November 27, 2021

Enjoy a fun video viewing feast 12 pairs of the most worth buying TV TOP5

This year's last e-commerce party has entered the countdown stage, compared to many people have already prepared a shopping cart, waiting for double 12 direct payment that day. But let's not worry, starting with a premium smart TV on the same day of the 12th is a fitting thing to do. At the same time, it can also enrich family entertainment, why not do it!

According to Xiao Bian, in this year's Double 11′s day, many people did not grab the favorite products, we do not worry, this time a lot of TV manufacturers have been fully stocked, for this year's double 12 carnival again to make full preparations.
Next Xiaobian will recommend several TVs worthy of purchase for this year's Double 12. The strength is Amway. Let's add a shopping cart!
TOP1 - Skyworth 55G7 (Click for details)
Reference price: 6999 yuan Recommended reason: high-end 4K + HDR, high with hardware, preferential efforts Skyworth dimension 55G7 is a 55-inch 4K TV, the appearance of the body with a champagne gold frame and pearl white back plate, so the color with A light luxury concept, with a sleek, minimalist style.

Skyworth 55G7 adopts the newly upgraded second-generation Dolby engine Geek Bar, supports Dolby DD and DTS decoding, the sound quality indicators are world-class, its sound retains the classic external design, while using a chocolate theme appearance and high-grade piano paint Process, great sense of high quality.
Skyworth 55G7 uses 4-color HDR technology. 4-color HDR is a high-end HDR technology developed by Skyworth and LG Display. It adds HDR algorithms for 4-color 4K screens to ordinary HDR, which surpasses ordinary HDR performance.

The total number of Skyworth 55G7 processors is as high as 25, which is the highest benchmark in the industry. However, this is not simply the pursuit of numbers. Unlike ordinary integrated computing methods, the G7 uses eight independent computing chips to perform their duties, making the various functions and effects reach their peaks. The power of speech is naturally understandable.
Skyworth 55G7 is equipped with the latest Coolopen 5.5 operating system, which will simplify the complex operation of traditional smart TVs and adapt to the various groups of young people. Compared with previous versions, the upgrade of Coolopen System 5.5 includes: a brand-new film and television center, a brand-new application circle, and a brand-new UI design. Both the visual and the experience are refreshing and natural.
Buy Skyworth 55G7 also presented a speaker and iQiyi TV VIP card, discount period from this year's double 12 last year to the next year's Yuanchun, the value of shopping to enjoy wood!
Edit Comment: Skyworth 55G7 is excellent from the appearance, hardware, picture quality and content. All the configurations belong to the high-end industry, and it is a very powerful high-end product.

TOP2——TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS (Click here for details)
Reference price: 9999 yuan Recommended reason: high-end quantum dots, high-quality picture quality, synchronous cinema TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS is a 55-inch quantum dot 4K surface Harman Kardon high color television, solid quality, thick appearance The semi-circular frame, the sturdy base, and the arched back give a strong, powerful and grand Romanesque impression.

TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS is a Quantum-dot TV, using Samsung's original imported screen, its quantum dot display technology by adding two kinds of quantum dot precision optical components, resulting in energy spectrum concentration, very pure high-quality red and green monochrome The light is mixed with part of the transmitted blue light to obtain white light. This achieves a 30% increase in color gamut coverage, a 60% increase in contrast, and a 45% increase in color uniformity.
The TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS is a 14-core true 64-bit processor with a frequency of up to 1.5G Hz. It is a smart TV custom processor produced by an international chip maker using a 28-nm process.

TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS uses Manhakadun surface acoustics, luxury-grade equipment, enthusiast-grade sound effects, and the famous Harman Kardon audio system to bring true on-the-spot shocking sound effects.
TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS is equipped with synchronous cinema. The resources in the platform are all movies within the period. Realize the same period of the cinema. Within two weeks after the film goes online, the video can be displayed synchronously on the screen and enjoy the fun of watching movies.
Editor Comments: TCL Q55H8800S-CUDS is a quantum dot TV, the price is relatively high, but the screen did not say, very good quality, but also online viewing synchro cinema, suitable for consumers to buy fever level.

