October 27, 2021

Inventory: Global industry giants teamed up to deploy IoT to seize the opportunity

In terms of intelligent manufacturing, it is not only the depth and depth of the five layers of the field equipment layer, control layer, information layer, enterprise management, and cloud, but also the parties in the industrial control circle have joined forces to make the IoT market cake. Be big, and deepen the application of the vertical fields to seize a place.

From IT to ICT to IoT, the development of information technology has made people look forward to smart life. Cisco predicts that the global Internet of Things will reach $8 trillion in the next 10 years; Gartner predicts that by 2020, the number of IoT devices used worldwide will exceed 20 billion. Everything is connected. If you say that you are still painting a big cake, now people from all walks of life are now starting to make cakes.

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Inventory: Global industry giants join forces to deploy IoT to seize the opportunities_Intelligent Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things
Inventory: Global industry giants teamed up to deploy IoT development opportunities
In the era of the Internet of Things, the potential for the release of the Internet of Things will be through the synergy between industries, the development of common standards, and the integration of multi-party cross-border solutions in the application end. The so-called single-wood is not a forest, the development of the Internet of Things project is a huge project, any company wants to develop a comprehensive Internet of Things system is very difficult. As a result, cooperation around the "Internet of Things" has been seen frequently.

+ Microsoft <br> <br> Siemens Siemens (Siemens) November 22 news release, the United States will work with Microsoft (Microsoft) Networking (IoT) was in the field of cooperation. From 2017, Siemens plans to provide its cloud services to Microsoft's main platform for analyzing big data collected by industrial equipment. By taking advantage of the convenience of its customers, Siemens is able to promote the optimization of its services and the use of software that contributes to productivity. After the cooperation, Siemens' IoT platform "MindSphere" will be able to be used through the Microsoft cloud platform "Azure".


In November, SAP and General Electric Digital announced that they will cooperate in the field of industrial IoT to achieve closer integration of GE's Predix operating system with SAPHANA CloudPlatform (SAPHANA Cloud Platform). The initial focus of the cooperation will be on the joint oil and gas customers, and will jointly develop standards and build a reference structure.

Honeywell + Fuchs <br> <br> Recently, Honeywell and the US Fox announced that the two companies will work together to provide industry Things (IIoT) solution for users to help them achieve safer, more efficient And reliable operation. This collaboration will be part of the Honeywell INspireTM project, a joint customer development project initiated by Honeywell for its industrial IoT ecosystem.

FANUC + Cisco + Rockwell Automation On November 2nd, FANUC and Cisco and Rockwell Automation jointly launched a joint project for FIELDsystem in China, realizing the intelligent interconnection of equipment in the factory and promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing. . FANUCIntelligentEdgelinkandDrive(FIELD)system enables the connection of machine tools, robots, peripherals and sensors in automated systems and provides advanced data analysis to improve production quality, efficiency, flexibility and equipment reliability in the production process – thereby increasing Equipment Integrated Efficiency (OEE) and promotes increased production profitability. At the same time, FIELDsystem also implements advanced machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

ABB+Microsoft On October 4th, ABB announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft to develop a next-generation digital solution based on the integrated cloud platform. It is reported that ABB's technical expertise and experience in many industries is combined with Microsoft's Azure intelligent cloud system and B2B engineering capabilities. The two parties will work together to expand the successful experience of customers in the business areas of ABB robots, ships and electric vehicles to other customer industries. It is also worth noting that Internet of Things expert GuidoJouret has served as the chief digital officer of ABB Group on October 1, 2016, further promoting the digital development of ABB's business.

GE+Huawei On July 20th, Huawei and GE jointly announced that they will establish a strategic partnership to accelerate the development of industrial IoT innovation applications and support the digital transformation of industrial customers. Through this collaboration, the two companies will be based on GE's innovative Predix Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) application platform and Huawei's leading IoT gateway, network controller, connectivity management platform, big data computing platform and other information and communication technologies (ICT) and infrastructure. Joint innovation, joint development, promotion and delivery of new industrial digital and automation solutions, and further accelerate the deployment and deployment of cloud-based industrial digital applications.

In 2015, there were 80 M&A cases in the Internet of Things field, setting a record. In 2016, this number will be refreshed. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things market, large companies are seriously considering a place in this field, considering adding/strengthening IoT-related technologies in existing product lines, such as data analysis, security, and communication platforms.

Qualcomm+NXP (NXP)

In October, Qualcomm officially announced the acquisition of NXP, the world's largest car chip maker, for $47 billion. The analysis believes that the main purpose of Qualcomm's acquisition of NXP is to make up for its shortcomings in the fields of Internet of Things and automotive electronics. Compared with Qualcomm, NXP has a lot of market value, but it is almost dominant in automotive electronics, especially in emerging fields such as Internet of Things and autonomous driving. With the support of NXP, Qualcomm wants to make a difference in the Internet of Things and autopilot, just around the corner.

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