September 18, 2020

Will you pay for the smart lighting system?

The development of science and technology is not to be overstated by the word "every day". We are living in a generation full of high technology. Of course, we will make some illusions about future products from time to time. Have you ever thought about a meal card and you can find it by phone? Have you ever thought that humans can have teleports? There is a time and space tunnel from one place to another? Of course, these have not been realized. However, have you ever thought about using a mobile phone to control the light bulb of your home? Do you want to use a mobile phone to control the light bulb that opens the room before you have a dark room? This has been achieved! This is smart. A feature of the lighting system, smart lighting is coming, will you pay for it?
You may not be familiar with smart lighting, but smart home, a word that has been very hot recently, you should be familiar with it. Yes, smart lighting is a subsystem of smart home. Of course, smart lighting can also be applied separately. How is the intelligent lighting system realized? Here is a brief introduction to the principle of the intelligent lighting system. The intelligent lighting system uses advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic induction technology to monitor and track the power supply in real time, and automatically adjust the voltage of the circuit smoothly. And current amplitude, improve the additional power consumption caused by unbalanced load in the lighting circuit, improve the power factor, reduce the working temperature of the lamp and the line, and achieve the lighting control system for optimizing the power supply. The switching mode of the intelligent lighting system can be controlled by a computer, a remote controller, a mobile phone, an ipad or the like. The intelligent lighting system has functions such as lighting adjustment, intelligent dimming, delay control, and scene setting. Intelligent lighting can achieve soft start, soft turn off, which can extend the life of the lamp by 2-3 times, while saving nearly half of the power.
These functions of intelligent lighting have been determined by its application value, and some fields have been applied at home and abroad. Intelligent lighting is now used more in foreign countries. Like Japanese hospitals, through intelligent lighting systems, lighting that meets the circadian rhythm is achieved, which keeps the life cycle of inpatients stable and saves energy. There are still few applications in China, and the Expo will use an intelligent lighting system. Xiao Bian believes that intelligent lighting systems will first be applied in some hotels, buildings, road lighting and other aspects. For some big hotels, in order to create a high-end atmosphere, the lighting system lighting, scene settings and other functions will be very helpful, of course, the hotel owner should not regret this cost. Intelligent lighting is one of the key projects of the country. The power consumption of urban street lamps is very amazing. The huge power consumption not only increases the cost, but also consumes energy due to power generation, causing environmental pollution and light pollution. The concept of environmental protection runs counter to one another. Therefore, the application in the field of highway lighting is also the trend of the times.
It is still difficult for smart lighting to be widely used in ordinary households. Smart home is a precedent. Everyone thinks that smart home is very good and convenient, but few people install it because it is only a conceptual concept in the eyes of the public. The thing, of course, is also a factor that is technically immature. Restricted by the Internet of Things, cloud computing and various communication devices, it is more important that the technology of LED itself is immature. From the current global technical foundation, it is in the stage of research and exploration, and it still needs unremitting efforts to make the dream shine into reality. Looking at the current speed of technological development, if the global intelligent lighting companies actively carry out technical research and update, no more than five years, the problem of intelligent lighting technology should not be a factor hindering people's purchase!
Intelligent lighting is one of the key projects promoted by the state. However, the key pushes may not be able to develop well and develop rapidly. Photovoltaic is an industry supported by national policy priorities. As a result, PV companies pay too much attention to state subsidies, ignoring the core of technology. Point, has been double-reverse investigations in Europe and the United States, the entire photovoltaic industry has been hit hard. The development of intelligent lighting cannot take the old path of photovoltaics. Blind development will only bring disaster to the industry. Focusing on technological innovation and breakthroughs can achieve real prosperity in the industry. In this regard, Xiao Bian also hopes that smart lighting will mature and cost-effective, bringing convenience to our lives!
Intelligent lighting belongs to an emerging industry. Intelligent lighting products are also a product that will change people's lifestyles. People are often pushed for change. Of course, with the continuous development of various technologies, the continuous improvement of living standards, and the constant standardization of various communication standards and markets, intelligent lighting will truly enter the homes of ordinary people. Recall that the smartphone market has occupied the function machine market for a long time. How long does it take for the touch screen mobile phone to occupy the button mobile phone? Once the product is recognized, it will explode. I believe that smart lighting is flexible, energy-saving and user-friendly. The advantages will also usher in explosive development. Like people buying smart phones and touch-screen phones, paying for smart lighting is only a matter of time.

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