December 15, 2019

Home improvement, do not roar, five things must be done before the decoration

The house decoration is not satisfied, want to growl? The decoration is a big project. The so-called speed is not up. If the preparation is insufficient in the early stage, the latter may drag down the progress and affect the quality. So what should you do before the renovation? First set the layout of the house to be arranged, for example, the suite wants to be divided into two bookshelves and cabinets, then the sofa

1.8L Food Choppers

1.8L Food Choppers have a large capacity, which can chop lots of meats in one time and in very short time. Besides, they can very easy to clean. They can very popular with family using.

Description for 1.8L Food Choppers


S/S housing

Pure clear and thick glass bowl with double blades

2 speeds with safety switch

metal gear

stainless steel bowl optional

1.8Lstainless steel bowl food choppers

1.8L Food Choppers

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