June 02, 2020

Lighting Design and Construction in Dali Town

[Source: "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" July issue]

Project overview analysis

Dali Town is located in the eastern part of Nanhai District of Foshan City. It borders Guangzhou's Liwan and Baiyun Districts in the east. The road network is developed. The 321 National Highway, 325 National Highway, Guihe Road and Guangfo Shinkansen run through it. There are many bridges. Dali has been rated as the hometown of Chinese folk art. The Zhonglian Dragon and Lion Training Base in Dali Town was promoted to the “China Dragon and Lion Sea Nanhai Training Base” by the State Sports General Administration. It is currently the only national-level dragon and lion training base in China. Therefore, in this case, the lighting of the conventional landscape lighting technique was specially added, and the martial arts culture and the dragon and lion culture of Dali were displayed through the light pieces.

Appreciation of project culture and art

Dali Town Street Landscape Lighting Planning Principles

The main road network of Dali Town Street is used as the main line of lighting design. Throughout it, the lighting design is implemented by carriers such as water bridges, highway overpasses and highway green belts. Lighting is performed according to different plant varieties and different combinations. Green area lighting mainly uses floodlights or buried spotlights to illuminate trees and green belts. The lighting method of the green space, one is to set the low lawn light to illuminate the surrounding area, and the second is to use a large area of ​​light for lighting, with the local lighting in the green space. The bridge body combines the characteristics, history and regional division of each bridge, and the water bridge is designed in one piece, and some adopt dynamic lighting means.

Lighting design concept

1. Respect the architectural prototype style, reproduce the image of the night view of the bridge, pay attention to the historical and cultural connotation, harmonious the surrounding environment, pursue a refreshing, super-fuzzy lighting design effect appeal;

2. Reflecting the guiding ideology of nature, simplicity, tranquility and returning to nature, integrating local cultural traits, combining spatial use functions, combining dynamics and statics, and rich color lighting effects;

3. The ideal night view that realizes landscape, leisure and life.

Lighting design principles

1. Overall planning principles: plane zoning, brightness grading, three-dimensional stratification, dynamic and static combination, and the principle of classification with lamps;

2. People-oriented, harmonious environment, to eliminate the principle of glare pollution;

3. Implement the idea of ​​green energy conservation and environmental protection and avoid the principle of wasting energy;

4. The principle of combining professional technology with culture and art.

For more information, please refer to the July issue of "High-tech LED - Technology and Applications" magazine.

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