October 27, 2021

NVC "guilty" continues to ferment Jingdong Fanke founder to fight

Following the joint strike of NVC, Chongqing, Wanzhou and Huizhou employees, dealers and suppliers on Friday, and asked Wu Changjiang to return to the board of directors, the incident of NVC lighting continued to ferment.

The reporter was informed that at present, Wu Changjiang, the founder of NVC Lighting, has arrived in Chongqing to appease the dealers. He even said that he "will never give up NVC"; the chief partner of NVC's two shareholders, Softbank Saifu, and the current chairman of NVC. It was revealed that Wu Changjiang involved unrelated related transactions, but at the same time told reporters that everyone is currently seeking solutions.

The two major e-commerce companies, Jingdong and Fanke, were also involved in the war. The former was quite Wu Changjiang, and the latter supported the embarrassment. The game between entrepreneurs and investors became more and more fierce.

Lei Shi Luosheng
"Is it going to continue the strike? It's hard to talk about it, it depends on the employee's emotions. The strike is spontaneous, and we can't control it." Zhang Meihong, head of NVC Lighting Systems, said yesterday.

Starting last Friday, NVC's factory employees in Huizhou, Wanzhou and Chongqing stopped working, and the company's 36 operations centers stopped purchasing. As for when to resume production, Zhang Meihong said that the strike may continue until Mr. Wu returns to the board of directors.

The reason why NVC lighting employees and dealers have such a big dissatisfaction is mainly because the company's performance in the first half of the year has fallen sharply, and orders have dropped sharply. "The current situation of NVC Lighting is caused by the "professional layman". After the senior management of Schneider entered, he denied NVC's existing operational strategic plan, but did not give any constructive opinions." Shi Lighting spokesman Shi Yongjun said.

In this regard, he refuted, "Wu always left the company's CEO, chairman and actual controller before leaving the company on May 25. After Zhang Kaipeng (former Schneider's former executive) took over, the board of directors asked him to follow the budget set by General Wu. And the implementation of the strategy, there is nothing new. Our performance this year has been reflected in the financial situation, and it is unfair to blame Schneider for the deterioration of performance."

For Saifu, on Weibo, entrepreneurs should be grateful to the investors. Zhang Meihong said that NVC is grateful to Saifu. "But NVC and Saifu are a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship. So far, Safran has already achieved a profit of 5 times. And a high-profile attitude, that the company has to take the money of the investors will bow down. This kind of arrogant attitude makes us feel very uncomfortable."

Wu Changjiang is involved in "not allowed" related party transactions?

In an interview with reporters, he stressed that the outside world said that Saifu and Schneider jointly abandoned Wu Changjiang out of the game. In fact, this is not the case at all. Saifu also welcomes Wu to return, but to reach three conditions.

The "three conditions" include: first, the shareholders and the board of directors must explain the investigated incidents; second, deal with the related transactions that are not allowed under the supervision rules of all listed companies; and third, the board resolutions must be strictly observed.

He revealed that Wu Changjiang arbitrarily moved the NVC Lighting Headquarters to Chongqing at the end of last year to obtain the local government's bonus and land benefits, but he did not calculate this part of the profits into the listed company, only as a personal interest. . "Now one year has passed, and the contract he signed with Chongqing is not for us to see. What do you think is going on?" Moreover, Wu has more things, but it is not convenient to say it.

Wu Changjiang was suspected of related transactions and has been questioned and criticized by Saifu. In this regard, Wu Changjiang clarified that the related party trading company has already mentioned it in the listing prospectus, and everyone knows it. "At present, I accuse me of the fact that affiliates have defaulted on some of the brand fees of listed companies. They urged me to pay back. I consulted lawyers. This is economic exchange. It is not illegal. I have not misappropriated funds. They can sue affiliates. But can't attack me personally."

Wu said that the investigation with the relevant departments has been settled. He is the founder and major shareholder of the company. Therefore, he has no obstacles to return to the company.

Shi Yongjun, spokesperson for NVC Lighting, told reporters that Wu Changjiang had arrived in Chongqing on Thursday night to appease dealers. NVC lighting production is expected to quell, and Wu Changjiang may re-enter the board of directors. "After all, things continue to go on, which is not good for both sides."

It is reported that at noon on the 13th, Wu Changjiang appeared in a hotel in Chongqing, and had a banquet with the dealers. Wu Changjiang toasted to the old courtiers of NVC Lighting that they would not give up NVC. He also said that everyone is currently looking for a solution.

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