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Top ten interior designers Tu Yi: Design is very fun (Figure)

On the afternoon of October 14, 2007, the launching ceremony of the 3rd China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Culture Festival go2map pre-heating project - "Shenzhen Top Ten Designers Interview" column was held, Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers Association Mr. Zhao Qingxiang, Secretary General, Mr. Fu Jianhui, General Manager of Sohu.com, Shenzhen Home Network, unveiled the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the “Shenzhen Top Ten Interior Designer Interviews” column was officially launched. As the design capital of China, Shenzhen is active in a large number of design elites, they are Shenzhen's proud wealth. On the occasion of this year's Shenzhen “Creative December”, Sohu.com, the exclusive Internet sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, will join hands with its home industry portal, Focus Home Network, and Shenzhen Interior Designers Association. The interior design and culture festival is on the “Top Ten Designers” throne. The designers will conduct comprehensive interviews. This series of interviews will be promoted in dozens of city sites in Sohu.com and Focus. Designer style. Recently, Mr. Tu Yi, one of the “Shenzhen's Top Ten Interior Designers”, designed by Shenzhen Jinggong, was interviewed by the Focus Network reporter.

Tu Yiren

Design Director of Shenzhen Jinggong Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Senior interior architect

Member of China Building Decoration Association Interior Design Branch

Shenzhen Interior Designers Association

2006 Best Interior Designer in Shenzhen


Engaged in interior design work for more than ten years, the design of the decoration project is Shandong Zhucheng Mizhou Hotel (four-star)

Chongqing high-altitude water business model house

Huludao Beach Resort

Changsha Shennong Hotel (five-star)

Shenzhen Xiyuan Club

Shenzhen Shenhua Commercial Building

Guangdong National Tax Building, etc.

The following is an interview record:

Time: November 15, 2007

Location: Focus Shenzhen Live Room

[Focus on the home network] First of all, we welcome the painter to focus on the live broadcast room. Today is also the first time to see the painter. Would you please give us a brief introduction to the design career of your focus real estate network?

[Tuyi] At the beginning, in fact, I think that when people start at the age of 40, they start to have their own achievements and careers. It is still good. The last time there was a foreign designer master who came to Shenzhen, he said that Shenzhen designers should not worry, you are too young and very passionate. He doesn't mean the students who just debuted, but the designers who have worked for us for many years. He feels very young. He is 50 years old. He used to do mechanical design and so on. Later he switched to interior design because he was interested. He did it very well, and he thought that the industry had a lot of future.

[Focus on the home network] Are you studying this professional class?

[Tu Yi] should be like this. I think this design career can be 70 years old.

[Focus Home Network] I see that your design works are covered in tooling and home improvement.

[Tuyi] In fact, I have basically not done home decoration for so many years, and I have very little contact with my home improvement. I basically can't get in touch.

[Focus Home Network] is basically based on tooling.

[Tuyi] Yes, I am currently doing the renovation of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. It is also the transformation of the old Baiyun Airport into a modern large shopping mall. One of the things he advocates is harmony. The most important thing is environmental protection, harmony, environmental protection and culture. These three points.

[Focus Home Network] Environmental protection is also very advocated at present.

[Tuyi] Yes, the investor is very eye-catching, which is the most advocated at present. The biggest concept is environmental protection. Whether it is the home improvement or the tooling market, it is dazzling. In fact, it is enough to apply a paint. Light decoration is enough. To simplify life, this is the ultimate goal. Japan's environmental protection concept is very important. Apart from the general trend of international environmental protection, he has few land resources and pays great attention to this. They control very well in all aspects. China’s reform and opening up has been slowly beginning to pay attention to it for so many years.

[Focus on the home network] We are slowly aware of this problem, and there is no such sense of crisis before.

[Tuyi] You must have this sense of crisis. Although your country is big, you still have to control it. Canada is that although Canada has more deserts in his country, he is consciously developing. He has to develop slowly and control.

[Focus Home Network] What is the main thing to do now?

