June 02, 2020

ON Semiconductor's audio, video, power management and circuit protection solutions for home entertainment applications

While new technologies such as network connectivity and 3D bring new user experiences to home entertainment applications, home entertainment platforms are also moving toward smart and energy-efficient directions. In the process of embodying this trend, semiconductor technology has played an irreplaceable role in providing a variety of solutions for home entertainment applications. As the premier supplier of high-performance silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronics, ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of product solutions that enable home entertainment equipment suppliers to add new features, new services and new user experiences to their products and enhance customer value.

Rich audio solutions ON Semiconductor's audio solutions include audio signal amplification and buffering, audio filters and audio switches, and audio transistors.

Low-noise op amps for audio signal amplification and buffering are single, dual, and quad devices with low noise and fast response times, including the LM833, MC33077, MC33078, MC33079, MC33178, MC33179, MC33272A, MC33274A, NE5532, and NE5534. These devices have excellent input reference noise voltage and current characteristics for a given frequency.

The audio filter is a resistor-capacitor (RC) and inductor-capacitor (LC) EMI filter with ESD protection. The main feature is ESD protection level over 8 kV contact discharge (IEC 61000-4-2); matching inductance and capacitance; Has the lowest insertion loss for analog signals; excellent filtering performance for all wireless bands; integrates large capacitors with resistors or inductors to provide excellent noise attenuation at 22 MHz or higher.

The audio filters include CM1411, CM1412, CM1418, NUF2114, NUF2116, NUF2441, NUF2450, and NUF4220. Among them, CM1411 and CM1412 are 2-channel headphone speaker EMI filters; CM1418 is 2-channel high-performance audio filter; NUF2114 and NUF2116 are ESD-protected 2-wire audio EMI filters; NUF2441 is ESD-protected integrated passive filter The NUF2450 and NUF4220 are 2-wire EMI filters and 4-wire EMI filters with ESD protection, respectively.

Low resistance analog switches for audio signals include NLAS5113, NLAS5157, NLAS5223B, and NLAS3799B. These devices are available in single SPST and dual SPDT and dual DPDT with excellent audio fidelity, very low total harmonic distortion (typically 0.011%); wide power range and extended temperature capability of 1.65-4.5 V; low On-resistance enables tight channel matching.

The audio transistors MJx1302A (PNP) and MJx3281A (NPN) provide excellent linearity and gain matching. These devices feature a larger dynamic range of 260 V capability, and tightly matched complementary audio transistor pairs ensure symmetrical performance while minimizing manual gain sequencing, and excellent gain linearity accurately reproduces the input signal.

There are also a choice of audio load power transistors of 25 W, 25 to 50 W, 50 to 100 W and more than 100 W.

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Video signal amplifiers Video signal amplifiers include NCS2566, NCS2564, NCS2584, NCS2563, NCS2553, NCS2561, NE592x8, and NE592x14. Figure 1 is a block diagram of the NCS2584. It can be seen that its shutdown detection is used to detect the input video signal, and the output load detection is used to detect whether a TV is connected to the socket.

Figure 1: Block diagram of the video signal amplifier
USB-related devices ON Semiconductor's USB switching devices include the NLAS7242, NLAS4717EP, NLAS7213, NCN9252, and NLAS8252. The main function is to handle USB 2.0 high-speed signals, with a typical on-resistance of 6.5Ω at 3.0V, 500MHz bandwidth, and low Crosstalk (-45 dB at 250 MHz), in the industry's smallest package. Figure 2 shows the NLAS7222A dual SPDT and NLAS7213 dual SPST block diagram.

Figure 2: NLAS7222A dual SPDT and NLAS7213 dual SPST block diagram

The USB load switch provides overcurrent protection (OCP) for the USB host. ON Semiconductor's related products are NCP380, NCP382 single, dual channel load switch. These devices prevent USB-based device ports from being damaged by short-circuit or overload events, and their short-circuit detection time is only 1 microsecond. These devices feature accurate current limit thresholds, fixed or adjustable current limit (500 mA to 2.1 A), support for charging on current tablets, and UL and CB certification.

