October 27, 2021

Lighting preset improvement for refractory plants

The choice of light source In the past two decades, China's electric light source business has developed rapidly. The promotion of the use of gas discharge lamps can not only save electricity but also achieve good lighting effects. The technology of using two or more different light sources for mixed light illumination is increasingly promoted internationally. It not only takes advantage of the gas discharge lamp, but also saves energy, improves illumination, improves light color, and compares various performances of several light sources. Therefore, the mixed light is developed with its unique light color, good color rendering, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, high efficiency and energy saving. However, at present, in addition to some joint venture refractory enterprises in China, the lighting sources commonly used in most refractory materials factories are incandescent lamps. Its advantages are economical, easy to use, simple maintenance, and the low stratification of most refractory factories. Not too high, the incandescent lamp as the main source of illumination can barely.

The layout of the lamps in the main building and the selection of large-span single-story main buildings, the general height is more than 10m, and the span is generally above 12m. On the side of the plant, there are different levels of process platforms such as crushing, screening and batching. The main light source of the design is a mixed arrangement of high-strength gas mixed light and high-intensity gas lamps on the beam. The plate-type lamps are used to replace the traditional enamel cover lamps, and the optical principle is used to repeatedly reflect on the trapezoidal or diamond-shaped surfaces of the plates. Improve the utilization of light, so that the efficiency of the luminaire reaches 80% 85%. In addition, there is no curved lamp on the column on the side of the platform in the factory. The light source is incandescent lamp. The installation height is generally between 44.8m according to the process configuration. It is suitable from the perspectives of illumination, light utilization and the operator's visual environment. According to factors such as plant height, span, column distance and light source power, the cooperation between the beam chandelier and the column bending lamp of the main building can be roughly divided into several schemes.

For the lighting of various process equipment under the platforms, if it is a prefabricated or cast-in-place platform for cement boards, pre-embed wire tubes are designed on the upper layer of the platform, and then factory ceiling lamps are installed. This is both practical and safe. If it is a steel platform, it is best to install a curved light on the inner wall of the platform, but pay attention to achieve a safe installation height, and pay attention to the setting of the process equipment to avoid the lighting dead zone.

Arrangement and Selection of Microcomputer Control Room Lamps Modern refractory plants mostly use microcomputer control in the process of high precision requirements such as batching and feeding. The microcomputer control room is generally placed in a certain platform of the main plant. In addition to the certain requirements of the control, the illumination of the computer room also has certain requirements on the uniformity of light, glare and stroboscopic effect. It should be avoided that the brightness distribution or the brightness range is not suitable, or the brightness that appears successively in time is too large, causing discomfort when viewing an object or a decrease in vision. In order to reduce the stroboscopic, the two lamps of each group in the optical strip can be phase-connected or three fluorescent lamps can be respectively connected in different three-phase AC circuits. Thus, although the current flowing through the single lamp still has a zero value, it is impossible to make the current flowing through all the tubes of the control room zero at the same time, so that the stroboscopic index of the total luminous flux can be lowered. Thereby avoiding the stroboscopic effect.

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