November 27, 2021

Guo Taiming's anti-Hanmeng encounter LG will provide a panel for Samsung

The latest news on January 12, 2017, LG Display tends to lend a helping hand to Samsung, hoping to resolve Samsung's risk of being out of stock by Sharp. However, due to the fact that the specifications, quantity and delivery date of the panel have not yet been completed, the two parties still need further consultation.

According to the Korean media ETnews. According to com, LGD believes that determining the scale of supply is critical because LCD panels are currently out of stock, and most LGD production capacity has been set by customers. If LGD cannot increase production, it must divert existing production capacity, but this may lead to opposition from old customers.

LGD is also considering the use of small and medium-sized panel factories, but the difficulty is high and small panel customers may also oppose. In any case, LGD is currently trying to do everything possible to provide the number of panels Samsung needs.

The LGD panel uses IPS (In-Plane Switching), while Samsung uses VerTIcal Alignment. Due to the different technologies, there are many technical and design differences to be overcome, and additional investment is required. Industry personnel believe that if the two sides finally negotiated, the probability of long-term cooperation is very high, which may be unexpected for Guo Dong.

Distressed Guo Taiming

On December 15, 2016, Guo Taiming shelled Samsung, saying that it would block Sharp's panel supply to Samsung by doubling the purchase price, and then suppress Samsung's unhealthy competition in the panel market. There are also many investment institutions that believe that although Guo Taiming’s move is too fierce, it would be a good thing to be able to move down Samsung’s current status.

In January 2017, Guo Taiming frequently proposed anti-Korean alliances to stop the monopoly of Korean manufacturers such as Samsung and LGD in the panel market. However, according to the current trend, Korean manufacturers will still dominate the OLED panel market in the next five years.

One is that LGD has mastered the prototype of OLED TV panels, and the other is that Samsung has patents on small OLED panels and has invested heavily. In 2017, Samsung won a large order for the iPhone OLED panel, directly increasing its shipments by 450%. Even Hon Hai, BOE, and Innolux have increased their investment in OLEDs, but the equipment of these core manufacturers is still inferior to Korean manufacturers. Therefore, the actual effect will not be seen until at least 2019.

Not only capacity, but also technically difficult to catch up with Korean manufacturers. Kim Hyun Jae, a professor of electrical engineering at Yonsei University, believes that it takes at least four years for Chinese manufacturers to develop OLEDs to catch up with the current level of Korean manufacturers. Because Japanese manufacturers are too small, it is difficult to survive the OLED panel competition.

95% of mobile phones on the market use Samsung OLED panels, and Guo Taiming’s anti-Korean road has also been blocked by OEMs. Mobile phone manufacturers believe that this approach by Guo Taiming is likely to break their supply chain between OLED panels. Even emerging Internet mobile phone manufacturers cannot change the traditional system in the production process. So they all want to maintain the existing stable structure.

Intersection in 2017

In fact, if you pay attention to Samsung, you will find that no matter what kind of things can not stop their footsteps. The explosion of mobile phones is also good. Prince Li’s enthusiasm is involved in political disputes. Many Chinese new media have questioned this point. In fact, this is the advantage of traditional manufacturers. The pattern between the supply side and the demand side comes from the connections and relationships accumulated by the older generation.

But even the best relationship has a day of exhaustion, experts believe that 2017 may be a turning point for Samsung. Not only in the panel field, but also in the mobile communications field, the good news is that the future of the flash memory market is better, and Samsung may raise profits.

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