January 26, 2022

Red Army's exclusive custom PPTV65 TV evaluation

In the past two years, the demand for national fitness has continued to grow, and people’s enthusiasm for participating in and watching sports events has continued to rise. Sports is also considered to be the largest IP this year, causing many Internet companies to continue investing heavily in the acquisition of sports events’ copyrights. As the earliest domestic live broadcasting of sports events, PPTV has always devoted itself to the layout of high-end and vertical event content and the copyright of events. At the same time, it has cultivated a large number of Internet sports fans.

PPTV 65T2 Liverpool Custom Limited Edition TV

A loyal Premier League fan will not be content to just shout for the club during the game. The historical glory of the club is also necessary to support his beliefs. In order to meet the urgent needs of the broad masses of fans, as the official TV partner of the Liverpool Football Club China, PPTV has developed a customized version of the Liverpool TV event, information and entertainment - PPTV 65T2 Liverpool.

Creatively using a red body

From official sources, this TV is based on a deep customization of the Liverpool team, with a Liverpool red shell and team logo on the exterior, a splash screen with a Red Army theme, a custom-made UI UI for the Liverpool club, and an exclusive TV screen provided by Liverpool TV. Team news, event highlights, player dynamics, and other team-exclusive video content that is rarely seen elsewhere. In other words, as long as the TV is turned on, all information about Liverpool can be presented to the fans.

From the hardware configuration point of view, this 65T2 TV is equipped with a 65-inch LG IPS hard screen, 4-core Mstar-6A928 CPU and 4-core Mail-760 GPU, in order to meet the user watching the game and some high-speed motion picture, using MEMC Dynamic compensation technology to effectively solve the phenomenon of screen smearing. It is worth mentioning that this TV is limited to 5,000 units worldwide, each with its own unique limited number. Today it came to Zhongguancun online home appliance evaluation room, let us take a look at how it's performance in the end.

●Appearance: High-value Liverpool

The most eye-catching part of the TV is the appearance. In order to cater to the Red Army's red tone, the entire design concept is based on the Liverpool team. The entire body uses the red and black colors that are very rare on the market, and the back is huge. The Liverpool logo, also with a limited edition logo, made this television a "collectible" worthy of the fans. Imagine how exciting it is to watch such a television game full of red passion.

Overall appearance of PPTV 65T2

The front bar is equipped with a front sound bar to support DTS & DOLBY, which greatly enhances the fans' viewing experience. A unique aerospace aluminum wire mesh process is used and aluminum is sandblasted. With scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature characteristics.

Liverpool emblem and limited number

PPTV 65T2 base

Ultra-thin body thickness

The overall appearance of the back of the body

Interface section

PPTV 65T2 remote control

In general, this PPTV Liverpool customized TV 65T2 really shines in the appearance, the machine integrates Liverpool custom concept, the back of the fuselage bold use of Liverpool's iconic red, passion and vitality back huge The Liverpool team logo, the team logo embedded on the sound guide board and the global limited edition logo also give people a sense of luxury and luxury.

● Customized Liverpool feature with fans Anfield Anfield

As a custom-built version of the Liverpool TV, the boot animation illustrates the 30 years of passionate battle history of the Liverpool football team from 1980 to 2010. The system's homepage interface includes the “Smoke Smoke Anfield” section, which includes the KOP stand and the May The five Liverpool special custom content, exclusive video content and player interview materials of Woolwood, KOP House, Glory Moment, Red Army Legend, and the player's appearance under the stadium are all included, allowing the fans to appreciate the performance of the players at the same time and further experience The personality of the players and the uniqueness of the Liverpool Club interior.

Liverpool Custom Channel

Tribute to Gerald

People will not forget the Istanbul miracle. Milan led Liverpool 3-0 at halftime, but Gerrard and his Red Army's dictionary never gave up on the word. In 6 minutes, Liverpool even chased three goals, and at the point Reversal wins in the game of the ball. This is the greatest miracle in football history. No matter how many times this game is reviewed, there are still tears in everyone's hearts.

Smokefield Anfield

In this age of lack of faith, those who adhere to their beliefs are worthy of tears, just like the song of eternal songs sung by Anfield. No matter how far you go, no matter how long the past is, "you will never walk alone." KOP sings happily, sharing their joy in the colorful ribbons at their highest point. The heavens and the earth at that time were under their control, and they were fixed for a long time and they had become the era of the Red Army.

Sports interface

In addition to the Liverpool team’s exclusive content and video resources, this TV also contains a wealth of sports events. As a leading live sporting event platform in the country, Joli Media, which has been cultivating years of sports events in the field of copyright, has already won La Liga. , Netherlands, Russia Super League, Champions League, Super League and other major domestic and international top-level competitions.

Rich sports events resources

Juli Media spent 250 million euros (equivalent to 2 billion yuan) to own exclusive media rights for La Liga in China for five consecutive years. As a solemn tournament for PPTV buyouts, the Spanish Football First Division, in commentary, and If quality of broadcast quality is not enough, it will also be difficult for users to favor. To this end, Juli Sports employs domestic famous football commentaries such as Yi Chen, Liu Yue and Shen Fangjian. In addition to the accumulation of some normal resources, the company continued to exert its efforts in innovation in the format industry, and expanded the sports IP in multidimensional content to better maintain the existing audience and compete for potential audiences.

