June 02, 2020

Google Successfully Raises Apple Executives for the First Time: Will Develop Secret Projects

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, technology blog VentureBeat stated that Google has hired Simon Prakash, Apple’s former senior product integration manager, and revealed that he will be responsible for the development of a secret project.

According to reports, Prakash has been working at Apple for more than eight years, and before leaving the company he was the senior director of product integration for Apple, which is responsible for the quality of all Apple products from iPhone to Mac computers. Currently Prakash will leave from Apple and join Google.

Dean Takahashi, a tech writer, said that this can be said to be Google’s historic moment because Google has never dug through Apple’s executives before.

Apple previously considered the loss of employees to Google as a big problem. In 2007, Apple's late co-founder, Steve Jobs, sent an e-mail to Google's then-CEO Eric Schmidt, demanding that Google stop Apple's "scouring."

Jobs wrote in the e-mail, "If your recruitment department can stop this behavior, I will be very happy." Subsequently, Schmidt took corresponding measures, fired Google employees who contacted Apple engineers and tried to corner.

It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating an unwritten "no poach" agreement between Google and Apple. It is said that companies such as Pixar, Lucasfilm, Lucasfilm, Intel and software developer Intuit have conspired to establish such an agreement not to dig each other's employees in order to reduce the employees' remuneration.

According to reports, Prakash will conduct a secret project at Google. This project may have been led by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Brin is currently responsible for Google’s various secret R&D projects. Google recently acquired Motorola Mobile and there are many hardware projects under development.

Prior to joining Apple, Prakash served as director of engineering design inspections at the communications company Cielo Communications. He also worked as a product reliability and FA manager at 3Com. Prakash will start working at Google on Monday. Google and Apple have not commented on this yet.

According to the commentary, if Apple and Google had previously reached an agreement on "not excavating corners," it is clear that this agreement is no longer in existence. However, this may be a good thing for the two companies because the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the matter.

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