January 24, 2020

Decoration measures: How to reserve the size of the hood?

The September-October of the year is the peak season for decoration, and it is also the concentrated period of home appliance purchase, but how to install it after buying home appliances? Especially the hood in the kitchen. The installation position, height and the choice of the direction of the outlet pipe can be used to directly influence the effect of the range hood of the range hood. To get better smoke

Cross LED Display

MC Xs series Cross LED Screen is mainly used in hospital, clinic, pharmaceutical chain stores and others place. 

The cross Led screen can use for advertise signs, street signs, etc. It can display animation, text, time, temperature, noise and so on! Simple wired and wireless control system can make cross led screen more easy to be operated. 

Besides offering complete and best solutions, Shenzhen Macion Optoelectronics Technology Company limited is a professional manufacturer specialized in LED Advertising Display, we promise to offer better quality cross led screen with competitive price to our esteemed customers. 

Cross LED Display

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