June 01, 2020

AUO anti-United Ke break panel price lawsuit will be held in the US

In June 2010, AUO was suspected of uniting the price of the broken panel, and was sued by the US Department of Justice. After a year and a half of investigation and consultation, the court will be held for the first time on the 9th. AUO has invited a team of 18 people to look forward to winning with all strength.

States Department of Justice from 2001 to 2004 for the number of Taiwan-Japan and South Korea panel makers to investigate the alleged joint Keduan price, most panel makers have been completed plea bargain and pay hefty fines, executives are also serving their sentences in the United States. AUO is currently the only company under investigation, and has not pleaded guilty to the negotiations and denied the allegations. In addition to the company’s own indictment, AUO’s six senior executives were also charged, and six of the directors were ordered by the court to restrict their departure after they appeared in the United States.

It is understood that AUO and the US Department of Justice have discussed it many times during this period, hoping to reach an agreement, but in the end there is still no consensus. For this trial, AUO said that because it has entered the judicial process, it is not convenient to make comments, and the relevant litigation costs have already been prepared in the past, and the company will actively fight.

According to the indictment, senior directors of a number of panel factories, including AUO, regularly hold secret meetings of so-called Crystal meetings, exchange capacity, shipments, prices and other information to manipulate prices. Since many panel factories have already pleaded guilty and negotiated, they will testify in the future as witnesses of the US Department of Justice, which is relatively unfavorable for AUO.

's internal analysis, according to the regulations must be guilty of the jury's unanimous resolution will be lost, if the jury members do not agree, the court will declare a court. There are generally three solutions. One is to re-examine, the re-election will be re-elected, and the whole process will be re-visited. The second is to close the case. Since the re-examination will consume double the time and effort, usually the prosecutor will be in most jury members. In the case of acquittal, the case was announced and the case was no longer requested for retrial; the third was the settlement of the parties outside the court. The company's assessment still has a chance to fight.

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