TOP3 - Changhong 55Q3A (Click for details)
Reference price: 13,997 yuan Recommended reason: high-end OLED + HDR, UMAX theater Changhong 55Q3A equipped with a full metal frame, can effectively bear a very thin screen, to protect the screen body fit the visual curvature of man-machine, so thin as a flap, strong Such as rock. The back panel is made of natural wood with minimal screws. The frame is brushed with metal and low reflective light to provide a comfortable touch.

Changhong 55Q3A uses 6.4mm OLED vision volume, and resolution up to 3840*2160, 4K resolution global screen rendering, high reduction, high resolution.
Changhong 55Q3A supports HDR, provides more dynamic range and image details; at the same time, its high color gamut makes the picture more realistic and more beautiful in color, and more in line with human eye health and visual preferences.

Changhong 55Q3A uses a custom-grade 64-bit video processor with a built-in super-resolution SR engine. And equipped with professional-grade FRC processing chip, directly output 4K format, the picture is more clear and real.
Changhong 55Q3A introduced the UMAX cinema system, making UMAX a higher standard HDR. In order to further allow users to experience the benefits of HDR, Changhong has also set up an HDR film area exclusively with content operators. The viewing effect is comparable to the IMAX ultimate experience.
Editor Comments: Changhong 55Q3A whether from the appearance to the configuration or the quality of the picture is very fine, while the arc curved surface design allows for more comfortable viewing, it launched the UMAX theater system is also a product of additional points, adding a lot of content resources, The price is high, and it is more suitable for families with extreme demands on picture quality.

TOP4 - Millet 3S L55M5-AA (Click for details)
Reference price: 3699 yuan Recommended reason: 4K + HDR, massive content, cost-effective millet 3S L55M5-AA adopts one-piece design, frame, back, bracket a large number of time-old metal materials, and the use of complex metal wire drawing, double 45 ° Drilling, anodizing, and other processes outline beautiful lines and textures. The thinnest part of the fuselage is only 9.9mm.

Millet 3S L55M5-AA screen using LG original 4K IPS display, HDR high dynamic image technology support, static contrast 1200:1, display fine, natural full color.
The millet 3S L55M5-AA is equipped with an Amlogic T968 Cortex A53 quad-core 1.8GHz processor and integrates the Mali-T830 MP2 750MHz graphics processing unit with 2GB DDR3 dual channel memory and 8GB of storage.

Millet 3S L55M5-AA adapts to the new PatchWall puzzle wall UI interface. Its biggest feature is that all content resources are displayed in a high-definition image, and the flat interface design is also very simple and clean, even if there is a certain The viewing distance does not affect the retrieval of content because the words on the screen are not clearly visible.
In addition, Xiaomi TV not only reached content cooperation with iQiyi, but also collected content from the four major licensees of GITV, iCNTV (China Internet TV), China TV, and Mango TV.
Edit Comment: Millet 3S L55M5-AA's appearance is simple, stylish, configuration is also quite high, the screen shows the color delicate, full, content and resources are also very rich, cost-effective.

TOP5 - CAN still see W55 (Click for details)
Reference price: 4599 yuan Recommended reason: the quality of audio and video, human-computer interaction, cost-effective CAN still see W55 is a 55-inch true 4K TV, equipped with 9.8mm slim metal body, the screen uses RGB 4K soft screen, The resolution is up to 3840×2160 pixels, and the details of the picture are complete.

CAN still see W55 uses 2.4/5G dual-receive dual antenna built-in WIFI design, support 802.11b/g/n protocol, wide signal coverage, strong penetration, anti-jamming continuous line, peak transmission rate is ordinary WIFI 2 Times.
CAN still see W55 Built-in HiFi-class independent audio system, professional DSP audio processor, with ultra-cool sound.

The W55 is equipped with a voice smart remote controller that allows people to operate through voice commands and remove the buttons.
CANTV relies on the advantages of CIBN's Internet integrated broadcast control and content service platform, combined with years of deep accumulation of video content, and is committed to building PB massive comprehensive video content service platform. Movies, gatherings, events, Lives how, carousels.
Edit Comment: CAN still see W55 with high picture quality, high audio and high-speed network reception, while being able to carry out human-computer interaction, massive video for users to enjoy, is a very cost-effective products.

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