June 01, 2020

LED ceiling that simulates natural light

The LED ceiling that simulates natural light is an innovation that was jointly launched by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in Germany and an LED technology company. By combining LCD TVs with LED lights, this new ceiling can successfully simulate natural phenomena such as cloud movements and light changes, creating a more natural and comfortable working environment for indoor workers.

The ceiling is composed of a number of 50 cm × 50 cm square tiles, each with 288 LED lights, and a white diffuser at a position about 30 cm below the ceiling to transform the LED's hybrid light. It is a light that is more similar to natural light.

It may not be costly compared to some advanced ceilings. You can adjust the brightness of the room at any time, or even instantly become a ballroom or KTV... or a very attractive design. And it should have the added benefit that the light will not be as dazzling as a traditional luminaire and will not create shadows when sufficient illumination is provided. In addition, although the color change is tasteless, it is a hot spot for the media. It has a natural strategic advantage in publicity.

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