[Tuyi] A large airport of more than 100,000 square meters of Sohu.com, with a large volume, feels good and requires a lot.

[Focus Home Network] You have done so many tooling, why do you choose to focus on tooling? Do you think this is challenging?

[Tuyi] is not, come out has been doing this. The home improvement is more personalized. There is no excessive evaluation criteria. It is very personal. There is no need to interfere too much with people's lives. In addition to the guidance, there is some interference in a certain sense. The dispute is too big. You The energy paid for the tooling on the communication may not be as great, and it is not necessary to discuss it over and over again, and the home decoration will be discussed repeatedly. Moreover, the tooling is more feasible, and the aesthetics of the public are better.

[Focus on the home network] But compared to home improvement, the tooling is much more complicated.

[Tuyi] In a sense, there is an old saying that "the sparrow is small and complete," and small is also a system, and the big one is also a system. Just saying that the system is different, but every link is the same. When we were doing tooling, there was no concept of tooling at that time. It was a large area of ​​space and a large area of ​​the hotel. I think it is quite good to do luxury homes and houses.

[Focus Home Network] What do you think of our interior design industry? It may be more accurate for your interior architect.

[Tuyi] Better to listen to some, in fact, is the interior design, the building and the interior should not have much meaning. If you do more, you can sell it as a house. I don’t think there is much problem in the name. The interior architect is also good. The interior designer is also a professional branch. It is also a quality that can be done very well. It should be beautiful.

[Focus Home Network] What do you think of this profession? What kind of career do you think this is?

[Tuyi] is very interesting and very fun.

[Focus on the home network] Where is fun?

[Tuyi] is more interesting and can let you imagine and play. It’s as if we talk about environmental protection, through the power of your work, you can think about it before doing this. In the past, it was beautiful to put some things in the city, but then it was beautiful and refreshing. This is what designers are constantly discussing. This group is constantly researching and pushing this design forward. This is fun, I think it is very interesting, everyone will accept it slowly.

[Focus on the home network] This will have a new breakthrough.

[Tuyi] We are in the large shopping center of Baiyun Airport. Inside, we have a garbage bag and a plastic bag hanging in the air. There are lights. The terrain shows that there are so many white garbage. Make people think, I want to buy things, not as many plastic bags, more or less give some good tips. Because the design is not only good-looking or beautiful, but also has some Other social significance, not necessarily many, but it must be. To give people a certain quality of life, can not say that you are wearing more and more expensive, eating more and more luxurious, it is not necessarily good, maybe the personal taste is good, it is more social The overall coordination and sustainability are reflected in the works, which is a very important concept.

[Focus on the home network] For example, is the concept of your design easy to accept?

[Tuyi] The general trend should be similar, and because the international trend is also inherited to China, it is constantly organized to advance forward, and occasionally some luxury, a small number of very rich and luxurious. He represents a high degree of ignorance. But as some people in the middle, he consumes more, should be more frugal, and should have a more refreshing feeling. It seems that Victoria's simple feeling will be better. More emphasis on spiritual connotation, such as reading more, maybe more space for thought, less decorative environment, don't go too far, limit him to a height, so control, so that if you want, big Part of the overall consumption level will have an upgrade to this society and the entire level. After all, society is like this. Everyone wants to sit on Rolls Royce. Everyone wants to live in a villa. That is unrealistic. That is to say, the idea should have a kind of peace of mind, and it feels comfortable in peace. This is enough. Maybe a quiet little space is enough, and comfort is enough.

[Focus Home Network] You have done so many years of design, do you think that the Chinese people accept the idea of ​​interior design has changed?

Tu Yi: The design is very fun

[Tu Yi] Yes, a lot. The society is advancing, we are advancing, and we are all moving. The current state of society is very good and very good. This is a very good phenomenon. It may also be for commercial reasons, but there is a process of precipitation and precipitation to a gradual gradual period. He has a process of precipitation. He has a period of time to tolerate the acceptance of society Some people may want to consume you and you can't control him. This kind of thinking of young people is also very acceptable. It is acceptable for environmental protection and simplicity, and it is more intrinsic to think more spiritually and more independently. People next to it are not easy to bother you, so you can do better.

