June 02, 2020

Newly added blue green orange LED in OSRAM TOPLED black product portfolio

[High-tech LED News] Osram has announced the addition of blue, green and orange colors to the TOPLED black series 60° projection angle product combination, plus the existing red and yellow colors, now available at 30° projection angle. Kind of color.

Osram says these LEDs are particularly suitable for use in monochrome and multi-color displays such as electronic signposts, traffic information displays, parking control systems and price information billboards for gas stations. The angle that suits each application is determined by the distance to the viewer and the local environment.

For example, it is very suitable to use LEDs with a 30° projection angle in the straight road, and the curved roads to the entrance and exit, the gas station or the bus station display are more suitable for the 60° projection angle. Orange LEDs are mainly used by pedestrians in the United States and Japan.

The complete black package in the TOPLED Black Series significantly reduces reflections, and these LEDs also provide a sharp contrast, so the display can be seen in all light. At an operating current of 20 mA, the green LED at 30° angle has the best brightness of 7 cd.

In addition, as an SMT surface mount component, OSRAM points out that these LEDs are well suited for automated control, which means that display panels can be manufactured at a lower cost than radial LEDs. Soldering legs that are compatible with TOPLED and Power-TOPLED are flexible and can be easily changed if necessary, which means that these display panels can use different brightness and projection angles on the same board.

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