January 26, 2022

Smart TV watching "The Rise of the Daqin Empire" Complete Collection of TV Drama Methods!

"The Rise of the Daqin Empire" is a historical drama produced by Xi'an Qujiang Daqin Empire Film Industry Investment Co., Ltd. Directed by Ding Hei, Silent, Zhang Bo, Xing Jiadong, Zhao Chunyang, Wu Liansheng, and Shen Jiani lead the performance. In 2009 and 2012, the first two were successively put on TV screens, called "The Fission of the Daqin Empire" and "The Horizon of the Daqin Empire." On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the first broadcast, the sincerity of the producer's four years of hard work, "The Rise of the Daqin Empire," finally ushered in the eager expectation of thousands of "Qin powder"! The drama is the third part of the Daqin Empire series. It tells the story of Qin Zhaozhao's Wang Xi in the post of Xuan Tai, Wei Xi, Bai Qi, and Fan Xi assisted, the weak six nations, and Na Jiuding, and opened the curtain of the world unification of Qin Shihuang many years later. .

In 305 BC, Qin was one of the longest ruling powers in the history of the country—Qin Zhaoyi and Wang Xi. During the following 56 years, under the support of his mother, Mother Xuan and his wife Wei Wei, Qin Wang’s family grew from being a young young king to a firm and determined king who was truly a king in the world; and Qin’s country also had an influence. The second-rate powers have generally emerged as superpowers that are proud of the nations.

Unlike the general publicity of TV dramas before they were aired and various advertising campaigns, “The Rise of the Daqin Empire” did not carry out any official propaganda. It was only when it was about to premiere that it was announced through official Weibo announcements. It was like a long-lost old friend. It's back again. Even so, the ready-to-complete third part of “The Rise of the Daqin Empire” quickly reached a high score of 8.8, which was already a super high score for a new TV series. It can be seen that the domestic audience is really good for the drama. Still more acceptable.

When the "Yueyue Biography" broadcast normalized, there were viewers who said that the "Eight Grand Prix Empire" series played by the tranquility of the eight sons is the real restoration history, showing a country, home, and son, A legendary figure who would like to fight his life's energy for the sake of the world.

At present, the "Rise of the Daqin Empire" is in the air, and there are many ways to watch users using smart TVs/TV boxes.

[Read live broadcast]

Through the sofa butler client install "TV cat", lock CCTV-1, "the rise of the Daqin Empire" will be broadcast during prime time.
Sofa butler installer bag" Sofa butler installer bag.apk

TV Cat CCTV-1 live screenshot

【Spot broadcast】
If you don't have time to watch the live broadcast, don't worry. You can install Youku Video TV version via the sofa butler or download the Youku video TV installation package directly.
Youku Video TV Installation Package" Youku TV Installation Package .apk

The screenshot of "The Rise of the Daqin Empire" in the video.

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