August 08, 2020

Improve sensor intelligence is imminent

Improve sensor intelligence is imminent Sensors are one of the most important electronic devices that are in urgent need of development. The device is also a sensor. In information consumption, the accuracy, timeliness, and coverage of a wide range of information sources are the basis, and sensors are one of the most important media.

Of course, the development of technical indicators for sensors is toward integrating, miniaturizing, and intelligent scientific direction sensors as electronic devices that simulate human sensory acquisition of external information. The intelligentization of sensors requires the realization of a part of the human brain and nervous system. From the sense of function to the process of thinking, the connotation endowed with sensor intelligence can have multiple levels and degrees. The wisdom and ability of smart sensors will also evolve from a simple naive stage to a complex abstract stage, which can simulate humans to some extent. Sensors that function as part of the brain and nervous system are called smart sensors. Sensors that have certain functions for information processing, analysis of detected parameters, or the ability to store information or convert information analysis results into other instructions can all be called smart sensors.

Similar to the process technology, the sensor and the microprocessor are closely combined, and the sensor's sensitive element and its signal conditioning circuit and the microprocessor are integrated on a single chip. This can be called a sensor with preliminary intelligence. Smart sensors combine ASIC circuits, microprocessors, communication interfaces, and software protocols with sensitive chips to make the most sensitive use of sensitive chip sensing information. Integration, miniaturization, multi-functionalization, intelligence, and networking are trends in the development of sensors, but integration and miniaturization are the basis of this trend. Only integrated and miniaturized technologies can achieve low-cost, low-power consumption, High performance, versatility, intelligence and networking.

In recent years, the major bottleneck for the miniaturization and integration of the domestic sensor industry is the lack of capacity in China's IC and MEMS technology industry chain. Both in terms of technical quality, production capacity, and production scale, are far behind the international advanced technologies. bigger. As far as the sensor products are concerned, despite the strong single product technology, overall, there are still low reliability, lack of research on basic technologies and manufacturing processes, backward product performance and functions, long product technology update cycles, and bottom-up application requirements. Design basic issues such as less. China's scientific research and development level of sensors is about 5 to 10 years behind the developed countries, and production technology is about 10 to 15 years behind. At present, smart sensors are the hotspots and frontiers of sensor research in the world. To vigorously carry out research on smart sensors is a leaping development approach that we should adopt, and it is a key measure to occupy the commanding heights of future information technology.

The public information market is a huge market for smart sensor applications. Taking market demand as the traction and expanding the information consumer market to promote the smart sensors in China is very straightforward. Under the support of the State Council’s “Some Opinions on Accelerating the Promotion of Information Consumption and Expanding Domestic Demand,” China’s smart sensors will be developed from technology to products. It will develop faster than expected, and form a virtuous cycle in terms of technological innovation, product industrialization, and expanding market share. China's measures to expand information consumption have injected a powerful impetus for the development of smart sensors, so seizing the opportunity to substantially increase the comprehensive strength of China’s sensor research and production and establish a smart sensor high-tech industry is China’s future in the field of information technology. The important foundation of status. Considering the layout of the national economic structure, it is necessary to focus on the systematic advancement of the entire IC and sensor industry chain, increase government support, establish an industry common technical service platform, provide support for independent innovation and sustainable development of the industry, and achieve the overall development level of the industry. Significant improvement; Encourage cross-industry joint business model, support the completion of a number of independent design, development and industrialization of high-precision smart sensors; Organizations of various research institutions to solve the key issues of intelligent and networked sensor backbone products. Breaking through the blockade technically and relying mainly on independent innovation technologies on smart sensors, it has advanced in the development of next-generation information technology.

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