December 15, 2019

Significant progress in the preparation of high-power chips for Inspur Huaguang SiC substrate

[High-tech LED News] Recently, Gaogong LED reporter learned from Shandong Inspur Huaguang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. that it has made significant progress in preparing high-power LED chips on high-power silicon carbide (SiC) substrates, and flip-chip vertical structure chip bare crystal power. Up to 400mW.

Dr. Xu Xiangang, a Taishan scholar and executive deputy general manager of Inspur Huaguang, told reporters that this is an epitaxial wafer with a silicon carbide substrate and a gallium nitride (GaN) luminescent film. It can be made up to 40,000 chips. core).

Xu Xiangang told reporters that the characteristics of the LED industry is that the downstream follows the upstream, and the materials are the best. At present, the substrate materials for the production of blue-green LED epitaxial wafers are mainly sapphire and silicon carbide. The core technologies are blocked by Japan Nichia Corporation and American Cree, respectively. The silicon carbide substrate has an absolute advantage in the preparation of high-power LED devices. .

Silicon carbide crystals are called third-generation semiconductor materials, also known as wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, high-temperature semiconductor materials, etc. They are excellent in high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, high breakdown voltage, etc. Applied to the fields of electronics, aerospace, military, nuclear energy, etc., it is currently a hot research topic in the world. Silicon carbide single crystal is one of the most difficult artificial crystals to grow. It needs to maintain a high vacuum for more than one week at 2100 °C. It also has high requirements on seed crystal quality and fixing method. A 2-inch silicon carbide wafer, internationally priced at $500. The high cost of raw materials makes the price of silicon carbide semiconductor devices high. Although it has many advantages, it can only be used in special fields and becomes a bottleneck restricting the development of the third-generation semiconductor industry.

Previously, Xu Xiangang led his technical team to independently develop a silicon carbide single crystal growth furnace, successfully growing a 2 inch diameter silicon carbide crystal in a short time, solving the process of slicing and polishing, making China a successor in the United States, Japan, and Germany. After that, the fourth country has the ability to grow such crystals. At present, the State Key Laboratory of Crystal Materials of Shandong University has completed a complete production line for the growth and machining of silicon carbide single crystals. The 3-inch substrate has reached the level of “out of the box” and has achieved small batch production. The 4-inch substrate has been Successfully developed.

In recent years, although the localization rate of LED chips in China has reached more than 50%, it is still concentrated in the low-end market. Domestic LED chips are rarely able to enter the supply chain of high-end products such as LCD TV backlights and automotive lighting. in. In 2010, Inspur Huaguang successfully developed LCD TV backlight chips and achieved mass production, and the price was less than one-half of the foreign products.

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