin's acoustic guitar is known all over the world. DRS2 is a standard 41-inch D-type violin produced in Mexico. Although it is not produced in the United States, it is rich in materials and craftsmanship. The panel is made of Canadian spruce veneer, back and side panels are Sapele veneers, fingerboards. Partially adopted is Martin's new ultra-hard Black Richlite (mixed ebony) in recent years. The matte surface is treated with a matte spray, making it look low-key, yet restrained and delicate.

As the Martin single board piano that all guitarists dream of, the DRS2 is one of the cheapest Martin all-in-one pianos, and it is the most cost-effective. It has a balanced sound and full bass. Also with the FISHMAN pickups, it eliminates the user's subsequent digital creation investment. It can be said that once you decide to practice or even become a master, you don't need to change the piano for a guitar career. A DRS2 can be with you for almost a lifetime.

The price of a good piano is also very expensive, the market price of 6800 yuan (about 800 US dollars in the US market does not include tax). For the vast majority of poor students, there is still a certain threshold.

Of course, if you are like me when I was in school, but the ordinary poor students are not well-off, then buying an entry-level 300-500 yuan more handy triad piano is also possible. After all, my sisters certainly do not know which is a good piano. Some time. But for the 300-500 yuan guitar, my advice is not to be superstitious brand, do not buy online, it is best to bring a friend who knows Qin to go to the store to get a touch. 400 yuan I actually helped people to buy a very comfortable piano, used for getting started is very good.

It is not difficult to practice guitar. If you study yourself, it will take almost one or two months. There may be faster driving with the old driver with regular practice every day. Once the ordinary C, G, Dm, Am, Em, and E chords are mastered, go out and cheat. Cheats on elementary school girls are enough.

What do you say you don’t learn guitar at all? Is it hard for anyone to teach? This is not a thing. As the saying goes, "As long as the kung fu is deep, the iron shank becomes a pin."

Perhaps this Geek smart guitar can help you, remember to see this product for the first time at an exhibition last year. The guitar is integrated with fingering LED lights at the fingerboard. It will be arranged according to the different tracks on the App. It will display the corresponding fingerings. You can operate slowly without learning as long as you follow the instruction on the fingerboard. Pop up melody. Over time, you will be familiar with C, G, Dm, Am, Em, and E. These are the common habits of harmony.

Of course, the main smart function is that it is only a general plywood material in terms of material quality, and the cost of the body is probably a few hundred yuan. Its greatest function is still to help you complete the guitar entry, effective use.

what? Did you say this guitar looks indecent? Can not, this is the tang of the Tang Dynasty band guitarist Ding Yin, Tencent digital strongly recommended! Of course, when Geek guitar sees this portrait of me, it gives us an ad, or can borrow a product to let me experience it. Maybe I can say something deeper.

In the other case, if you were actually an old driver who was a guitar sister when you were in high school, you had good guitar skills and you were struggling to take a big guitar in school and it was not convenient to carry it in a secluded place. Show, or you want a person in the dorm room, no noise, no harm to the public's own mix, make use of the university's adequate time, make a name for music. Perhaps the following ultra-portable guy will be your dish.

Now, someone started a crowdfunding digital simulation guitar named Jamstik Plus on Indiegogo. Jamstik Plus can be connected to iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Android smartphones to interactively simulate guitar playing through various music apps.

Both beginners and professionals can experience different pleasures from Jamstik Plus.

It is important that you can walk around with it and even practice in the classroom. Arranging music will not disturb other students. The generated tracks can be directly imported into mobile devices to form digital audio for editing. This product has not yet been sold in China for the time being. Interested people can only go to Indiegogo to find out.

I have always felt that four years in the university is one of the few abundant times in life. You can think about life and you can use this time to learn a craft.

As long as oneself is improved, it is only good and not bad that it will not only add to your current life, but also add to your future life. Of course, self-cultivation and temperament increase, self-confidence will also increase. If you can carry yourselves, there will not be so many purposeful ways to reach your favorite sister and achieve a happy marriage. It would be even more perfect.

In my opinion, carpentry is an art, painting and playing musical instruments. If you say that more is to cultivate yourself, then carpentry art is a palm art that enriches life. I am now coming to this age. It will take more time and effort to make up for what I like. It is difficult to achieve a balance with work. Therefore, I hope that you will miss this opportunity in your youth.

If you are very fond of hands, like to make some small things to please yourself, then look at this book. This book can be said to be the most classic tutorial for carpenters. You don't have to worry about whether you have a foundation. More than 1,000 color pictures and step-by-step texts in the book can help you learn tips and tricks, and even make interesting finished products.

What is the most concerned about the sisters? Take heart! Sending flowers is really too boring!

Even if you don't have the same feeling of caring for woodworking as me and the ideal of becoming a woodworking master, you can use it to make many interesting and expensive small items. Personally make these cute gadgets for sister, I asked your favorite sister will not move? Is there any simple and kind girl who doesn’t fall down on you?

When it comes to walking, I have to mention eating, drinking and drinking. For most sisters, eating and drinking are undoubtedly things that can touch their taste buds and even their souls. In the purely learning + living environment of the university, in fact, it is easy for sisters to meet. Touching them actually doesn't require much fancy sister skills.

For example, you can set a small goal first... Of course, it does not mean that you must earn it one million. About her favorite sister came out and gave her a cup of coffee.

If the venue conditions permit, you can discuss with the owner of the coffee shop to borrow high-end equipment in his store (such as the Italian imported coffee machine priced at 4,000 yuan above) and follow the boss to learn both hands and things.

If conditions do not permit it, or if you are uncomfortable, consider buying an inexpensive coffee machine. For example, the Philips of this figure can afford only 199 yuan even if it is a poor student.

If it is a relatively large budget, nine positive tastes of this kind of 12 keys that can be easily washed out. With a simple beater, chocolate sauce or something, according to the online tutorial to learn a pull flower, you can easily create the desired coffee. The complicated tricks may not work, but simple cappuccinos and mochas are easy to fix.

The important thing is that you can enjoy a cup of tasting and tasting yourself when you want to enjoy a fortune in your dorm. The above picture is a Mocha made by myself in a certain year. You know the important time points. The flinging of flowers is a bit crippled. Please do not care about these details for thoughtful ginseng.

Say that the old driver taught you how to be sisters in college. After all, he still feels that time at the university is precious. Looking back, it's really valuable. Responding to yourself is still wasting too much time and not doing more meaningful things. So I only feel awkward. Actually, whether it's learning a guitar, grouping a band, practicing basketball, skateboarding, or carpentry, or learning to make coffee, it's not the ultimate goal. The goal is to know what you are interested in and really invest in it and improve yourself. To be such a person, no matter if it is love that attracts or life and work in the future, you will have more confidence and more enthusiasm for a better life. This kind of university life is not just learning but leaving regrets.

Thank you for reading this play, sprinkle flowers, we will see you next time!

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