June 02, 2020

Safety voltage electric blanket homemade guide

Transformers are available in the electronics market, such as the BK50, which is common to machine tools. It is suitable for secondary output voltages of 36V, power of 50W, and more than 10 yuan. Other disassembled parts such as the power transformer of the power amplifier and other instruments, transformers for the amplifier can be used as long as the power voltage is appropriate. However, autotransformers, switching power supplies, RC and other methods cannot be used, and the potential difference between the phase line and the ground must be completely cut off. If you have the ability to use the old steel sheet to wind the transformer yourself, the cost is lower, and the insulation treatment between the primary and secondary must be standardized.

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There are special electric heating wires on the market. They are divided into small bags according to single-type and double-type. After purchase, they are divided into six sections and connected directly to the transformer secondary for direct use. If you buy electric heating wire by "meter", you should roughly calculate the length according to the resistivity. Under the voltage of 36V, the resistance of each heating wire should be between 200Ω-300Ω. For example, the electric heating wire per m60Ω can be 4m. Long interception, the approximate power is about 5W, 6 parallel to 30W, or 8 parallel. The length of the heating wire does not have to be rigid, and the power is smaller. On the contrary, the power is larger; the more the number of parallels, the greater the power, but it should be kept between 20~40W, the power is too large, the temperature is too high, and the night is fundamental. Can't sleep.

The safe voltage electric blanket is made by transformer B to change the 220V to 36V safe voltage to the heating wire (see Figure 1) to generate heat, and the double-pulse and triple-throwing switch K (the middle position is broken) to control the high and low temperature, by the diode D1 ( 100V 1A or more can be half-wave rectified to reduce nearly half of the voltage to maintain the insulation state.

The electric heating blanket core is made first: the old wire blanket and the towel are used as the lining material, and the size is set by itself. The electric heating wire is evenly laid on it (see Fig. 2), and the sewing cotton thread is firmly tied. The shape of the heating wire should be in the shape of "U". Each single heating wire starts at the corner of the blanket, and the tail is at the other corner. The line spacing is not less than 5cm, and the excess length is swirled in the middle. One point to emphasize is that the heating wire must not have contacts in the middle and must not cross.

After the electric blanket is made, the first and last single wires are combined, and one lead wire is welded separately, and the dressing is tight, and the beautiful jacket is put into the transformer secondary. Since the use voltage is extremely low, there is no special requirement for insulation treatment.

The transformer should be housed in a plastic box that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe to install switches and indicators in the proper position of the box. High and low temperature are displayed by two high-intensity light-emitting tubes of different colors.

If the safety voltage electric blanket is dirty, it can be washed by hand or machine. Do not twist after washing. It can be used after drying.

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