January 26, 2022

New tasting fresh lenovo Lenovo rescuer R720 get started experience

When the winter vacation struck, college students had a holiday. Many children's shoes that didn't start to buy books were gearing up. A relative's child was ready to buy a book. Please give me a choice for the students. After learning about the budget, I asked the bear children again. In-depth communication, and finally came to the conclusion that buying a computer is purely for the sake of playing games (to say that buying computers with themselves was not to play games).

With the new graphics card market, mobile 10 series video card has already begun to be used by many manufacturers, this time basically will not consider the 9 series video card, after all, the new architecture performance improvement is one aspect, mainly the power consumption and fever have declined, This kind of heat dissipation pressure will be smaller, after all, the performance is high, the heat pressure is also high, the temperature is high and the frequency is directly carded into

When I went to Jingdong, I noticed that the 10-series graphics cards were not available. The 1060 performance was good, but the budget was too high. The traditional manufacturers responded slowly, and the public and niche (a pile of lying guns) brands Do not consider it, after all, bear children in addition to other games will not play, these brands are relatively small after the local sale, I do not want to do after-sales service for life, so direct PASS.

Many students have a relatively thin computer base, and domestic software is so rogue that they have to install a piece of software to follow them. Therefore, dual hard disks are also required.

His budget is the 1050/1050Ti level, Jingdong selected the next 5K-6K book, initially selected Acer's Shadow Knight 3, Hewlett-Packard's Night Elves, ASUS Flying Fortress II, these books are basically the same configuration , I5-7300HQ, 8G, 128 +1T, 1050 graphics card, as God ship, cost-effective invincible, but quality control is not good, I do not want to back the pot, so do not consider the range, and later saw the Jingdong last Lenovo saver R720 With the above configuration, 5599, US conscience, ah, although I heard that the rescuer series work and materials are not as good as the Y series, but after all, Lenovo pro son (Y series did not upgrade, savers first upgrade, is the test ah or pet ) Another Lenovo after-sales pocket, and bear children and relatives to communicate some decisions on it, and orders to go!

Dog East card inserted a price has now rise

Lenovo Rescue Player R720 15.6-inch gaming notebook (i5-7300HQ 8G 1T+128G SSD GTX1050 2G IPS Black) 6499 yuan Jingdong direct link

JD.com always gives you a bag, but the box is fine and there is no damage.

Afterwards, I discovered that the photo was taken and the production date was February 2017. It was freshly baked.

Touchpad style is more cool than the 1st generation, but no lights

The key is also redone, pretty

The keyboard changes slightly, and the red backlight is very good

Radiating scales are clear and large

D face a large area intake hole, two fans are clearly visible, AD face is plastic, sorry, but not easy to contaminate the fingerprint is not bad.

Release the system is simple, all the way to the next step, this wallpaper has a B grid

New toothpaste factory, performance is similar to 6 generations, heat dissipation has improved

10 series video card is very hot, a bit more than others

GPU-Z detection

CPU-Z detection

Configuration list

Not satisfied with running a point? Solid running points really high, it is also comfortable to use

Because the bear children want to bring back to play the game, the game test can't be carried out, but looking at the data on the 1050 performance is slightly better than the 960, so the game mainstream games are no problem.

Not his own thing, certainly not demolished, so the Internet found a netizen disassemble diagram, and then I slightly marked a bit, the internal work is okay, that is, 2 copper tubes less point, the fan area is not small

Get started

The first new product, 5599 this price can buy Lenovo's 7th generation processor and 10 series graphics card, or dual hard drive, it is still more worth, basically mainstream games can be satisfied, but cost-effective means that there may be sacrifices on the workmanship, Although the material has improved compared to the 1st generation, the plastic shell does not feel good enough, it feels a bit thin and does not work well. Compared to other brands, Lenovo's aftermarket may be better.

Interactive Touch Foil

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Multi Touch Foil

Capacitive Touch Foil

Projection Touch Screen Foil

Nano Touch Film

Touch Foil with Controller

USB Capacitive Touch Film

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