[Focus Home Network] I think that we have many ideal ideas for our designers, such as sticking to my own ideas and sticking to my own personality. But what do you do when this ideal conflicts with your engineering project?

[Tuyi] I think you can imagine infinitely, but you can't imagine it. Under certain circumstances, certain conditions, and certain circumstances, this situation can be imagined in the national conditions and the big environment, but you can't imagine too much. . This leads to a lot of complicated things, but to control. For example, the National Centre for the Performing Arts and CCTV may have a little excess, but he is the power of the country. He is different. He can make one or two and show the height of the Chinese people. At least I know that he allows him to exist. This is the idea. The problem of height is not the problem of money and money. He showed a symbol of the prosperity of this country.

[Focus Home Network] A symbolic thing.

[Tuyi] It doesn't matter. But if these small, so many hundreds of thousands of designers in the former country are going to be unconventional, it is impossible, maybe everyone can do it, but even if only some people fully imagine it, it is impossible. Sometimes it is necessary to properly shrink the will. Sometimes people's self-control is very important. You can't imagine without limit. You must be moderate. This may be done very well, but you can feel very good at home. However, to be limited, it is unrealistic not to have spent countless human and material resources and natural resources to exist in your thoughts. Can you say that you are a spark, or burn a big and a half like a candle, what should I do next? You have to keep this idea in your head, keep thinking about it, and keep on communicating the idea, including discussing more when eating and doing things. This is better. When we just feel the wealth, we can't keep up with the follow-up when we go to consumption.

Reflecting on the design will have the same problem, this may not only be an industry problem, it may be a problem in every other industry.

[Focus on the home network] to be gradual.

[Tuyi] the same. For example, ?span style=display:none >go2map's 忝 迨 迨 迨 迨 桓龊芎 桓龊芎 桓龊芎 桓龊芎 ? ? ? ? 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 也许 ? a good concept]

[Focus Home Network] I think that every designer has his own design philosophy. What do you think of your own style and philosophy?

[Tu Yi] I still dare not say that I have formed my own style concept, and I am still very young. If it is a little later, or maybe a little longer, maybe it may be. Now we can only do some ideas and do some design according to the requirements of our project, the requirements of the owners, or the big way of thinking. At present, we dare not say that it is not enough. Including the current peers who are doing very well and doing very well, they may feel that this style is very good, so we have to work hard.

[Focus on the home network] I have a very interesting question. Recently we are doing interviews with the top ten designers. I think the top ten designers are all male and there are no women. Do you think that female designers are hard to have a foothold in our industry? Or is it difficult to achieve a very high position?

[Tu Yi] This topic is quite fun.

[Focus Home Network] Especially in the field of interior design.

[Tu Yi] The original gender characteristics of women are like this. Women have a lot of things to do, men can play games exclusively, he can play alone. The design field is almost the same. The design may be 25 or 26 years old. It is precisely when this section is not very hard for the family. This topic is too big. I can only say that women are more women than women. Not that she can't do it, and some of her may put less energy on her work.

[Focus on the home network] may be another aspect, is it actually a work that is very energy-intensive and physical.

[Tuyi] It takes a lot of energy and physical strength. It is necessary to develop a lot of ideas to be updated. Because people like fresh things, they have to come up with fresh and good ideas. There is still a lot of physical strength, including that we have to go around and see everywhere, women may not adapt.

[Focus on the home network] Japan seems to have several famous architects who are women.

[Tu Yi] is very good, there are also a lot of female designers in Europe. But the total amount is more than a man.

[Focus Home Network] may be different social division of labor.

[Tuyi] The most important thing is that he has a family to consider. Maybe 18-22 years old may have no problem, but the 25- to 30-year-old is the most golden age. She has to take care of the family chinaren.

