January 26, 2022

What is the best size of a 43-inch smart TV in 2017? How to choose?

What is the best size of a 43-inch smart TV in 2017? How to choose? Skyworth and Xiaomi are currently the top brands of popular TV brands. Which small size TV is worth buying? Xiao Bian recommended Skyworth 43M6 and Xiaomi TV 3S 43 inches, and compared the parameters of two small screen smart TV configuration.
Skyworth 43M6
Reference price: 2599 yuan
Skyworth 43M6 features: China's independent intellectual property SOC 64-bit chip, cool open 4.2 new upgrade system, 4K cinema sound effects, independent four-tone cavity, polymerization dynamic games, quick investment, love games and other large game platforms.
Millet TV 3S 43 inches
Reference price: 2099 yuan
Millet TV 3S 43 inches Features: All-metal body, MStar 6A908 flagship FHD TV chip, original LG/AUO LCD screen, L/R left and right channel stereo, MIUI TV operating system.

Skyworth 43M6

Millet TV 3S 43 inches

Skyworth 43M6 and millet TV 3S 43 inches Which is better? One is the product of a traditional TV manufacturer, and the other is a product of an Internet TV manufacturer. What is the difference between the two in hard and soft distribution? Whose operating performance is better? In the following, we will introduce the design of the exterior, the hardware configuration, the audio quality, the content resources, and the operating system.
Shape design
Skyworth 43M6 adopts streamlined injection molding, single screen size is 969*83*570mm (width * thickness * height), black body color selection, so that the overall body achieves the effect of demonstrating noble atmosphere in calm. The base is made of silver hollow shape and the base weight is 0.5kg.
Millet TV 3S 43-inch all-metal body, 968 * 567.5mm front screen size, the thinnest part of the body up to 10.9mm, 24.8% thinner than the previous generation 40 inches, light 6%, only 9.32Kg, the gap is less than 0.2mm Slit, aluminum alloy frame taking into account the slim and tough. Lightweight tripod design, 2x0.75mm2 high electrical performance core, strong and safe.
Hardware configuration
The Skyworth 43M6 is equipped with the first Chinese SOC 64-bit chip with independent intellectual property rights, and the multi-task operation is unimpeded. And with the rapid development of smart TV, nowadays TV products of all merchants are close to 64K chip 4K TV standard. Skyworth TV 43M6 brings you leading smart TV power!
Millet TV 3S 43-inch adopts MStar 6A908 flagship FHD TV chip, equipped with Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.45GHz processor and 4+2 core Mali-450 MP4 image processor, 1GB of running memory and 8GB flash memory, supports H.265 format 1080P video Hard decoding.

Skyworth 43M6 body details
Picture quality
Skyworth 43M6 fully embodies the advantages of 64-bit chip, with H.265 hard solution, is currently recognized by the industry 4K encoding technology, can save smart TV storage space and broadband traffic, to bring users more ultra-clear, beautiful picture effect .
Millet TV 3S 43-inch original LG / AU Optronics LCD screen, Mali-450 MP4 4 +2 nuclear image processor, has a wide viewing angle of 178 °, 1080P 60fps H.265 10bit hard decoding, the mainstream video formats such as RM / FLV Both /MOV/AVI/MKV/TS/MP4 can support 8 ms dynamic response.
Sound effect
Skyworth 43M6 has 4K cinema sound effects, independent four-tone cavity, to bring users stereoscopic sound matching with ultra-clear picture quality, allowing users to achieve visual and audio double shock and enjoyment, equipped with belonging to a family private theater.
Millet TV 3S 43 inch L/R left and right dual channel stereo, two 30X90mm runway type full-range speakers. And support DOLBY, DTS audio double decoding, embedded Dolby sound technology, support for virtual surround, bass enhancement, dialogue enhancement.

Millet TV 3S 43 inch body details
Content resources
Skyworth 43M6 is a large game platform that integrates mobile games, quick shots, and love games to provide users with rich game resources. It is easy to download and install, allowing you to enjoy the game world. Special standby WIFI hotspot function, through the establishment of standby hotspots with even network connection, mobile phones, Pad, computer arbitrary wireless connection.
Millet TV 3S 43 inches brings the contents of the four licensees of GITV, ICNTV, Wah TV, and Mango TV. Including a variety of Hollywood movies, TV hits, popular variety shows, sports events, star concerts and other quality resources. They have successively joined top competitions such as the Champions League, AFC Champions League, Premier League, United States Professional Golf Tour, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, China Open, La Liga, and the United States NFL. It is the deep cooperation with iQIYI that brings Xiaomi television members to send iQiyi VIP member computer and mobile terminal qualifications.
Operating system
The Skyworth 43M6 is equipped with a cool new 4.2 upgrade system. The interface, background, and operation experience are fully upgraded. Built-in cool open application circle, create APPSTORE of professional TV. After the Skyworth 43M6 system is upgraded, the application circle also brings users new classification methods and query methods to help users search faster. Moreover, new practical functions such as clean-up, memory optimization, and application removal are added to create a more convenient operation mode for users.
Millet TV 3S 43-inch adopts MIUI TV operating system developed by Xiaomi Depth, which is based on simple and easy-to-use guidelines. It also features new functions and new experiences every month. It is easy to have fun with Xiaomi's smart home devices. Corresponding with baby cloud album, voice remote control, somatosensory games, wireless projection screen and other operating functions. You can use the screen caster APP to play TV with your mobile phone, and you can deeply connect with Xiaomi smart home products.
What is the best size of a 43-inch smart TV in 2017? How to choose? Through the above comparison of Skyworth 43M6 and Xiaomi TV 3S 43-inch parameters, I believe you must understand the operating advantages of the two small-screen smart TVs! Buy smart TV products, you need to choose according to their own habits and needs, so when you buy not only to consider the price!
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