August 08, 2020

Google Announces 700,000 Activations of Android Devices Every Day

December 21, Beijing time, US technology website reported on Tuesday, Google Mobile Vice President Andy Rubin announced today that there are 700,000 Android products activated worldwide every day.

Rubin said that the above data does not include Android products for resale. The meaning of activation is that the user goes to the store to purchase an Android product and then registers the wireless service so that the product can be used on the carrier's network.

Earlier this year, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt once stated that an average of 550,000 Android devices were activated on an average daily basis. He later reaffirmed this figure on multiple occasions.

According to the activation of 700,000 Android products every day, Android products will have a sales volume of about 5 million units per week, 21 million units per month, and annual sales of about 250 million units. In contrast, Apple iPhone 4S listed 1 million units on the first day of sales, and sold more than 4 million units in the first week.

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