[Focus Home Network] Explains that our industry is a process of accumulation, and it may not be disturbed in the middle.

[Tuyi] To accumulate for a long time, you may be a feeling for 5 years, 10 years is a feeling, 15 years is a feeling, maturity is cumulative and gradual, not to say that it is very OK at first to feel very good, this is Extreme, including genius, is constantly accumulating. It is propulsion, and it can not be successful at once.

[Focus Home Network] I went to a deep design department for a while ago. They were confused and how to change from a student to a professional designer.

[Tuyi] Give him time.

[Focus Home Network] is the accumulation just mentioned.

[Tu Yi] College students do not lack creativity and passion, that is, give him time and encouragement, pull him when he works hard, try to do more platforms and give him opportunities to open up. Don't hit his imagination. Recently, a new cartoon film "The Ratatouille" has you seen it?

[Focus on the home network] has not seen, heard.

[Tuyi] You should look at it. There are two sentences in it. It is very interesting. In one sentence, "Anyone can be a chef." It provides the idea that everyone can make money. You can't change the designer. His philosophy is very good. Rats can also be done without being understood. This is a concept that anyone can design. The second one has a comment. After the food critic finally understood his own pursuit, he wrote a paragraph. He said, “We are too harsh or cruel to imagination or creativity.” In other words, these students or These newly graduated students should be open, and they have a recognition for them under the guidance, so that they can play it to the fullest. It is normal for the waves in the Yangtze River to move forward. This is normal, so students have nothing to be confused about, give them time. That's it.

[Focus on the home network] What are they currently lacking in experience? There may be some unrealistic ideas.

[Tuyi] There are people, people come from young, this experience is to accumulate, professional knowledge and social knowledge and experience of their own life must be accumulated, including many personal feelings to constantly grow up and grow up If the running-in is good, it will be OK. If the running-in is not good, you will encounter setbacks.

[Focus on the home network] I saw that some of our top ten designers started to publish books and package themselves. Do you have such an idea?

[Tu Yi] I have to do it slowly, don't want to be so fast, slow down. I don't like it so fast, why is it so fast, and it is a little better. If you can't write a book, economic benefits are now greater than social benefits, and you may be more famous from an individual. I know that a lot of people are doing very well. He has a very good idea and is very advanced. He has not published a book. This has something to do with the idea of ​​a personal chinaren. There is no certain measure.

[Focus on the home network] We found that Hong Kong designers are very good at packaging themselves, and our interior designers are lacking in this.

[Tuyi] Yes, people have been market-oriented for many years, but we have only just begun.

[Focus on the home network] I think designers should package themselves, which is conducive to the creation of their own brands.

[Tuyi] Packaging can also have a little bit. If you are very beautiful and work well, it will still be better. Personally, I feel that it is better.

[Focus Home Network] In addition to the renovation of Baiyun Airport, what other projects do you have to do next?

[Tuyi] Yes, there are some, but there is no such fun, no such interesting, the concentration of work is relatively high, he has his own historical attributes, this is the first airport opened in China, is a window, he has his The special historical development value, due to the development of society, the economy has become more prosperous. He has changed from an airport to a shopping center. He has a very special position. He is more meaningful and public than other projects. I just said why he used some plastic bags for decoration because he is very fun. Then there is a hotel with more than 90,000 square meters to do, even if it is a five-star hotel, even if it is bigger, he has no attributes. He is just a regional location, his social effect. Without this depth, this thing is missing. When you are done, old age will stand in the woods in front of the airport, he will connect all the lives.

[Focus Home Network] When can this work be seen?

[Tuyi] It should be a year if it should be fast, because he has to renovate for a while, I can see if it will come out in August 2008.

[Focus on the home network] with the Olympics (laughs).

[Tuyi] The investor wants to do it in August with us.

[Focus Home Network] I am very grateful to Tu Gong for being the focus of the live broadcast today.

[Tu Yi] Thank you for giving me such an opportunity and platform.
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