June 02, 2020

Multi-functional stadiums have high standards and high quality requirements for LED displays

1.1 High standard materials

Luminescent material. Luminous materials are the most important materials for displays, especially full-color displays. They are the key to ensuring display performance, high reliability and long life. The main reference indicators are brightness and uniformity.

Control the driver chip. The control driver chip is the guarantee of the key design of the display. Due to the high technical content of this part and the uneven level of the manufacturer, the design of this part should be treated with caution.

Switching power supply. The switching power supply is a component with a high failure rate in the display, and a high-quality switching power supply must be used to ensure that the display requirements of the stadium display are met.

1.2 High level of control technology

The stadium display is a large-scale facility for competitive projects. It needs to integrate advanced technologies in the industry, such as static latch technology, white balance technology, nonlinear correction technology, high gray level technology, and color uniformity technology. Video processing technology, fast motion image compensation technology, full brake control technology, etc.

1.3 Quality assurance for design and installation and commissioning

The stadium display screen is generally used for sports competitions and large-scale events. Any faults and mistakes will have a great impact, so stable engineering quality is an objective requirement of users. In order to meet the requirements and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the display, it is necessary to ensure quality in the design, production, installation, commissioning and delivery, and use an effective quality assurance system to ensure the entire production process.

2. Analysis of the demand for the led display on the site

The design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation of the LED electronic display must be matched with the plane and profile of the stadium, and the overall effect should be coordinated. At the same time, the power supply structure of the site should be fully considered. In general, the power supply should be guaranteed to operate normally in the range of (220 ± 22) V, (380 ± 38) V. In addition, all control equipment should be concentrated in one control room, and the access points of the control equipment should be left in the referees of various competitions.

The venue is large, the audience seats more than 5,000 stadiums, generally can build two 40M2 LED electronic display, one screen is divided into clock area, full color area and dual primary color area three parts, another screen can be divided It is a two-part clock area and a dual primary color zone. This not only ensures the satisfaction of various functions, but also ensures the rational use of funds. If the funds are sufficient, and it is possible to undertake large-scale gatherings or competitions in the future, you can also make the two screens into full-color screens, so that the playback effect will be more realistic and the atmosphere will be more intense.

3, the demand analysis of the display content of led display

The versatile modern gymnasium can be used not only for holding various sports competitions, but also for holding various large-scale literary events and gatherings. Therefore, the display content requirements of the display screen can be summarized as rich, diverse and real-time, as follows:

3.1 Demand for live video playback

The sports competitions, cultural performances and large-scale events held by the stadium can be broadcast live through the electronic display, and have special effects such as panorama, close-up, slow motion, flashing action, towed images, nostalgic movies.

3.2 Compatibility requirements for multiple input methods

The stadium display screen can not only be real-time live broadcast of real color by the camera, but also broadcast TV and satellite TV programs, play VCD, DVD, LD and various homemade video signal programs, support various formats such as PAL, NTSC, etc. The display content can also be Various graphic information on the computer, from the internal information network of the stadium or the public information network; it has the function of superimposing text information on the TV screen, and can also superimpose text, picture, animation and other functions outside the video image; Play related background images during large gatherings.

3.3 The need for rich and colorful graphic information playback

On the one hand, the stadium display can be used for live broadcast of video images. On the other hand, it can publish news, important notices, and slogans. The display can display text, graphics, patterns, animations, etc. The function of the text.

3.4 Requirements for multiple broadcast methods

To have pan, scroll, rotate, wipe, pull, single/multi-line pan, single/multi-line up/down, left/right pull, up/down, page flip, move, rotate, zoom out, zoom in, blink In order to hold large-scale international sports events and events, the display screen is compatible with the languages ​​of various countries. For example, it can display Chinese, English, numbers and various characters, and there are many font fonts to choose from. Level zoom.

3.5 Demand for in-stream advertising and display methods

As the most attractive display media in the gymnasium, the full-color display screen of the stadium will inevitably become the first choice for the publicity of the majority of enterprises. Therefore, the needs of displaying the content must also fully consider the needs of the advertisements of various businesses, so that the display screen can be quickly and conveniently Interspersed with corporate advertising to meet the needs of our customers.

3.6 Needs for sports competition information and sports results announcement

The release of sports competition information and achievements is a basic requirement for the electronic display to realize its display function. Therefore, the design requirements should be fully considered in the use of various sports competitions, and game information such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, Weightlifting, gymnastics and other game information, in the results announcement can display country name, team name, name, athlete number and score record; the game can display a variety of real-time information, such as the team name, score, goal athletes, change The name, number and number of athletes who are penalized by the person.

3.7 Clock display requirements

3 Another display function of the stadium display is to require accurate clock display function. The clock display function includes Beijing time, match clock, countdown display, different game clocks can be set according to different game items and referee rules, and timing can be conveniently controlled. Pause, reset, fast adjustment, slow adjustment, etc.

3.8 Requirements for audio synchronous playback

The stadium display has an audio interface that can be combined with the sound in the stadium to achieve sound image synchronization.

4, led display environment needs analysis

high brightness. Since stadium competitions and events take place during the day or under intense lighting, the display must be high-brightness and clearly visible under strong light.

Moisture, corrosion and heat dissipation. Due to the large size of the display screen, fixed installation, and more wiring, it is not possible to make special storage methods. In addition, it should adapt to the humid, rainy and hot weather that may occur in the installation area. Therefore, to ensure stable and reliable use, it must be designed and constructed. Consider moisture, corrosion and good heat dissipation measures. At the same time, the display should be dust-proof.

5, led display referee system needs analysis

The normal service function of the display must be completed by the referee and the complete software support. The referee consists of a timer and a scorer. The Software should be a complete package that must be fully supported for different sports competitions and refereeing rules.

6, the demand analysis of led display system

The stadium display is an important part of the stadium's electronic information system, so the display and control system is a systematic project. The computer, the stadium, the referee station, the referee, and the news center of the gym are integrated into one, which serves the entire sports competition efficiently. It is a systematic design, and this part is for the entire large-scale sports activity network. It is only one of the components, so compatibility should be fully considered in the overall system design. All interfaces use standard interfaces to form a systematic facility for sharing information resources with the network.

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