Figure 3: NCP380, NCP382 single, dual channel load switch

Overcurrent and overvoltage protection for the USB host NCP373 ±28 V OVP load switch prevents Vbus input ±28 V overvoltage, Vbus supply with adjustable current limit (400 mA or 1.3 A), in accordance with IEC61000-4- 2 (level 4) specification.

In addition, there are USB 3.0 devices for consumer products (ESD7008, ESD7104, ESD7004, and ESD7L). These devices meet capacitance requirements below 0.5 pF, provide ultra-low capacitance of 0.15 pF minimum, and provide industry-leading low clamping voltage with flow-through routing.

Figure 4: ESD7x04-0.3 pF, 2-layer wiring (left), ESD7008 - 0.12 pF, 1-layer wiring (right)

Consumer HDMI, DisplayPort interface filtering and protection One is four high speed pairs, up to 6 additional interface lines, low capacitance ESD + common mode filter EMI4182, meets capacitance <0.5 pF and common mode filtering requirements, with 0.4 pF ESD Protection, common mode (CM) rejection (15 dB at 500 MHz), differential mode (DM) insertion loss (1.0 dB at 500 MHz), high-speed line-travel wiring, industry-leading low-clamp voltage, and more.

Figure 5: EMI4182

There are also four high-speed pairs, up to six additional interface lines and low-capacitance ESD consumer HDMI, DisplayPort interface protection solutions ESD7004 and MG2040. The latter is a MediaGuard fully integrated solution that includes Ethernet protection (HDMI 1.4) and reverse drive current protection.

Four high-speed pairs, up to six additional interface lines, PicoGuard® XS CM1234 with internal impedance ESD protection to match 100?Ω internal impedance, zero parallel inductance without cable-induced ESD voltage spikes, industry-leading low clamping voltage .

ON Semiconductor also offers filtering and protection solutions for a variety of consumer interfaces, including HDMI 1.2, HDMI1.3/1.4, DisplayPort V1.1, DisplayPort V1.2, VGA, DVI, USB2.0, USB3.0, eSATA1 .0, eSATA2.0, eSATA3.0, 1394-400, 1394-800, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet.

The compact smart card interface NCN8024, NCN8025 and NCN8025A are compatible with existing "pay TV" standards, integrating sequencer, card detection, clock divider, card pin up to 8 kV ESD protection (human body model) and other functions.

Switching Controllers and Regulators Key features of ON Semiconductor's switching controllers include a wide input voltage range, buffered external voltage reference above 1.25 V, power good + enable/disable pins, external sync and output overvoltage and Undervoltage protection. Depending on the model, it supports short-circuit protection, high light-load energy efficiency, hiccup mode overcurrent protection, dual output, no compensation, PG/EN/SYNC function, ceramic output capacitor, high switching frequency, buck/liter Pressure/positive/reverse, support for small PCB area, support isolation, PoE applications, integrated switches, etc., see the table below.
Table 1: Switching Controller Solutions for ON Semiconductor Applications in Home Entertainment Applications
Linear and switching regulators are divided into current <1A and 5A, and < 5A switching regulators. There are dozens of device types, which are suitable for different current levels. See Reference 1 for details.

Voltage Monitors, Rectifiers, Voltage References, and Potentiometers ON Semiconductor's voltage monitors feature nearly 30 products with the lowest quiescent current for extended battery life; large voltage thresholds and wide operating voltage range up to 10 V .

The primary side, secondary side, and point-of-load rectifiers include: input/primary side rectification ultrafast devices, output/secondary side rectifying Schottky and ultrafast devices, and point-of-load rectifying Schottky devices.

The main features of the voltage reference device are accurate reference voltage from 0.9 V to 2.5 V, tight voltage tolerance from 0.4% to 3%, output voltage range up to 36 V, and low dynamic impedance in time and temperature range, low Noise and stable operation. According to the model, the voltage reference is divided into two types: adjustable and fixed.

The digitally programmable potentiometer for adjustment and calibration does not drift with time or temperature, nor does it change due to mechanical stress or shock. The system can be calibrated in real time at the application site. A wide product portfolio makes it easy to select the optimal amount of potential (pot) ) and tapped potentiometers.

