December 15, 2019

Texas Instruments Introduces Low Noise 16 Channel Constant Current LED Driver

Texas Instruments (TI) today announced a serial-controlled 16-channel constant-current LED driver with 4-channel group delay that significantly simplifies the design of LED display applications such as video displays, message boards, entertainment lighting, and LED indicators . For sample and technical documentation, please visit

The TLC59282 further reduces the synchronous switching noise by oscillating the LED output switches, further reducing peak switch current transients to facilitate low-cost double-layer printed circuit board (PCB) routing in LED modules. If a traditional multi-channel LED driver is used, a four-layer PCB layout must be used to prevent switching transients from disrupting the serial data communication path during output blanking. In addition to reducing electromagnetic noise, the TLC59282 also supports extremely high inter-channel and inter-chip accuracy, ensuring uniform current supply for each LED string.

The main characteristics and advantages of the TLC59282 input voltage range: 3.0V ~ 5.5V;

LED channel withstand voltage up to 17 V;

Four-channel packet delay minimizes synchronous switching noise;

The cascadable serial communication protocol enables the display processor to control multiple LED drivers on the same serial bus. High-precision current matching helps achieve uniform brightness across multiple LED strings;

Current error accuracy between channels: +/-0.6% (typical);

Current error accuracy between chips: +/-1 (typical).

The 30 nanosecond BLANK pulse achieves a very high refresh rate in multiplexed applications.

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