January 24, 2020

Freescale Body Control Module (BCM) Solution

China's auto industry has become the world's number one market, marking that China's auto industry has entered an era of fierce competition. Therefore, people's handling, safety, ease of use, comfort, and intelligence requirements are becoming higher and higher. Large space demands and more components have created conflicts, which requires auto parts, especially automotive electronics, to be functionally centralized, intelligently controlled, and information networked, while ensuring high performance and low cost of products. A highly competitive market. Among the many automotive appliances, the first focus is on the Body Control Module (BCM). As the general manager and central nervous system of the body appliance, the function of BCM is more and more powerful and the integration is getting higher and higher, which requires more professional semiconductor devices as support.

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As a leader in the automotive semiconductor industry, Freescale has been committed to the development and service of the Chinese market, promoting the localization of the auto parts industry and assisting manufacturers to achieve cost-effective, safer and more advanced products.

This article introduces Freescale's body control module solution. This program is mainly composed of MC9S08DZ128, MC33880, MC33742, MC33596, including: headlight control, car lock control, trunk control, glass lifter control, fuel tank cap control, keyless Access to the system and the implementation of CAN bus communication technology.

BCM feature overview

As people's demand for car functions increases, body electronics are becoming more and more complex, and the body control module usually includes functions such as: lamp control, door control, window control, switch and Analog signal acquisition, CAN bus communication, etc., the Freescale body control module provided in this paper provides customers with low-cost, high-performance solutions, including the following functions:

CAN communication

Table 1, Freescale body control module function overview

Freescale Body Control Module Features Overview

Second, FreescaleBCM block diagram

Third, FreescaleBCM signal list

FreescaleBCM signal list

Fourth, control instructions

This scheme is a typical input and output system. It mainly collects signals through CAN bus signals, analog signals and various interrupt signals. Through BCM data processing and conversion, it controls the related body electrical equipment, including: lights, motors, relays. The control is carried out, and the signals collected by some sensors are processed and distributed to a related professional electrical equipment through the CAN bus.

Input and output system

Five, CAN bus schematic

CAN bus schematic

Six, chip feature description

6.1, MC9S08DZ128

• 40-MHzHCS08 central processing unit (20-MHz bus)

• HC08 instruction set and supplemented with BGND instructions

• Support for up to 32 interrupt/reset sources

• Support 128kFlash2kEEPROM8kRAM

• Two low power stop modes

• Waiting mode to reduce power consumption

• Very low power real-time interrupts in Run, Wait, and Stop modes

• Multi-function clock generator with PLL and FLL modes

• Watchdog reset

• Low voltage detection circuit with reset and interrupt; selectable voltage threshold

• Support illegal instruction code reset

• Support illegal operation address reset

• Support for Flash block protection

• Support for clock loss protection

• Single line background debug interface

• On-chip and in-circuit emulation (ICE) with real-time bus capture

• 24-channel ADC

• Two analog comparators ACMPx

• MSCAN—CAN Protocol – V2.0A and B;

• Two SCIs


• IIC—supports bus baud rates up to 100kbps;

• TPMx—one 6-channel (TPM1) and one 2-channel (TPM2);


I•87 general purpose input/output (I/O) pins and one dedicated input pin

• 32 interrupt pins, each with trigger polarity selection

• Voltage hysteresis and configurable pull-up devices on all input pins

• Configurable output slope and drive strength on all input pins

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