June 02, 2020

Panasonic will fully launch OLED lighting business in 2012

Solid-state lighting (LED and OLED) has attracted attention as the next-generation lighting. However, OLED applications are in the development of lighting. At present, the luminous efficiency is still low, and the cost is high. At present, there is not much commercialization. In order to improve the luminous efficiency, the OLED industry generally starts with a luminescent material or a panel structure. Among the Panasonic OLED lighting prototypes, the luminescent layer is made of a phosphorescent material, and the substrate is changed to a high refractive index hemisphere type. In 2012, Panasonic will fully launch the OLED lighting business.

• OLEDs will have a lot of room for future growth in technology and specifications for the lighting industry. Therefore, PIOL has also set a target plan for 2018.

• By 2015, the PIOL OLED lighting panel development plan will increase the luminous efficiency from the current 30 lm/W to 100 lm/W, the luminance from 3,000 cd/m2 to 5,000 cd/m2, and the beam maintenance rate to 70%. It has been upgraded to 20,000 hours in 10,000 hours and has been developed to a large scale with a size of 300×300mm.

• By 2018, PIOL is expected to further increase the luminous efficiency of OLED lighting panels to 130 lm/W, increase the beam retention rate by 70% to 40,000 hours, expand the size to 600 x 600 mm, and develop flexible, transparent panels.

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