I/O Expander, Configuration/Calibration Memory, and Clocking ON Semiconductor's Cascaded I/O Expander with I2C and SMBus Interfaces and 1 MHz SCL Clock Frequency with 30 mA SDA Current-Sink Capability for Backplane Systems Application, realize keyboard control, temperature control, hot plug control and other functions. Figure 6 is a diagram of various control functions of the backplane system.

Figure 6: Backplane System Control The EEPROM for configuration and calibration has a usable density of 1 KB to 1 MB using industry standard serial protocols (I2C, SPI, Microwire) and a wide operating voltage range of 1.8 V/1.7 V to With 5.5 V, more than 1 million program/erase cycles, industrial and extended temperature range, and a wide package, the user-friendly portable programming tool EasyPROTM makes ON Semiconductor's EEPROM the best choice.

In applications that require clock generation and distribution, the programmable PLL clock can satisfy all clock tree requirements with one device, replace all clock interfaces with a single PLL programmable clock, and be able to clock by software programming a new clock configuration The flexibility of the architecture. The main components of ON Semiconductor include clock multiplier NB3N3020, single PLL I2C device (FS7140, FS7145), and three PLL I2C EEPROM (FS6370, FS6377).

The NB3RL02 clock buffer with integrated LDO has many key features: low operating noise (-149 dBc/Hz offset phase noise at 10 kHz); 0.37 ps (root mean square) output jitter; limited output slew rate Reduces EMI (1 to 5 ns for 10-50 pF load); provides regulated 1.8 V external I/O supply; ESD performance exceeds JESD 22 (eg 2,000 V mannequin, 200 V machine model, 1,000 V charging device model). The NB3RL02 has two CMOS output clock request lines. A system that requires a TCXO clock can request a clock from NB3RL02, and NB3RL02 can also power the TCXO and provide the requested clock. Using NB3RL02 can reduce the cost of multiple TCXOs.

The EMI solution for power systems, the P6P82PS01A, can be combined with a PWM controller to suppress EMI. Its main features include seamless integration into existing power converter designs, and adjustment of the existing RT or RT/CT node impedance of the PWM controller. To reduce electromagnetic interference; users can choose to control key spread spectrum parameters to minimize EMI, achieve flexible control, ensure that key performance indicators such as voltage ripple and high efficiency are not affected; reduce overall spectrum EMI by 4 to 10 dB; Eliminate bulky and expensive input EMI capacitors.

The P3P85R01A is an active EMI solution for Ethernet applications with MII interface, which reduces LVCMOS peak EMI by 1x, with an input frequency range of 75-200 MHz and an output frequency range of 75-200 MHz; PLL bypass mode frequency range is 100 Hz-200 MHz In addition, there are analog deviation selection, analog input and output delay control, and analog PLL output delay control.

The P2042A is an active EMI suppression device for spread-spectrum that provides up to 15 dB of EMI rejection; generates 1x low EMI spread-spectrum clock output; 30-110 MHz input/output frequency range; can be optimized to 32.5, 54, 65, 74 And 108 MHz pixel clock frequency; internal loop filtering minimizes external component and board space; supports most mobile graphics accelerator and LCD timing controller specifications.

In set-top box DDR memory EMI suppression applications, the P3P816711A can reduce 1x LVCMOS peak EMI, 30 MHz input reference clock, and 30 MHz ± 0.3% output clock.

Figure 7: DDR EMI suppression for set-top box applications

Microcontrollers, Digital Firmware and Motor Drivers ON Semiconductor also offers professional ultra low power microcontrollers for home entertainment applications. These devices feature ultra-low current consumption, as low as 0.02 μA in standby mode, as low as 0.33 μA in clock count mode, as low as 4 mA in normal mode, and 1.8-5.5 V operating voltage for USB, UART, SPI, I2C, Smart card I/F, Manchester code, remote control reception, and A/D, D/A, PLL, voltage regulator, op amp, comparator, POR and LVD. The company also provides relevant development tools.

The iChief digital firmware for the docking station can use the UART control solution to connect iPods and other portable media players to the dock via USB; convert USB commands to iAp for UART commands, and vice versa, so that they can be controlled with UART commands USB digital audio.

Key features of the small motor control motor driver include integrated active flyback protection, thermal and UVLO fault detection, and overcurrent fault detection for projectors and other products.

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