January 26, 2022

Wang Xiaochuan is confident that artificial intelligence is more confident than Google Baidu has done.

[Global Technology Reporter Li Wenyao] On February 21, Sogou announced its 2016 annual financial report and 2016 fourth quarter financial report. According to the financial report, in the entire year of 2016, Sogou’s revenue was 4.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19%, and non-US accounting standards had a net profit of 640 million yuan. Among them, in the fourth quarter of 2016, Sogou’s revenue was 1.17 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year.

For the development of the past few years, Wang Xiaochuan's biggest feeling is: Sogou search has survived, and it is also the only company with both PC search and wireless search, market share, revenue and profits are rising.

In the long-term core strategy of "natural interaction + knowledge computing", Sogou has continuously increased its investment in research and development of artificial intelligence technology. In an interview with Global Technology, Wang Xiaochuan revealed: If we compare with Google and Baidu, we have Confidence is better than what they do.

180 million construction research institute artificial intelligence and search have long been inseparable

In April 2016, Sogou donated 180 million yuan to Tsinghua University to establish China's first university-enterprise cooperation artificial intelligence field research institute, the Tiangong Intelligent Computing Research Institute, to research and develop cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, and in speech recognition, Image recognition, machine translation, natural language understanding, and intelligent question and answer have achieved breakthroughs and product launches.

From the 2016 annual financial report, no matter whether it is revenue of RMB 4.4 billion or net profit of RMB 640 million, the research input of RMB 180 million is not a small amount. This 180 million output ratio is even more of a concern.

In February 2017, Sogou and Tsinghua University's Tiangong Intelligent Computing Research Institute jointly developed a Q&A robot named Sogu Wangtao, who officially landed on Jiangsu Satellite TV's "One Stop to the End," and defeated real players in the challenge. The complexity and difficulty of this challenge are much higher than the similar man-machine competitions that IBM Watson and others participated in before. Sogou’s 180 million investment also seems to have a more intuitive display.

Why is Wang Xiaochuan clinging to artificial intelligence?

According to Wang Xiaochuan, search and artificial intelligence have long been inseparable: "Search is artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is the basic attribute of search, and search is the best display scenario for artificial intelligence." Especially after the deeper learning technology gets faster development, the search scene has better tools to meet people's needs.

In the search input method, language has become the second choice in addition to the keyboard, and in the industry, speech recognition is the future of human-computer interaction. How to make the machine more natural understanding of human language and achieve the natural answer of human-computer interaction is also one of the most important research directions.

Wang Xiaochuan revealed that Sogou’s daily demand for speech recognition has exceeded 200 million. Voice search already has a market foundation.

In the age of artificial intelligence, the most difficult place is not only the recognition of images and the recognition of speech, but also the learning of human thoughts and knowledge. At the same time, people’s most precious matter is not images and sounds. The difficulty of people lies in the understanding and reasoning of knowledge. Ability, this ability is to rely on the language system to support the expression of knowledge and thinking. There are two scenes in Sogou. One is to enter the scene so that everyone can express it in words and the other is to use language to obtain information.

“Our fine classification in artificial intelligence scenes is divided into natural languages, and natural language represents the artificial intelligence in which knowledge and ideas are located. This is the most difficult part of artificial intelligence,” explains Wang Xiaochuan.

Search and artificial intelligence are integrated, and if you want to do a good job of searching, artificial intelligence is a technological path that must be broken through.

Content differentiation development intensive cultivation vertical search field

From May 2016, Sogou has successively released search products such as medical doctors, English, and academics. In the fourth quarter, Sogou's English search was fully upgraded to overseas search. This is the world's first cross-language search engine. When users input Chinese query words, they can directly obtain English results and corresponding Chinese translations. It aims to help Chinese people who are not proficient in English to search and read medical, scientific and technological information and cultural information around the world.

Sogou’s strategy is to develop artificial intelligence based on natural language processing and natural interactions to achieve question-and-answer search. Compared to general search, Sogou will continue to upgrade its search products in the vertical field in 2017, exert artificial intelligence, and focus on the Q & A search.

Wang Xiaochuan has a clear understanding of the search products in the vertical field. He said that medical search and English search are two important things that can lead to the future and can carry out unlimited imagination. In 2015, Sogou released WeChat search and know-how search, fixing the basic form.

In terms of medical search, Sogou did not have the pressure to make money from startup companies. For its part, as long as users acknowledge Sogou search, there is a large enough search volume. Sogou search has a good business model.

In terms of English search, it has been upgraded to overseas search. The final search results are presented in Chinese. In the search process, translation and search are linked together, and overseas search can also become a difference in search competition.

According to statistics, as of the end of December 2016, Sogou search's overall traffic increased by 30% compared with a year ago, and in particular, mobile search traffic increased by 70%, and its contribution to overall traffic reached three-quarters. According to the CTR report, Sogou searched for 30.4% of the total number of people in the PC terminal, WAP terminal and APP terminal, ranking second in the industry.

Product upgrade attempts more scene breakthrough

For the 2017 plan, Wang Xiaochuan stated that he will continue to upgrade the newly launched Sogou famous doctors and Sogou overseas two vertical search products. At the same time, he will increase the opening of artificial intelligence platforms, gradually expand from the search field, and explore intelligent hardware products. Many scenes to break through. "Upgrading the search to the dialogue system, question answering system, and translation system through language is the third part of our core competence," said Wang Xiaochuan.

The performance of questions in "One Stop to the End" can be considered as a model of search for the future. In fact, the ability to answer questions and answers is relatively broad. Not only can entities be found, but more calculations can be done in it.

Speech recognition is from speech to language, synthesis is from language to speech, but the core of processing is language. Therefore, Sogou also hopes to put the language's ability in combination with voice, images and other methods into the hardware outside the mobile phone.

"The logic of our artificial intelligence is not only in the input method and in the search. There are several key words in the product form: input method, search, natural language calculation, natural interaction. They support the problem of dialogue, question and answer. Problems and translation problems. We hope that in these scenes, everyone can see Sogou’s voice, especially in the era of hardware and IoT. There will be interactions and machine intelligence everywhere. This is the judgment of the future.” Wang Xiaochuan said.

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