November 27, 2021

Magic Video 1.0 and Magic Video 2.0

A. Comparison of interface style and layout

Old interface: skin blue

Interface content section consists of: user, category, area, featured, movie, album, recommendation, live, mall, settings

New 2.0 interface: gray skin, more high-end atmosphere

Interface content section consists of: users, categories, featured, movies, albums, recommendations, live, mall, settings

two. Equipment compatibility optimization

The use of magic video 1.0 for some devices can not use the crash, etc., in the magic video 2.0 has made a lot of adjustments, can be compatible with many devices, so that the operation is more smooth.

three. Performance optimization

Caterpillar phenomenon has been optimized for some video sources to make viewing more smooth
Summary: The new version of Magic Video 2.0 is strong, and the new version brings a new visual feast to subversion beyond the old version. On the basis of the original function, the new version of the live broadcast on-demand response is faster and smoother. Also more humane, more compatible devices. Look forward to more and more magic!

Click to download Magic Video 2.0 directly

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