August 08, 2020

Four-way remote control receiving circuit

The part of the circuit is mainly composed of a 315MHz wireless data receiving module, a decoding integrated PT2272, a D flip-flop 4013 and a relay circuit. The 315MHz wireless data receiving module has two types of super regenerative receiving modules and superheterodyne receiving modules. The performance of super regenerative and superheterodyne circuits has its own advantages and disadvantages. The super-regenerative receiving module has a receiving sensitivity of -105dBm, poor anti-interference ability, and high frequency drift. The copper core inductor with skeleton is used to adjust the frequency to 315MHz, which is sealed with a circuit that adjusts the receiving frequency with a tunable capacitor. The temperature, humidity stability and mechanical vibration resistance are greatly improved. The superheterodyne receiver module has strong anti-interference ability, and its own radiation is very small. The back surface has a mesh grounding copper foil shield, which can reduce the leakage of its own oscillation and the invasion of external interference signals; the waveform of the output end is relatively clean when there is no signal, and the interference The signal is a short needle pulse, unlike the super-regenerative receiver circuit, which produces a dense noise waveform, but there may be a blocking phenomenon when the signal is close at a strong distance. Four-way remote control receiving circuit:

Four-way remote control receiving circuit

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