October 27, 2021

Imagination offers Dolby MS11 multistreaming technology solutions

21ic News Imagination Technolgoies has announced that its Meta processor has received Dolby MS11 certification. Meta processors are widely deployed in digital audio products including expansion docks, radios, and networked audio subsystems. The MS11-certified Meta processor can decode a wide range of multi-stream audio standard content with a single thread.

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According to Dolby, the MS11 Multistream Decoder provides TV and set-top box manufacturers with a single package technology solution for decoding all top-level audio formats, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, with Dolby HE AAC for metadata, and all HE AAC/AAC streams. It ensures optimal compatibility with installed home theater systems and future broadcast audio standards worldwide.

The Meta family of embedded processors uses hardware multithreading to combine a common 'application' processor and DSP functionality in a single processor. Using true hardware multithreading and efficient DSP architecture, Meta processors are exceptionally tolerant of SoC system latency while providing sophisticated DSP and math capabilities, as well as application levels that are ideally suited for real-time response needs such as audio SoCs. .

Broadcast systems are deploying a variety of formats to cater to new television audio standards around the world. With the Dolby MS11-certified Meta processor, manufacturers can ensure their TV or set-top box products are available for all current and upcoming audio needs by providing a unified, cost-effective solution that is maintained with a wide range of audio formats and standards. compatible.

"Meta is well known as a compelling audio digital signal processor (DSP) that has been used in many mainstream brands including Pure, Sony, Roberts, Alpine and other indoor, portable and automotive "Multi-domain audio brands," said Tony King-Smith, vice president of marketing at Imagination. "Imagination believes that perfect audio is a necessary complement to perfect video and images; and our PowerVR technology is recognized in the video and imaging arena. Market leader. We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Dolby to provide our customers with the best multi-stream audio solutions."

Jason Power, senior director of the broadcast audio ecosystem at Dolby Labs, said: "Dolby is committed to providing advanced solutions for the diverse needs of the global broadcast ecosystem. What excites us is that with the Dolby MS11, the Meta processor is implemented with a wide range of Fully compatible with HD broadcast and online audio formats, allowing listeners to enjoy a consistent, high-quality audio experience."

The addition of Imagination's silicon semiconductor intellectual property (IP) product platform for HDTV is further expanded by adding support for Dolby MS11 on Meta processors, including: Ensigma's multi-standard 'Universal' broadcast demodulator and ' SmartTV' network connector; PowerVR graphics processor for advanced gaming, advanced applications and user experience interfaces, PowerVR multi-standard, multi-stream video decoding and encoder up to 4Kx2K, Meta multistream audio and application processor , as well as HelloSoft V.VoIP 'video-chat' software technology.
All Meta-licensed customers are now able to deploy Dolby MS11 technology (pre-approved Dolby's corresponding application license).

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