June 02, 2020

Known as Asia's first outdoor LED display in Shanghai

Phoenix Metropolis Media effort to build Shanghai Raffles LED display available, Asia's first outdoor high-definition LED display.

Raffles screen outdoor surface mount 12mm fine display point spacing, top display control system, can display 280 trillion colors, the display screen is extremely delicate, support point-by-point correction technology, fully automatic brightness for each pixel, Chroma correction for a perfect portrait. The display resolution of the new screen is 1216×928, which conforms to the resolution standard of international high-definition display.

In addition, the display supports about 50KM remote distance transmission, multi-media multi-function screen interface, subtitle information real-time display system, real-time broadcast of customer remote activities, simultaneous presentation of Internet interaction such as Weibo, and customer and public information can be transmitted in real time.

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