● System: "Red Army" exclusive custom UI

PPTV 65T2 is based on the depth-customized "cross-interactive" PPOS operating system of Android. Based on this, it also customized the Liverpool theme UI for the fans, abandoning the traditional multi-level operation interface, and making the operation experience more smooth. The system UI interface is adopted. The up and down and left and right cross operation methods also achieved the shortest route and highest efficiency, eliminating unnecessary operations. At the same time, they also put the Liverpool plate into them, providing team news, event highlights, player dynamics, etc. The exclusive video content of the team that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Red Army exclusive custom UI

PPTV TV original PPOS cross interactive interface, this model uses "horizontal" as the main, "longitudinal" as the auxiliary mode of performance, horizontal mainly to provide search, mine, Liverpool plate, signal source, VIP enjoyment, movies, drama, variety, Labels such as animation, sports, music, shopping, and settings will appear in each tab in the vertical list of small categories, in terms of practicality, it is still greatly facilitate the user's search needs.

System settings

Image settings

advanced settings

In the advanced settings of the system, dynamic contrast, dynamic backlight, noise reduction, and MEMC dynamic compensation are added, and the user can adjust according to the viewing content.

Sound settings

The operating system is also very careful in designing sounds. Apart from the custom mode, it also includes news, music, and movie modes. The news mode weakens the ambient sound, and can listen to the dialogue while being quiet. Use at night. The theater mode enhances the sound quality and enhances the surround sound, resulting in a more shocking presence. The PPOS system for sound adjustment provides users with rich and personalized settings to meet different usage needs.

Mobile TV Internet

PPTV remote control can realize the interconnection between mobile phone and TV. By scanning the QR code, it can be downloaded, covering multi-screen intelligent control, TV application push and voice remote control. The APP homepage is equivalent to the navigation of the homepage of the TV interface. It can realize intelligent response and linkage with the PPOS system, just like putting a PPTV TV into the mobile phone. The function of managing the application on the television by installing, opening, updating, and uninstalling the mobile phone is realized, which is more convenient, faster, and more effective than the conventional remote controller.

● Film and Television: CIBN + PPTV rich resources

Of course, you are not alone watching TV. As a living room entertainment center, this PPTV Liverpool customized TV 65T2 also has rich video resources. PPTV uses China International Broadcasting Corporation (CIBN) Internet TV licensees and adds its own Content, covering film and television, variety shows, anime, documentaries, games, education and other massive exciting content, including a total of more than 4,500 television dramas, the total length of time: 6833.3 hours, weekly update 36.7 hours. The total film volume is about 2500, the total length of time is 46,000 hours, and the weekly update is about 80 hours. In addition, the total animation volume: 3500 or more, the total duration of 10,000 hours, including more than 200 new Fan series, is the most popular domestic drama content resources one of the most powerful platform.

Movie interface

Popular movie "Bounty Hunter"

TV show interface

Hot TV series "Rouge"

Through the actual playing test of several films and television dramas, this TV is superior in terms of film and video source clarity. Basically, each piece of work has super-clear and even blue-ray film sources. The viewing process is very smooth and there is no obvious Caton. The video experience is very fun. In terms of picture quality, it can be seen from the above several pictures that the definition of the film and television drama is relatively high and the color is natural.

TV shopping

The Suning Tesco platform was implanted into the TV. The remote control was equipped with a shopping button to provide direct access. Make shopping faster and easier, opening a new era of big screen shopping. The actual experience, browsing the items, the big screen display is very fun, is not comparable to mobile phones or computers.

Application Center covers a wide range of resources such as video, games, and software

CIBN Poly Sports

CIBN Poly Sports

We have downloaded a large-screen PPTV TV application, CIBN Sports, which involves more than 20 kinds of events. In addition to the exclusive live broadcasting of the exclusive La Liga, WWE, UFC, and other high-quality events, it also brings information and exciting content for major sports fans to surrounding events. One of the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, Super League, WWE, UFC and other events are covered, and content is also very rich.

● Local UHD image and video test

In terms of picture quality, this TV uses LG's original four-color 4K screen with a resolution of up to 3840*2160, which is four times the normal 1080P resolution. Using WRGB four-color not only improves the brightness of the screen, but also reduces power consumption. It will affect the clarity of the picture quality. With IPS hard screen, the viewing angle reached 178 degrees, so you don't have to sit on the side of the audience watching the game when your friends are watching.

Local UHD image test

Local UHD image test

As can be seen from the figure, the overall picture quality of this TV is still good, the entire tone control is in place, the color is more real, the second picture can also see that the processing of bright and dark details is still good, the details of the shadow are not complete disappear. (Because there is a certain difference between the shooting result and the actual effect, the above real shot diagram is for reference only)

Local 4K video test

Innovative use of MEMC motion image processing technology, using a dynamic video system, to increase the 50/60Hz refresh rate of ordinary flat-panel TVs to 100/120Hz, eliminating the possible step-like contours in motion jitter, motion tailing, and motion The four aspects of enhanced clarity have excellent performance and can provide the fans with the clearest and smoothest viewing experience.

Local 4K video test

The TV chip adopts the Mstar 6A928.4 core CPU. It also has a 4-core GPU that allows the TV to have super decoding capabilities, with 2GB of flash memory and 32GB of flash memory. It also supports H.265 decoding. After the actual 4K video test, no stalling or decoding could occur. The facial details of the characters are very clear, and they are more precise and over-natural in color.

● written in the last:

As Liverpool's exclusive custom TV, through a series of evaluations, red and black colors, Liverpool logo, limited nameplate label, the unique Liverpool army theme, let the author all feel the exclusivity of Liverpool, and Liverpool Content is even more exclusive content such as team news, event highlights, and player dynamics. Fans can choose their favorite racing inventory videos or wonderful tactics to interpret, so that fans can find their favorite racing resources in the most efficient way.

This is a high-value, "story-rich" TV. It is not just a matter of superficiality. It seeks a pure and thorough Liverpool atmosphere. From hardware to software, it is a distinct element of Liverpool from the inside out. What you are waiting for as a KOP, with such a ball watching artifact, will be able to feel the Liverpool-like experience.

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